Coal train brings out protesters on both sides

Advocates for job creation squared off again Wednesday, Dec. 12 in Vancouver, Wash., with environmental activists over a proposal to build a new terminal in Bellingham that would become one of five such facilities to export coal from regional ports.


  1. Before the public hearing, activists for the environment and for the export-related jobs planted signs along the roads leading to Clark College's Gaiser Hall today. On campus, the Alliance for NW Jobs had gathered outside, dressed in green shirts and preparing to speak.
  2. Meanwhile, inside Gaiser Hall, opponents of the coal export terminals donned red shirts and rallied at a press conference with guest speakers such as Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt.
  3. And then the public hearing begins with a room in Gaiser Hall filling to capacity and spilling over to another room in Foster Auditorium for others to make comments.