Twitter curses David Cameron's arrival, and other tweets of the week

These are the tweets that captured the t'week that t'was in news. Follow @TweekThatTwas on Twitter.


  1. Saturday

    When asked once about why he wasn't on Twitter, British Prime Minister David Cameron used a pejorative to describe the perils of using the microblogging service.
  2. David Cameron on Twitter
  3. But when he officially joined Twitter, current users had a pejorative for him.  And he learned another peril of using the service.
  4. Sunday

    Hugo Chavez's re-election as Venezuelan President brought out the usual politically minded celebrities, and some unusual ones.
  5. Monday

    It was Thanksgiving in Canada, but American pop stars of old and older didn't forget.
  6. Tuesday

    The Taliban in Pakistan boasted of shooting and critically injuring 14-year-old education activist Malala Yousafzai and two schoolmates. This Pakistani commentator was among the many who made Malala their Twitter avatar in support
  7. Wednesday

    As cycling fans and cancer fighters digested the damning 1,000+ pages of doping evidence against Lance Armstrong, he said only this, raising what's been called the "cancer shield."
  8. Thursday

    After months of bullying, 15-year-old Amanda Todd of Coquitlam, B.C. committed suicide, but not before telling her story on YouTube. Since the news broke, tributes and memorials flourished on social media, with this being among the widely circulated commemorations on Twitter.
  9. Friday

    The Nobel Peace Prize announcement is always a galvanizing moment, and giving the award to an organization instead of a person left some scratching their heads.