Peru Field Notebook—Claudia Cancino

The first week in our new #GettyVoices series, presenting first-person perspectives from the Getty community in weekly rotation.

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  1. Claudia Cancino, Getty Conservation Institute project specialist, reports from Peru on work to protect earthen buildings from damage by earthquakes.
  2. Getty Voices: Claudia Cancino | Peru Field Notebook
  3. The work is part of the Getty Conservation Institute's Seismic Retrofitting Project (part of its overarching Earthen Architecture Initiative), which is helping to protect earthen buildings from earthquakes.
  4. Buildings made of earth are common around the world, but such structures are highly vulnerable to earthquakes. For context, a collaborative report on conserving earthen architecture in the Mediterranean:
  5. Claudia reports on week two of the team's two-week trip to Peru. The first week, the week of January 28, 2013, was spent at the adobe church of Santiago de Kuño Tambo in the Peruvian Andes, one of four prototype buildings included in the Seismic Retrofitting Project.
  6. Face to face with the Church of Santiago de Kuño
  7. Claudia with Sara Lardinois (right) of the Getty Conservation Institute discussing the condition of the church with town residents.
  8. Claudia Cancino and Sara Lardinois of the Getty
    During this first week of the campaign, Claudia and the team documented the church's paintings using a technique known as orthophotography, which produces images corrected for lens distortion and camera tilt. The paintings have to be studied to make sure that seismic retrofitting work won't damage them.
  10. Wall paintings in the Church of Santiago de Kuño
  11. Detail of one of the beautiful wall paintings in
  12. All the Getty Conservation Institute's work around the world is done with partners. Here, the Getty team along with consultants from Carleton University, members of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, and community leaders in front of the Church of Santiago de Kuño Tambo.
  13. A day well spent! The Getty Conservation ...
  14. Perspective on the work from Carleton:
  15. The team returned to sea level and headed for Ica, 300km south of Lima, to work at the 16th-century Ica Cathedral, which was heavily damaged by an earthquake in 2007. Here Claudia meets with the bishop, Monsignor Vera Colona, to discuss retrofitting plans. Ica's beautiful cathedral is another of the prototype buildings being studied as part of the Seismic Retrofitting Project.
  16. The Getty Conservation Institute team is back at
  17. Photos of Ica Cathedral from late 2011, before its shoring began.
  18. Next stop: Lima, 300km north. The GCI team spent the day at Lima Cathedral with project partners from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. Lima Cathedral's structure is very similar to Ica's, and some of the techniques developed in the Seismic Retrofitting Project could be applied to retrofit this monumental building.
  19. The team met with the Minister of Culture of Peru, Mr. Luis Peirano, to see the recently installed temporary shoring at Ica Cathedral and discuss next steps.