Collated resources on managing frost by GRDC

2017 in Australia continues to bring reports of frost damage across cropping regions with late frost events reported now in regions of Victoria and Tasmania in November. Contribute to the conversation and support affected growers #GRDCFrost.


  1. Kalkee frost information session supporting affected growers, 24 November
  2. Victorian MP Jaala Pulford supporting frosted grain and grape growers
  3. David Jochinke- time to reflect and learn from the experience
  4. Impact of frost on growers in western Victoria
  5. Sharing experiences and resources supported by Gorst Rural
  6. Frost damage identification guides for cereals, pulses and canola
  7. What to do with a frosted crop?
  8. Checking for frost damage in canola
  9. If you harvest- issues to consider:
  10. Check out these useful resources