1. NRA cancels country-music event, but it won't comment on any shooting tie-in

  2. The New York Times publishes the first comprehensive profile on alleged shooter, Adam Lanza

  3. The shooter was reported as having three guns, but there could be more

  4. Newtown residents grieve at a vigil Friday night

  5. Did the shooter's mother work at Sandy Hook Elementary?

  6. A new Wall Street Journal investigation cites a school board member who says Nancy Lanza was not associated with the school, contrary to previous reporting.
  7. Officials reveal details of killings

  8. Police provide updates at press conference and say they plan to release shooter ID tomorrow

  9. Residents of Sandy Hook turn out en masse for a vigil

  10. Crowd has spilled out of #Newtown church as vigil starts. #7News
    Crowd has spilled out of #Newtown church as vigil starts. #7News
  11. First look at suspected shooter, Adam Lanza, circa 2005.

  12. Shooter first killed mother at home, then went on school rampage

  13. 25,000 sign petition calling on Obama to address gun control legislation