#vetchat: Zach Iscol On The Post-9/11 Veteran Jobs Crisis

In this week’s #vetchat, Marine, entrepreneur, and filmmaker Zach Iscol discussed why post-9/11 vets have had trouble finding work back home.


  1. Unemployment rates for post-9/11 veterans consistently trail their civilian counterparts by 1 or 2 percent. And with more than 1 million vets slated to return to the workforce over the next five years, how will vets get back to work? Zach Iscol explains in this week's Twitter chat; but first, check out his article for the Daily Beast:
  2. Folks got excited early, waiting for the chat to start at 3 p.m. EST...
  3. Even Chelsea Clinton got involved!
  4. Then we got started...
  5. Q1 After withdrawal from Iraq, 1 mil new vets will join the work force. What challenges can vets expect in the job mkt? #vetchat
  6. Q2 Unemployment among 18-24yr old vets is 22%. Why? Is it because most lack a college degree? #vetchat
  7. Q3 Employers say top prob hiring vets is matching mil skills w civilian work. How can vets rework resumes? #vetchat
  8. Q4 Some employers worry vets may have PTSD. What can employers & vets do to allay such concerns? #vetchat
  9. Q5 Some vets say civilian jobs give them less responsibility than they're used to. How can employers tackle that? #vetchat