Reaction to the death of chef Anthony Sedlak, 29

On Monday morning, a message was posted to the Facebook page of Anthony Sedlak, host of The Main on Food Network Canada: "To all of our friends, fans and followers, it is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that we inform you our beloved Anthony has passed away. We thank you for your love, support."

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  1. Friends, fans and former co-workers of Mr. Sedlak's took to social media to express their shock and condolences at his sudden death. The young chef was active on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram, sharing his recent projects with followers. 
  2. Is paying tribute to Anthony Sedlak at American Cheesesteak Co.
  3. Quality ingredients cooked simply from scratch was his trademark. He was an amazing chef and will be missed.
  4. R.I.P Anthony Sedlak you were a bright shining star up and coming in the culinary world in Canada,the Main was a great tv show on the Food Network!
  5. We will miss you, Anthony Sedlak (Food network host, chef celebrity). Quotes from his speech as keynote speaker: — “We need to go through life with grace. Being open-minded and humble will get you further than being aggressive and hard-headed.” — “People who are difficult have a hard time in life, if they’re rigid they get bumped around a lot and if you’re flexible when the wind changes you can embrace that and the change will direct where you travel.” — “Every once in a while, take a look backwards,” he suggested. “We spend so much of our time looking to the future. Remember to look back, and celebrate what you’ve achieved. Remember that you are all individuals. Don’t always compare yourself to others. Today, in the present, you are grand and awesome.”