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Crisis in Iraq

More than 2 million people inside Iraq have been uprooted by violent conflict. The International Rescue Committee is providing clean water, medicine, protection services and emergency financial assistance to the displaced as well as vulnerable locals. Get updates from IRC aid workers and partners


  1. Children drown as hundreds fleeing Fallujah risk lives crossing Euphrates River

  2. Jun 6, 2016 10:25 AM EDT
  3. At least three children and an elderly man drowned in the Euphrates River over the weekend as they attempted to flee the Iraqi city of Fallujah. Some 200 people escaping relentless violence have successfully crossed the river using inflatable rings or makeshifts rafts made up of refrigerators and tires. The International Rescue Committee is identifying and providing critical support to the most vulnerable people making their way to safety.
  4. The IRC's @hadeelalsh (Hadeel Al-Shalchi) in Iraq visiting the IRC's work in Arbat refugee camp