The Getty's Digital Art History Lab (Day 3)

Day 3 of tweets, discussion, responses, and ideas shared in the Digital Art History Lab at the Getty.


  1. On Day 3 we learned about recent digital initiatives at the Getty, peeked into publishing form a cataloger's perspective, and attempted to crowdsource a list of guiding principles out of the week's discussions. And it was all packed in before lunch.
  2. Nine museums are working hard to produce online publications for their collections. Funded by the Getty Foundation, the Interim Report on the Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative is available online.
  3. Joe Shubitowski of the Getty Research Institute described the plans for an online scholarly collaboration tool that his team is building, called Getty Scholars Workspace. Built on the lessons learned from the Digital Mellini project, the vision for Scholars Workspace is to create a toolkit for scholars that will allow them to build collaboration tools for their specific research projects.
  4. Murtha Baca asked the scholars who worked on the Digital Mellini project to comment on how the online collaboration tools changed their views of scholarship.

  5. Francesca Cappelletti, a collaborator on the Mellini project and an art historian at the University of Ferrara in Italy, wondered aloud if it would be possible to build online monographs for artists, drawing resources from across the Web.
  6. Helen Glanville, a researcher at the University of Cambridge in the UK, said she felt like the online workspace was like working in three dimensions. There were multiple layers to explore on the manuscript--from conservation to language to art historical analysis, and incompatible ideas could coexist within the space.
  7. Next, Kathleen Salomon of the Getty Research Institute spoke about two digital initiatives in the GRI library that will help scholars with their work, the Future of Art Bibliography and the Getty Research Portal.
  8. The Getty Research Portal brings together digitized archival documents from several U.S. and European institutions. The portal will continue to grow as more institutions digitize texts and contribute the records to the Portal.
  9. The colloquium held when the Getty Research Portal was launched in June 2012 was recorded and is available on YouTube.
  10. Getty Research Portal: Launch and Colloquium (Video 1 of 5)
  11. Moon Kim, a cataloger in the GRI Library, demonstrated how digital resources get added to library catalogs. Moon's recommendations for cataloging digital stuff? Make sure to include contact information and stable URLs in catalog records!

    This brought up a wider discussion about marketing and dissemination of scholarly publications and resources in digital form.
  12. Finally, the day ended with an attempt to create some general guidelines for digital art history practice, while Johanna Drucker and Diane Zorich summarized the week's discussions.