Everyone's Talking About Peace Camp

Here's some highlights of the buzz around THE art project on everyone's lips right now: Peace Camp. www.peacecamp2012.com | facebook.com/artichoketrust | @artichoketrust #pcamp2012


  1. National News:

    With a feature on The Culture Show, and articles in the national papers, Peace Camp is on the lips of journalists and broadcasters around the UK. Here is a pick of some of the coverage:
  2. International Interest:

    Word of Peace Camp travelled beyond our shores as the rest of the world was won over by this signal of hope and peace in 2012:
  3. Video Voices:

    A number of videos made about the project, a couple by Artichoke and some by project partners and local media.
  4. Peace Camp preview trailer
  5. London 2012 Festival: Peace Camp