#My2k: President Obama Hosts Twitter Townhall

President Obama announced on Monday that he would be answering Twitter users' questions about extending the middle class tax cuts. Starting at 2:00 p.m. et, ask with the hashtag #My2k. We'll update the questions and President's answers as we go.

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  1. The White House, using its official Twitter account, sent a tweet from Barack Obama announcing he would answering questions at 2ET. Dan Pfeiffer, the White House Communications Director, confirmed it.

  2. At 2pm on the dot, the president sent his first (oh so casual!) tweet.

  3. Question 1 comes from a East Kentucky liberal, progressive, and pragmatist: "Mr. President, would you provide a list of the members of Congress most responsible for failed "fiscal cliff" negotiations?"

  4. Barack Obama's answer: "We can reduce deficit in balanced way by ending tax cuts for top 2% + reforms that strengthen safety net & invest in future."

  5. The White House's official photographer, Pete Souza, tweeted an image of the president at work.

  6. Question 2 comes from a "Writer/Producer/Editor" in Los Angeles, CA.

  7. Barack Obama's second answer: "High end tax cuts do least for economic growth & cost almost $1T. extending middle class cuts boosts consumer demand & growth."

  8. Question three comes from a self-described liberal, atheist, and humanist from Morgantown, West Virginia.

  9. Barack Obama's third answer: "Cuts w/o revenue = reductions in student loans; work/study & college tax credits expire. Bad for growth." He also gave the purple-haired woman a compliment: "Like your hair!"

  10. Question four was submitted by a Twitter user named "Hunter" with a giant eagle as his Twitter image who, on the 28th, said he thinks Chris Christie is "the shit."

  11. Barack Obama's answer: "Not enough revenue, unless you end charitable deductions, etc. less revenue=more cuts in education etc." He also included a link to this post: "Limiting Tax Deductions: The Reality of the Math"

  12. Question five was sent by David Osteen, a Christian and former soldier.