The Getty's Digital Art History Lab (Day 2)

Day 2 of tweets, discussion, responses, and ideas shared in the Digital Art History Lab at the Getty.


  1. Day 2 kicked off with a demo, presentation, and discussion of a new project at the Getty, called Getty Scholars' Workspace. The first of the initial three pilot projects was Digital Mellini, a collaborative workspace to virtually annotate and analyze a 1681 art-collection inventory written entire in rhyming verse.
  2. Technologists and art historians worked iteratively to create Digital Mellini using Drupal.
  3. Francesca Albrezzi of the project team contributed a behind-the-scenes look at the project on the Iris.
  4. Murtha Baca revealed to all who enjoy the toil of academia that "technology does not make work less time-consuming (au contraire)!"
  5. But....
  6. The need for increased collaboration and knowledge-sharing was an ongoing theme of the day.
  7. A backchannel conversation, meanwhile, broke out about the previous day's blog post by Nuria Rodriguez Ortega on "re-establishing" digital art history.
  8. The post's dense language attracted some amusing critique.
  9. Back in meatspace, Wes Walker, the software engineer who built the lion's share of Digital Mellini, pointed out that working digitally changes not just how research is done, but the outcomes and conclusions of that research.