Vacarro defends comments about DKR

What started as an honest opinion by Longhorn Safety Kenny Vaccaro ended up as a Twitter rally.

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  1. It all started at a Monday Sept. 10, 2012 press availability. Daily Texan Sports Editor Christian Corona, Senior Sports Writers Lauren Giudice and Chris Hummer, and Associate Managing Editor Trey Scott were in attendance.
  2. With UT's first away game against Ole Miss coming up on Saturday Sept. 15, Hummer asked Longhorns safety Kenny Vaccaro if he likes playing on the road better.
  3. “I like without a doubt playing on the road better than playing at home,” Vaccaro said. “It’s way louder and gets me way [more excited]. No offense to our fans, but [DKR] is not loud.”
  4. The conversation that started as a Daily Texan article on Tuesday Sept. 11, 2012, didn't stop there though. Soon it was picked up on Twitter:
  5. Kenny Vaccaro picked up on the conversation, and began to defend his comments:
  6. Other players joined in as well:
  7.             @MikeDavis_1 " whats up bro .. Why u going off"
  8.             @MikeDavis_1 " mann it is what it is ... Our stadium tooo big not to have one of the loudest atmospheres in the  country"
  9. Fans had mixed feelings toward Vaccaro's comments. Some doubted his passion, and others promised to be louder at UT's next home game against West Virginia on Oct.6: