God, football, Justin Bieber and other tweets of the week

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  1. Monday

    The Bank of Canada needs a new governor, the Toronto mayor needs a new job, and interim Liberal boss Bob Rae sends a tweet he could never write if he was running for the party leadership
  2. Tuesday

    The kid who plays the kid on the sitcom Two and a Half Men finds God and denounces the show as filth, coming to the same conclusion this comedian and many others reached without divine intervention.
  3. Wednesday

    Golf’s governing bodies ban "belly putting," with the club anchored to the body, and the #1 golfer in the world approves.
  4. Thursday

    Palestinians are triumphant and critics are outraged after the UN votes 138-9 to grant upgrade the status of Palestine, but a parody of God puts it all in perspective.
  5. Friday

    The judge that ousted the Toronto Mayor also rules that he can run in a by-election to replace himself, sparking irrational responses from some.
  6. Saturday

    Actor and former NFLer Terry Crews is one of many players weighing in after Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher kills his girlfriend and then himself.