Texas Texting While Driving

The long road to a #safetexas


  1. In 2011, Rep. Tom Craddick filed legislation to ban texting-while-driving statewide. The bill passed in both the Senate and the House only to be vetoed by Gov. Rick Perry.
  2. Not deterred, Rep. Craddick filed legislation to ban the distracted driving habit on November 12, 2012.
  3. The former Speaker named the bill the "Alex Brown Memorial Act" after a 17 year old girl who died as a result of texting while driving.
  4. Faces of Distracted Driving: Alex Brown, 17
  5. Once again, it passed in both the House and the Senate.
  6. However, Gov. Perry once again vetoed the bill claiming that it was "government micromanagement."
  7. That year, distracted driving caused 95,000 crashes and 500 fatalities according to official state transportation figures.
  8. The cause started to gain more media attention and broad support across Texas.
  9. A New Bid to End Texting While Driving
  10. This session, Rep. Craddick filed HB80 and is attempting to pass a statewide texting while driving ban for a third time.
  11. On February 3, 2015, supporters of the legislation gathered at the Capitol to share their stories.
  12. After HB80 was filed, the bill was heard in committee. After hearing testimony from Texas families impacted by texting while driving, the House Transportation Committee unanimously approved the bill.
  13. The bill is scheduled for debate on the House floor on Wednesday March 24, 2015.