Thank you for joining us to #ShowTheLove

Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re protecting what we love from climate change, and it’s all thanks to you!


  1. Thanks to you, this past week has shown just how much a little love can help to achieve. The #ShowTheLove campaign reached all corners of the country (and beyond!) and helped spark conversations about the things we love that climate change threatens.
  2. Green hearts took centre stage, popping up across the country and representing the many things we hold dear. We've been absolutely blown away by the creativity and love that you poured into coming together to create your hearts. While some were crafted...
  3. ...others were a bit more unexpected!
  4. But just as diverse as the green hearts themselves were the things they were showing the love for.
  5. It didn't stop there though. The wonderful Ridley Scott Associates helped us bring our message to over 6 million people by creating a special film starring Charles Dance, Miranda Richardson, and David Gyasi.
  6. Written by poet Anthony Anaxagorou and featuring music by Elbow and the NHS Choir, the film was an ode to our most treasured places across the UK — from parks to pitches to beaches.
  7. The film was released alongside our Weather Warning report, written in conjunction with the Priestly International Centre for Climate. Because it’s sometimes easy to forget, this report highlighted how iconic and everyday places alike are already being impacted by extreme weather linked to our changing climate.
  8. The report and film were launched at Lord's Cricket Ground, as they announced they were going 100% renewable — an especially important announcement as cricket pitches are among those special places impacted by extreme weather events.
  9. Our #ShowTheLove launch yesterday at Lord's Cricket Ground got picked up across many major broadcast, print and online media, including a few you might not have expected...