Steve Jobs's Resignation: Apple Employees React

Tweets from Apple employees following the sudden announcement that Steve Jobs would step-down as CEO, effective immediately. #SteveJobs #Apple

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  1. Chris Espinosa, Apple employee number 8, tweets of Steve Jobs literal exit from Apple HQ earlier today.
  2. Vicki Murley
    Safari Technologies Evangelist at Apple
  3. Mike Lee 
    Senior Engineer at Apple Inc
  4. Jake Behrens
    Application Frameworks Evangelist @ Apple
  5. Robert Marini
    Software Engineer at Apple working on Developer Tools
  6. Robert Padbury
    Designer at Apple
  7. Jordan Breeding
    Binary Compatibility Engineer at a Fruit Company
  8. David denBoer
    Engineering Manager for Retail Engineering team at Apple
  9. Ken Chang
    Visual + Interaction Designer at a certain -fruit- company in Cupertino
  10. Danny Patterson
    Apple engineer 
  11. Andrew Li
    "I work at Apple."