The Getty's Digital Art History Lab (Day 1)

Tweets and links from day 1 of the Digital #ArtHistory convened by Murtha Baca at the Getty Research Institute.


  1. The Lab brought together some 30 scholars from art history and allied fields, including software development, library science, digitization, data management, and intellectual property law.
  2. Diane Zorich, author of a pioneering Kress Foundation report on the state of art history and technology, began the day with an overview of the challenges and opportunities facing art historians in the digital age.
  3. Diane addressed the many disruptions shaking the field of art history -- disruptions in reward systems (like tenure and publication), in methodology, and in working method, among others.
  4. Johanna Drucker of UCLA continued with a fascinating and blazing-fast overview of where digital humanities projects stand now. She called for a focus on portals and platforms over projects, which are already numerous and varied in quality. Some examples:
  5. The Perseus Digital Library. Truly a classic:
  6. Scholars of the 19th century have their own portal, NINES:
  7. Johanna made the point that many digital humanities sites (especially those long in the tooth) are, frankly, ugly. By contrast, a new site, Mapping French Gothic, is a model of beauty and functionality. It's also highly accessible to non-specialists.
  8. Another approach: the Jan Brueghel Wiki invites scholars to build a collaborative online catalogue raisonné (requires login):