#GAWChat - November 17, 2016

AAG hosted a #GAWChat to celebrate Geography Awareness Week (GAW), Nov. 13-19, 2016

  1. Want to get involved in #GeoWeek, but short on time? Join the 1 hour #GAWChat on Thursday! We'll be participating!  https://twitter.com/theAAG/status/798533334087434240 
  2. How are you fostering geographic awareness on #GAWeek? Tune in for #GAWchat tomorrow 3-4 EST with @theAAG
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  4. Make sure to set your clocks for today's #GAWChat at 3pm EST! Are you excited to talk about GEOGRAPHY? We are! #GeoWeek https://t.co/C2OFRyDpnY
    Make sure to set your clocks for today's #GAWChat at 3pm EST! Are you excited to talk about GEOGRAPHY? We are! #GeoWeek pic.twitter.com/C2OFRyDpnY
  5. The #GAWChat is about to start in five minutes. Please join in the discussion. Use hashtag #GAWChat to participate!
  6. Thanks for joining us today! I’d like to review a few Twitter Chat guidelines before we begin the #GAWChat.
  7. Please remember to use the hashtag #GAWChat when responding to all questions or making any comments. #GAWChat
  8. The format of today’s Twitter Chat will be a Q&A. Q's will be asked using this format, “Q1: The question...” #GAWChat
  9. Your response to Q1 should look like "A1: Your response…" #GAWChat
  10. Q1: What do you wish people knew about Geography/Geographers? #GAWChat
  11. I'll be hanging out for the next hour on #GAWChat tweeting under the @GeographyOSU account. Check it out! #geographyawarenessweek
  12. That geography can lead to exceptional career opportunities across a broad range of fields #gawchat
  13. A1: It is not maps/capitals. It is Google maps, Waze, GPS, climatology, societal challenges, many things they use daily #GAWChat
  14. A1: How much geography has an effect on peoples's everyday lives! #GAWChat
  15. Q2: What are some of the agricultural focused opportunities or aspects in geography? #GAWChat
  16. Q2: What kinds of jobs can one find/get in Geography? #GAWChat
  17. A1: geography is a #STEM field, not just capitals and states. #gawchat
  18. A2: At OK State we do quite a bit with precision agriculture, using UAVs (drones) #GAWChat
  19. #A1 When people say Geography is just maps, it is like when they assume meteorology (my other hat) is just TV forecasts (its not) #GAWchat
  20. A2. "Sky's the limit!" Any job that asks the employee to think about "Where & Why there?" #GAWchat Not just teaching. Muddy boots to Coding
  21. A2: Many geographers here work in parks, natural resource management, government, planning, agriculture, oil and gas #GAWChat
  22. A2: Jobs range from private consultants, to environmental planners, to policy analysts, to historic preservation specialists #gawchat
  23. A1: Geography is more than trivia; it's how we understand the world. #GAWchat
  24. A2: meteorology, #MedGeo, #climatechange, #deforestation, #GIS, data analysis, NGOs, planning, and many, many more #gawchat
  25. Q3: How do you market yourself as a geographer? #GAWChat
  26. A1: You don't have to know all the countries and capitals to be a great geographer... #GAWchat
  27. A2: Geography has a branding problem in my mind, may be a few jobs called Geographer, but many jobs that geographers do #GAWChat
  28. A1: ...you just need to be curious about the world and understand that place always matters! #GAWchat
  29. A3: Showcase the skills geographers have in technology, but also in critical thinking and synthesizing data and complex ideas #GAWChat
  30. A1: That #geography is such a broad discipline and there is so much you can do with geography in many areas of interest. #GAWchat  https://twitter.com/theAAG/status/799342252786974721 
  31. A2: education/research, nonprofit, public and private sector from local, to state, to national, to international level. #GAWchat  https://twitter.com/theAAG/status/799343279397433344 
  32. A3: Human geographer, geographic educator, teacher educator. Helping #geographyteacher & Ss make it about more than place-name #GAWchat
  33. A1: Geog. is everywhere/everyday. "Even on a Saturday morning I am still a geographer. Geography is everywhere” (Cosgrove) #gawchat
  34. A3: tell people you're a geographer, use social media, linkedin, blog/write about your research as a geographer for broad audience. #GAWchat  https://twitter.com/theAAG/status/799344730886828032 
  35. A3: by speaking 2 specific issues my work addresses. "Geographer" means nothing to general public #GAWchat  https://twitter.com/theaag/status/799344730886828032 
  36. Q4: What types of issues or topics do you use GIS to address? #GAWChat
  37. A3: Be your own salesperson. Get yourself out there, show people how your training in geo can be used to solve real-world problems. #gawchat
  38. A2: Geography crosses all disciplines. I use it to study history and archaeology. #GeoArchaeology #gawchat
  39. #A3,degrees in physical meteorology but prof in a Geograpy Department (by choice) because of connectivity to society (less narrow) #GAWchat
  40. A3: Geographers are inherently interdisciplinary, ready and willing to collaborate with those with other expertise. #GAWChat
  41. #A3 could easily be in major meteorology program but I like the balance of physical, GIS, and social science geography brings #GAWchat,
  42. A4: Anything!! It is surprising how much you can do with GIS! From public health to making wine and everything in between! #GAWchat
  43. A4: Civic engagement -- Helping Ss ask & answer ?s using spatial data. Then sharing with the world #storymaps #@AAGGeoMentors #GAWchat
  44. A4: Use GIS to examine trends in urban social geography, immigration and refugee trends, community engagement #GAWchat  https://twitter.com/theAAG/status/799346163992379397 
  45. A4: GIS is in most everything you use these days. The @NWS in my world is clamoring for meteorologists with GIS skills #GAWChat
  46. Q5: What are you doing to support Geography Awareness? #GAWChat
  47. A4. I’ve used GIS to map languages, model disease vector habitat, and investigate community access to healthy lifestyle options. #GAWChat
  48. A5: As a member of @NCGE1915 @MSGeoAlliance promote resources for Ts and Ss in often underserved, underrepresented areas. #GAWchat #T3G
  49. A5: Push for more geography education, not only at the college level, but K-12 too! #GAWChat
  50. A5: Encourage those around you to learn about and explore... your neighborhood, your city, your state, your country, your world #GAWChat
  51. A5: Encourage more geography education at all levels, engage with broader communities as a geographer, encourage travel #GAWchat #GeoWeek  https://twitter.com/theAAG/status/799347474368434178 
  52. #GAWchat , Geography is a dynamic subject. Things always change.
  53. A1. Geography isn't an obscure discipline. It's one that ties nearly everything else together! Yeah, it's cool to be a geographer. #GAWChat
  54. A5 - promoting the research and good work of our undergrads, grads, alums, and faculty #gawchat
  55. A6: Any industry or area of resource management where there may be a spatial element can benefit from the application of GIS. #GAWChat
  56. A5: We hosted a #GISday event here at the @librarycongress featuring presentations from students and Congressional staff using GIS! #GAWChat https://t.co/q9As5fxYz1
    A5: We hosted a #GISday event here at the @librarycongress featuring presentations from students and Congressional staff using GIS! #GAWChat pic.twitter.com/q9As5fxYz1
  57. A1: People often project their limited exposure of certain subjects and define what they believe it to be, Geography is one. #GAWChat
  58. A4: I've used GIS to model landcover change using battlefield maps, model habitat fragmentation by windfarms, and more! #gawchat
  59. A5. Working with an AMAZING community of #GeoMentors to spread GIS and geography education to K-12 schools NATIONWIDE! #GAWChat
  60. A1: This suggests since most people's early exposure to geography is maps/trivia efforts needed to broaden image at K-12 level #gawchat
  61. RT @theAAG: Q2: What kinds of jobs can one find/get in Geography? #GAWChat
  62. Q7: Have you thought about where your food comes from? #GAWChat
  63. A5: Encouraging K-12 education in geography and celebrating GIS projects from local high school students! #GISDay #GAWchat https://t.co/OPo0Te1Ni3
    A5: Encouraging K-12 education in geography and celebrating GIS projects from local high school students! #GISDay #GAWchat pic.twitter.com/OPo0Te1Ni3
  64. A6: Many sectors deal with spatial components in their work, which can greatly benefit from spatial data analysis and GIS. #GAWchat  https://twitter.com/theAAG/status/799348801953734656 
  65. A7: Food is such an integral part of our existence - and can tell is so much about culture, environment. #gawchat @theAAG
  66. A7: Where your food is grown matters. Was the lettuce in your salad grown thousands of miles away, or was it grown on a local farm?#gawchat
  67. I'm currently doing undergrad research on the outreach and outcomes of the GeoMentor program within SW Ohio ❤️🌍 #GAWChat
  68. A7: Food is a great conversation starter to discuss environmental & equity issues w/ geographers & non-geographers alike! #GAWchat @theAAG
  69. @GeoScholar I just posted it: Q8: How has your city/town been affected by recent extreme weather? #GAWChat
  70. . @theAAG A7: Constantly! Food is highly social, doing my dissertation on the meat culture and vegetarianism. Very interesting! #GAWchat
  71. Q8: If earthquakes count as extreme weather, Stillwater, OK has been affected a lot! We're in the current earthquake capital of US #GAWChat
  72. A8: We are in extremely dire drought right now in Georgia and experiencing degraded air quality from wildfires too #GAWchat
  73. Drought has caused wildfires and smoke in #Atlanta metro area, where I live. Video:  https://youtu.be/xeoitBLMKMU  #GAWchat
  74. A7: Why are certain regions known for producing the best wines? The climate, soil, terrain, and latitude of each place is key. #gawchat
  75. @theAAG A8: We're in a drought, under burning ban here in my town/state. Parts of our state are on fire, particularly east TN. #GAWchat
  76. A8: Central #texas where I teach @txst is known as "flash flood alley"; seemingly always handling some weather extreme! #GAWchat @theAAG
  77. A3: Show people how Geography and GIS is a dynamic discipline that crosses discipline and industry barriers #gawchat
  78. Q9: How does Geography impact your daily life? #GAWChat
  79. We're a bit late to #GAWchat because the person who runs this account was in class. But we're gonna play catch up.
  80. I study "fermented landscapes" & love to ponder the links btwn landscape change & #wine/other fermented beverages! @AAGMark @theAAG #GAWchat
  81. A1: We wish people know how many topics are covered by geography: people, places, weather, economics, etc. #GAWchat
  82. A9. Apply the Qs of What?, Where?, Why There? to aspects of your daily life. Answering will help you understand your world. #GAWChat
  83. A2: Geography can get you a job doing almost anything. Almost every job requires geographic knowledge. #GAWchat
  84. A9 imagine military operations, agriculture, health, vacation, googling directions to an address without Geography....#YouCannot #GAWchat
  85. A3: Getting a job is about the skills you possess not just the knowledge you have. Mapping, analysis, etc. are critical skills. #GAWchat
  86. Q10: Are you a GeoMentor? And if so, what’s inspired you to become one? #GAWChat #GAWChat
  87. A9 Pull out your smartphone and count how many Apps are roited in Geographic principles...I bet you counted a few #GAWChat
  88. A5: hosting distinguished lecture on segregation & state parks #GAWchat MORE >>  http://sublnk.info/SHipGjy 
  89. A4: People in our department use #GIS to study transportation, crime, economics, the darknet, water systems, and so much more. #GAWchat
  90. Q11: Are you going to #AAG2017 in Boston? If so, what are you excited about? #GAWChat
  91. A5: We've been posting something on on @facebook and @twitter accounts every day this week related to #GeographyAwarenessWeek. #GAWchat
  92. A9: Why is Oklahoma Native America? Why are we an energy state? Why do we grow certain crops? #GAWchat https://t.co/fLLsBcsPUn
    A9: Why is Oklahoma Native America? Why are we an energy state? Why do we grow certain crops? #GAWchat pic.twitter.com/fLLsBcsPUn
  93. Here's a A10 for anyone who needs a response.. "I am now! I just signed up at  http://geomentors.net/participate !" ;) #GAWChat
  94. A10: Officially became one today!!! The great presentation given by @AAGGeoMentors yesterday at @LOCMaps #GISday. #GAWchat
  95. A6: Our grads have used #GIS to work for @NOAA, @tuscaloosacity, and numerous other entities and corporations. #GAWchat
  96. A7: There is a farmer's market across from our building on Thursday afternoons, so we think about our food supply often. #GAWchat
  97. A11: Excited for #aag2017 in Boston as the 1st @theAAG mtg I attended was there in 2008! #GAWchat
  98. Seattle is known for wet #weather, but there are wetter cities than Seattle. Video:  https://youtu.be/m8cgFKbBpuU  Learn geography. #GAWchat
  99. A8: Our state is currently in a drought, but most people know @tuscaloosacity was impacted by tornadoes in 2011. #GAWchat
  100. A11: Excited for #aag2017 in Boston bcuz several of my @txst graduate and undergraduate students are presenting research! #GAWchat @theAAG
  101. A11: Oklahoma State will represent in Boston at #AAG2017! Excited to see our students present their research #GAWchat
  102. A9: Geography impacts our loves everyday: How we get to work. The students we teach. The food we eat. There's too many to list. #GAWchat
  103. A10: We don't have any current @AAGGeoMentors in our dept., but we think @geoSteven and Dr. Sagy Cohen of @SDMLua should sign up. #GAWchat
  104. Thanks everybody for participating in today's #GAWChat!!! I have a few more questions to ask before we wrap up...
  105. A11: We expect there will be plenty of people from our department attending #AAG2017 in @BostonInsider. #GAWchat
  106. As a GIS professional for +25 yrs, this career is diverse. Good for high function ASD students cuz of their spatial abilities. #GAWChat
  107. @theAAG Thanks for hosting #GAWchat Hope to see some of you @NCGE1915 in Albuquerque... @NCGE1915 #FutureGeoLeaders membership is FREE!
  108. A11: looking forward to catching up with people at #AAG2017. Geography is a close knit group. #GAWChat
  109. Q12: Would you participate in a future AAG Twitter Chat? #GAWChat
  110. A12: We'd definitely participate in a future #AAGchat. It's great way for various people and departments to connect. #GAWchat
  111. Q13: FILL IN THE BLANK: If AAG hosted another Twitter Chat, what topic(s) would you be most interested in chatting about? _______ #GAWChat
  112. A13: We'd love for @theAAG to host a Twitter Chat about getting students jobs using their geography skills. #GAWChat
  113. Thanks everyone for participating and contributing to our very first chat! Hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned... #GAWChat
  114. Sorry we were late to the party, but we enjoyed participating in today's @theAAG #GAWchat for #GeographyAwarenessWeek.