Steve Jobs Dies: Apple Employees React

Reactions from Apple employees as news hits that co-founder Steve Jobs has died.

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  1. Tony Snyder
    All around geek. Apple Employee.

  2. Harley Cooper

    Apple engineer in SF
  3. Robert Padbury
    User Interface Designer at Apple
  4. Blake Seely

    Software Engineer at Apple

  5. Robert Marini

    Software Engineer at Apple working on Developer Tools.

  6. "Nando"
    Designer at Apple
  7. Michael Jurewitz
    Mac and iOS Application Frameworks, Developer Tools and Performance Evangelist
  8. dfisaacs
    Software engineer at apple
  9. Everaldo Coelho
    UI designer working at Apple
  10. Steve Ko
    SW Engineer @ Apple
  11. Taylor Carrigan
    Visual and User Interface Designer at Apple
  12. Thomas Han
    Apple iCloud Engineer