PHOTOS: Military Jet Crashes Into Virginia Beach Apartment Complex

A F18 Navy jet crashed into a Virginia Beach apartment complex Friday afternoon. Here's how the story developed on social media.


  1. Just before 1pm ET a CNN producer tweeted the news an F18 military jet, believed to be Navy, crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach. Both pilots had ejected, and reports injuries on the ground had yet to come.

  2. A photo of the scene, allegedly taken and broadcast first by local station WAVY, shows the rear jets and stabalizers smoldering in a pile of debris.

  3. Half an hour later, the site was fully engulfed in flames.

  4. Here's video of the scene just before emergency vehicles arrived to assess the damage.

  5. FA18D Fighter Jet Crash, VA Beach
  6. One local resident found the pilot seat on the ground near Barberton.

  7. Later, somebody else found the second pilot seat in a backyard.

  8. Here is a map of the F18 crash site.

  9. Neighbors tweeted photos of scene and the rising column of smoke, as the plane crashed just behind their house.

  10. Off in the distance, somebody captured the crash site on film, documenting the scene from afar.

  11. Other local residents tweeted photos showing the column of smoke from the crash site, taken from afar.