Alternative facts was assigned by corrupt media

Media has been reporting falsely with no accountability - now what should be their label, they are trying to pin on the President of the United States

  1. NBC Chuck Todd, Huffington Post, Mashable, CNN, BBC and the list is growing are now talking about a new label "alternative facts" which they are prescribing against the White House Press Secretary and President Donald Trump
  2. Back up just one minute

  3. Fact checker reveals that these corrupt media companies and journalists have been getting away with journalistic suicide for far to long. Brian Williams lost his credentials, but these other elites are above the law, to report, speculate, call things as they are not and create a rift in America that is promoting violence, racism, hatred, and a host of many other problems.
  4. NBC's own Chuck Todd accused the White House Press Secretary of "provable falsehood" about the number of people who attended the inauguration.
  5. Fact check: The White Press secretary did not utter anything false. He spoke the truth that the Park Patrol and no one with any White House Credentials were counting people. It is not their job, as is the same in the Womans March.
  6. The WH press secretary also said they know how many were in the area of the main section, and in each section of the memorial, and those numbers would be in an estimate of close to 1 Million, (not counting those on the sidewalks, streets etc).
  7. The other fact that Kellyanne Conway reported was that over 31 million people watched by internet and TV, and those numbers far exceed ex president Obama at 25 million.
  8. Conway has many facts correct, when the mainstream news does not.

  9. In fact no on is reporting on the 5 million dollars plus that the Womens March event organizer profited on. Nor the fact that major celebrities, including Jewel, Madonna, Whoppie Goldberg, and others drew not only women to the event, but the men out numbered the women, as did the children. Free concerts, access to celebs, draws any crowd. This is the old tactic of Obama when he campaigned.
  10. The fact remains that the label "Alternative Facts" need to be put on these corrupt media, not on the White House or President. In fact no one is talking about the "Fake News" NBC reported earlier, and over 3000 news agencies are reporting the false story, although now that NBC was confronted, it has made a correction.
  11. The other fact remains, that the White House should take the opportunity to put more controls on the media. The journalists should be fired as like Brian Williams was. The Journal Association should disavow the journalists and the news agencies.
  12. But we live in the age, where anyone can say anything and it's believable by the gullible.