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How Should We Stay Ready To Combat A Disaster?

In the starting of this year, Southeast United States faced tornado outbreak, January 21-23, 2017. It was a deadly winter tornado outbreak that produced a total 81 tornadoes and took a total 21 lives. It was the second deadliest outbreak since 1950.


  1. Fire, floods, earthquakes, and tornados are significant threats to humans. Disaster may be unpredictable, but essential preparedness planning is a key factor to ensure the safety of lives and property. At every stage, there is a need to remain armed with disaster preparedness plan.
  2. Let us get to know some of the ways to combat disasters.
  3. Evacuation

  4. When any hazard hit any building,first of all, occupants should be evacuated or relocated to safety. If a tornado warning is broadcasted, everyone should move away from exterior glass and move to the strongest part of the building. Protective actions include – evacuation, sheltering, shelter-in place, lock down.
  5. Healthcare emergency preparedness

  6. All healthcare provider should implement an emergency healthcare preparedness effectively as well as meeting the revised CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services)requirements. The rules have been designed to improve the safety of patients during emergencies. Taking help of healthcare emergency preparedness consultant contributes to developing an emergency plan complying with federal, state or local laws.
  7. Sheltering

  8. Sheltering is next step to combat a disaster. After the broadcast of warning signal,everyone should move to shelter in the strongest part of the building. Shelters should be ideally located in basements or interior rooms with reinforced masonry construction. It is important to get a drill done prior to disaster to ensure whether the shelter space can hold the employees. It is better to be armed with an emergency alert system radio. In addition, the subscription of free text and email warning is also very helpful.
  9. Lockdown

  10. An act of violence usually occurs without warning. In such condition, individuals should know how to hide and remain silent. They should take refuge in a room, barricade the door, or close and lock it as soon as possible. Plus, common mass should hold a little training to hide under desk, room corners, and away from door and windows.
  11. Apart from all these steps, we should always be armed with an emergency plan which starts with understanding what can happen and what are the best ways to rescue. Disasters can knock our doors anytime;however, we can minimize its effect with proper planning.