The Rolling Stones in Echo Park? Yes, it's true

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  1. Some old farts are playing a show at the echoplex.. #rollingstones #startmeup
  2. Holy shit! The Rolling Stones playing tonight at the #Echoplex | #echopark #rollingstone #concert #music #losangeles
  3. friggin love Echo Park.... bout to see The Rolling Stones right across the street from my house!!!!!!
  4. Rolling Stones ticket holders line up across the Sunset Boulevard bridge over Glendale Boulevard
  5. Backstage trailer for Rolling Stones secret show at echo in our hood! From our rehearsal room rooftop
  6. I know Los Angeles has changed over the years but I seem to be the only one shocked that the Rolling Stones played Echo Park last night.
  7. The Rolling Stones Live at echoplex, Los Angeles -- You Got Me Rocking/ Respectable
  8. I was at Echo Park UMC this afternoon waiting for the Stones to come over for prayer. I must have been in the loo when they stopped by. Oh well. You can't always get what you want.
  9. Even the pastor of the Echo Park United Methodist Church is a Stones fan