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The Philippines' most dangerous firecrackers

Every year, hundreds of people including children lose life and limb to use of firecrackers during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.


  1. Authorities have launched a crackdown on the illegal fireworks trade, but injuries continue to mount across the country despite warnings from government, police, and health officials.

  2. Under Republic Act 7183, people who use, produce, sell, or distribute illegal firecrackers can be fined up to P30,000 and/or imprisoned for up to a year.
  3. Here are images and video clips of some of the country's most dangerous firecrackers:
  4. Goodbye Philippines
  5. 3pcs GoodBye Philippines!!
  6. "Tatangkilikin mo ba ang mga paputok na may pangalang Goodbye Philippines o Goodbye Universe?" - President Benigno Aquino
  7. Goodbye Earth
  8. Atomic Bomb
  9. Philippines Most Dangerous Fire Works (GOODBYE Philippines)
  10. Bawang
  11. Loud firecrackers in the streets of Manila to celebrate 2010 New Year.
  12. Super Lolo
  13. Super LOLO New Years Eve 2010
  14. Kabasi
  15. Piccolo
  16. A boy playing with piccolo fireworks
  17. Kwiton