Texas football and Twitter: Natalie Portman ventures into new territory

The non-Texan, non-Longhorn, #twitterless actress creates a buzz at the University of Texas at Austin's Darrell K. Royal stadium during the UT vs. Baylor football game.

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  1. Whether you attended the UT vs. Baylor game or not, thanks to social media I'm sure you know one thing even more than you can remember the score (56-50, by the way) "OMG! Natalie Portman is at the game!". Portman may be all over Twitter, but she, like some of her fellow actors, is not active in social media. 
  2. Maybe not documenting every second of her life, like Kim K for instanace, gives Portman a mysterious appeal.
  3. But, it also creates a vacuum that is filled by cheesy fan accounts and parodies.
  4. Most importantly, it decreases the dialogue Portman has with her fans. They can always tweet about her and admire her from afar (by creating GIFs and photo compilations), but with no twitter handle to mention she is untouchable in more ways than one.
  5. Even to UT football players.
  6. This nonetheless does not seem to decrease the excitement that Austin, Texas has for Portman's appearance.
  7. Baylor fans had mixed feelings about her presence. Some viewed it as a motivation for the Bears to step up their game.
  8. Others viewed Portman's appearance as an omen.
  9. Some even saw Portman's appearance as a win itself.
  10. There was some joking speculation about how the sighting affected the outcome of the game.
  11. It is worth mentioning that Mila Kunis is also not a twitter user either. It personally surprised me to learn this fact while listening to The Rod Ryan Morning Show on Houston's 94.5 The Buzz radio station (when Kunis was interviewed on June 27, 2012 about the upcoming premiere of the movie "Ted"). The reformed World of Warcraft junkie chooses not to use Twitter and many other forms of social media and cites privacy and benefits of not being so digitally preoccupied as she was during her gamer days as reasons.