1. 11:20pm ET: The jury is still out as to whether Boston broke its all-time record for snow fall. An official ruling is expected by 1pm. 
  2. 11:15am ET: Travel bans are still in effect in Connecticut and Boston.
  3. Saturday, 10:45am ET: Much of the Northeast awoke to a massive amount of snow, ranging from 8" in parts of New York City to 18" in Boston to 34" in Hamden, CT.
  4. Cars are buried throughout the region with drifts reaching more than three feet in some places.
  5. 10:40 am ET: New England buried in more than two feet of snow.
  6. Looks like we ain't going anywhere today #blizzard #nemo #save #us #scary @_kaydubzz
    Looks like we ain't going anywhere today #blizzard #nemo #save #us #scary @_kaydubzz
  7. 10:49 pm ET: 76 miles per hour! Hold on tight, Boston.
  8. 10:30 pm ET: Much of Rhode Island is in the dark, while Providence reports winds of above 60 mph--worse than Hurricane Sandy.
  9. 10:12 pm ET: Looks like Attleboro is winning the Massachusetts snow race.
  10. 9:10 pm ET: Manhattan is in a flurry!
  11. Blizzard over lower Manhattan. #nemo