'Haters gonna hate'

Twitter and Facebook reactions to Neil Selwyn's keynote on the need for criticality at Networked Learning 2014


  1. I not sure all being hypercritical creates a healthy space. We should have a ix of dispositions - evangelists, experimenters, critical friends, provocateurs etc
  2. Let's just say that it helped to put a depressing pall onto the beginning of the conference, and while I agree that stirring things up from the start can make for active dialogue, several people I spoke with felt . . . somewhat offended. Hard to claim nobody is doing this in this area while also claiming not to work in it or know it terribly well.
  3. did anyone feel like "well why the hell am i here then"? i hope it wasn't that depressing Jeffrey Keefer i read some of it that was written up by someone and man it was like woa! we all tech wannabes should pack our bags and go feed cattles or some
  4. I thought this was a very good provocation -- exactly what a keynote should do, as it will stay with us and cause us to question our practice for some time. One doesn't have to agree with everything a keynote says to get a lot out of it. And the notes from Nicola are very helpful!!
  5. It was quite interesting, I mean after the first 15 minutes that he talked about himself in ;)