7 social media disasters of 2012

One Tweet can do a lot of damage. In no particular order, here's a look at some of the year's biggest blunders on social media

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  1. 1: Newsweek's #MuslimRage
  2. A Newsweek magazine story written by a Dutch-Somali critic of Islam was followed by a social media push inviting users to discuss the magazine's cover using the #MuslimRage hashtag. 
  3. The hashtag was hijacked and turned into ridicule
  4. 2: #McDStories
  5. Perhaps the most well known of the hijacked hashtags, #McDStories was McDonald's attempt to get customers to talk about their experiences with the fast-food giant. And talk they did. Though not likely in the way Mickey D's had in mind
  6. Disgruntled Rogers customers did not take kindly to this Tweet
  7. The hashtag became a rallying cry for customers to gripe publicly about Rogers' customer service.
  8. 4: Donald Trump
  9. In October, the real estate mogul cemented his rep as a constant source for ridicule when he announced via video on his Twitter feed that if President Barack Obama releases his college and passport records, he will contribute $5-million to a charity of Obama's choice.
  10. The mocking was quick and fierce.