Saturday Morning Feldgang

Annotating Remi Holden's blog post as proof of concept for "playful" and playfully flooding the banks of the River


  1. Problem here is that it is hard to gather all the annotations in one place using' stream. So below I gather up each contributors' annotation along with the replies in that stream. For some reason I cannot access this link (the share stream): 

  2. OK, we have all of it here, but it is so damned opaque. It doesn't tell a story, it doesn't feel open, it doesn't feel curated. WTF. I want to make some kind of statement here about the road we walked together this morning. Part of me says not to worry. It's a process with intrinsic value. Another part of me wants to blaze the damned trail so others can follow if they wish.

  3. Jon Udell of and he of screencasting fame supplied a single page for all the annotations.

  4. Still a Storify problem. The only way I can get this link into Storify is by the 'embed url' import. It hides all of the cool stuff under a bushel basket. The link above is totally opaque until you click it, then it turns into what I want Storify to show. All of this is by way of arguing for some curation of a large group annotation project that flows in lots of directions and has lots of conversations. When has a share function for Twitter et al,that will open up Storify a lot for curation.