Costly affairs, cheap Viagra and other tweets of the week

These are the tweets that captured the tweek that t'was in news. Suggest tweets of the week to @TweekThatTwas


  1. Sunday

    The famed New York marathon was cancelled for the first time ever as the city recovered from Hurricane Sandy. But that didn't top this news parody from poking fun at the former Republican vice-presidential nominee's claim that he'd once finished a marathon in a time “under three, high twos." His actual time was 4:01:25.
  2. Monday

    This Montreal Global News reporter Tweeted what many in the city are thinking: Could this hit be the work of Vito Rizzuto, recently released from prison and allegedly the most powerful Sicilian mobster in Canada?
  3. Tuesday

    Not long after the U.S. networks declared Barack Obama re-elected, he tweeted this, and it quickly became the most retweeted ever, and the most "Liked" image ever on Facebook.
  4. Wednesday

    Meanwhile, China kicked off its changing of the guard with the opening of the secretive National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, where Xi Jinping is expected to be tapped to succeed Hu Jintao as president, all without a single vote being cast, as this New York Times columnist laments.
  5. Thursday

    The Globe's own Caption Writing Person matched wits with Canada's Supreme Court, which struck down Pfizer's patent on Viagra, allowing generic versions of the erectile-dysfunction drug.
  6. Friday

    When David Petraeus resigned amid an extra-marital affair, Penguin books was quick to promote its biography of the CIA director. Hours later, the book's author was revealed to be the mistress, and it later came out that she was the subject of the FBI investigation that uncovered the affair.
  7. Saturday

    British personality Stephen Fry laments the resignation of the BBC director-general. He stepped down after only 54 days on the job in which its current-affairs program killed a report that accurately accused beloved BBC presenter Jimmy Savile of sex abuse, and inaccurately accused a prominent politician of the same.