Reasons You Need To Rethink About Your SEO Approach


  1. You may be wondering about ineffectiveness of your SEO approach. There are quite a few reasons for this. Your website may be getting the traffic but it all comes from wrong audience which doesn’t convert. Or you may be using the SEO practices which were useful in the past but not anymore in today’s age. In both cases, you are not performing SEO for your website in smart way. So, you need to rethink about the SEO approach you follow in order to gain effectiveness.
  2. With that said, there are some top reasons you may need to rethink about the SEO approach you follow.
  3. Outdated content marketing strategy

  4. If you think that keyword stuffing is still going to give advantage, you should change the way you think about it. This practice of keyword stuffing was useful when Google used strings of Mata data to rank any content. Now, it’s the artificial intelligence that does this ranking work. After the launch of RankBrain, Google has changed the way it looks at the context of pages.
  5. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want your content to look like a work of spam. Therefore, keyword stuffing should be avoided from this ethical point of concern.
  6. Title tag practices

  7. Google dislikes stuffing of keywords in the title just like it despises keyword stuffing in the content. Research shows that Google is now ranking the pages for keywords which exist neither in the titles nor in the body of page.
  8. The right way here is to prepare the snippet which can be helpful for you to bring users to your page.
  9. Using paid link building services

  10. There was a time when people used to link back to their websites from some high PR websites by creating anchor texts on exact keywords. Since PageRank is now being considered as a weak ranking signal, this practice of creating backlink has also come onto the life support. It means that this practice is also going to die sooner than later.
  11. Similarly, PBNs have become ineffective; and it becomes more obvious to anyone who views black-hat forums to find the users who bemoan about this ineffectiveness.
  12. There is no denying the fact that link building still holds central value. In fact, it is now reformed into much intelligent way of ranking. Now, you need to use some effective and realistic ways of building links.
  13. Press releases

  14. While you can still write meaningful and useful press releases to bring mature audience on your page, Google doesn’t provide ranking advantage to the ones who create useless and nonsense press releases. Even the published one are devalued to the extent that PR firms have decided to nofollow the links.
  15. If you want to create a press release now, its sole reason should be to share information about a newsworthy event.
  16. Rethink Your SEO Approach For 2017