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The Big Fat American Internet Lacunae

Americans are so parochial. Protected by two oceans, often isolated within our own border, most of us keep to ourselves. Really. Unfortunately, we vote for folks who are always looking out for our 'best interests'. And that would be good ol' American Hegemony. Here's is my personal antidote.


  1. Rihanna is a market influencer and opinion leader.  Not sure what Simon is up to here.  Maybe he likes Rihanna, but apparently not enough to spell her name right ;-).  Maybe he is trying to see how big a rock he can huck into the Internet pond, how big a ripple he can make, gaming the system.  Whatever the reason, if you can't get her Twitter handle right, well...;-)
  2. Kevin responds. 
  3. Simon realizes his spelling error @rihanna not @rhianna (too much Fleetwood Mac for our Francophile Scot Simon?).  He asks me RT.  I do. Cf. above.
  4. I mention to him that the real @rihanna has a life and a history, too. Perhaps an opinion leader in her own sphere.
  5. Simon respondez, yes pas?  But WTF with the MDR?
  6. Non!
  7. Hell non!
  8. It is a possibility, but it doesn't fit the context.
  9. That is more like it.  MDR=LOL.  The bloody parochial finally gets it. 
  10. The lesson here is about blindspots.  Below I let Otto Scharmer define what a 'blind spot' is.
  11. Scharmer sez: There is a blind spot in leadership theory, in the social sciences as well as in our everyday social experience. This blind spot concerns the inner place from which an action—what we do—originates. In the process of conducting our daily
    business and social lives, we are usually well aware of what we do and what others do; we also have some understanding of the process: how we do things, the processes we and others use when we act. And yet there is a blind spot. If we were to ask the question, “Where does our action come from?” most of us would be unable to provide an answer. The blind spot concerns the (inner) source from which we operate when we do what we do—the quality of attention that we use to relate to and bring forth the world.
  12. We all have lacunae.  The American blindspot, my blindspot, is simple.  I couldn't see that someone from France might actually have different acronyms because THEY USE DIFFERENT WORDS.  Hence, the tweet of delight above and below.