1. Elderly, disabled residents of Housing Authority apartments affected

  2. About 150 elderly and disabled residents of the New London Housing Authority apartments at 202 Colman St. have been affected by the leak.

    Rich Sadosky, who also lives in the building, said many residents woke up this morning and discovered that they didn’t have any water.

    “There are people who can’t come out, but then they can’t be in an apartment without water either otherwise that’s jeopardizing their health,” said Sadosky.
  3. Video from Mayor Finizio's press conference:
  4. According to Mayor Finizio, the water leak is 75% contained.

  5. We are investigating reports that the water leak is located at or near Bates Woods.

  6. The news broke at a press conference by New London Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio.
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