State Senator Liz Krueger Responds to "Peers" on Twitter

Peers, an apparently Airbnb-backed online organizing campaign fighting laws and regulations that impact Airbnb and other "sharing economy" businesses, has started a misinformation campaign against NY's illegal hotel law, attempting to pressure electeds. Here's Liz's response.


  1. Peers members came to visit Liz's office, and many of them said their Airbnb hosting activity consisted of renting out spare bedrooms -- which is not a violation of the illegal hotel law!
  2. And when we told many of the folks who visited our office that, a lot of them were relieved!
  3. Helpful FYIs here, folks!
  4. Lots of Peers members seemed really confused about this.
  5. Lots were confused about this too. 

    It looks like Peers is scaring many of its members into thinking the law impacts them, when it doesn't. Why? Good question. Theoretically, maybe it's so these law-abiding folks would create a larger and more legitimate-looking movement, to pressure their lawmakers to pass one of the two bills that have been introduced that undermine the illegal hotel law.
  6. Here's another crazy thing about Peers/Airbnb's rhetoric on this -- they say they want to protect their members from unjustly being impacted by the law, but the biggest threat to most of their members isn't the law -- it's the fact that overwhelmingly, Airbnb is encouraging them to do things that violate their lease agreements or their coop/condo bylaws, which could put them on the hook to be evicted! And that has nothing to do with the law. We could repeal the law tomorrow and that problem would be unchanged -- in fact, it would be worse, because landlords would have a huge new incentive to evict their tenants and convert apartments to full time illegal hotels.
  7. We're big fans of responsive, open government here in Liz's office -- citizens lobbying legislators is a great thing! But Peers seems to be giving its members misinformation, so they will pressure their legislators to pass bills that will actually just help illegal hotel operators. That's unfair -- both to Peers members, and to New Yorkers in general.