What an incredible week! Thanks for joining us to #speakup for all that we love

One week, one incredible message: we will #SpeakUp to protect the things we love from climate change!


  1. Imagine a world safe from climate change. A world where all the things we love — our families, our passions, our wildlife — not only survive but thrive in the years to come. This world is still well within reach and we need our politicians to help us get there.
  2. And show them you did! All last week, people across the UK organised hundreds of events in their communities to celebrate the people, places, and things they want to protect most from climate change.
  3. It's safe to say we were blown away by just how incredible these events were!
  4. There were events with kids and kites...
  5. ...coffee, cakes, and crafting...
  6. ...walks and fairs...
  7. ...and even a flock of 1000 origami cranes!
  8. But perhaps the most inspiring thing of all, was seeing all the people — from all walks of life — who joined in.
  9. Including a whole bunch of local politicians!