Texting on a Business Landline?

Businesses will be able to connect with the targeted audiences faster and keep them engaged.


  1. Businesses that have been at the same locations for decades have had a massive disadvantage over newer ones. That disadvantage is lack of a way to receive and send texts through their landline. Changing the phone number is not practical because loyal customers have used it since the business opened. The dilemma is effecting marketing, sales, and the ability to compete.

    Not Anymore

    There is now a software as a service (SaaS) product that can eliminate that issue and bring the business into the twenty-first century. The software allows Business Text Messaging from an existing landline. The texts are viewed right on the computer for speed and convenience. The service is secure and reliable and comes with a free fourteen day trial.


    Businesses will be able to connect with the targeted audiences faster and keep them engaged. Texting special offers, featured products, upcoming sales, or new specialty items on a menu will entice people to visit the business on a regular basis. Send high-quality images of those products or menu items to tempt them further.

    Another benefit is increased sales. More and more people will be able to communicate with the business to ask questions, discover operating hours, make an appointment, order food for take-out, or make a reservation. There probably have been interested people trying to text the business via the landline on the advertisements or the website.

    The software also includes reports that can analyze business texting trends among employees, measure performance of texting activity, and indicate the sales generated via texts. That allows business owners an opportunity to determine the difference texting has made to their bottom line.

    Additional Features

    Additional features are available, depending on the plan selected. The ability to schedule the release of outbound texts will save owners time. They can write a text in advance, and have it sent out at a later date or time.

    An automatic reply can be set to indicate if a person is out of the office, or the business is currently closed at the time the text is received. Customers will still get a response even when no one is able to accept the text. Group texting to up to fifty people is also a feature.

    No Contracts

    The software is available in three plans to accommodate any business budget. The pricing is on a month to month basis so there are no contracts to sign and no long-term commitments to make. Business owners have nothing to lose and a significant amount of benefits to gain.