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Would you like to travel, learn a new language and explore a different culture, all while earning a great salary?


  1. There’s a high demand for skilled, English-speaking teachers in China, and the English language market continues to grow as the Chinese government focuses on improving the English competency of its citizens. Education is hugely important, and students demonstrate respect to their teachers and behave well.
  2. Opportunity China is a gateway for English teachers to find exciting and enriching teaching positions in China. We’re here to offer personalised advice and resources, whether you’re a first time teacher, recent graduate or experienced teaching professional.
  3. It’s a fascinating country, with stunning scenery, yummy food, and interesting history. Teaching English is an ideal way to fully immerse yourself in this culture, enjoy a high salary and good standard of living, exciting travel opportunities, and the chance to learn Mandarin… all while enhancing your CV (Resume).
  4. Our partner institutions range from Private Education Centres and International Schools, through to Kindergartens, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities. Opportunity China carefully screen all to ensure they are well managed, supportive with support structures that meet the professional needs of native English teachers.
  5. So, Why China?

  6. Great Salary Package: An inexperienced teacher can expect to earn between £700- £1000 a month, with accommodation, an end of contract flight reimbursement and insurance provided.
  7. Boost your CV: Having international work experience is an invaluable addition to your CV. As well as refining your presentation and communication skills, you’ll develop transferable skills such as adaptability, cultural sensitivity and problem solving skills.
  8. It’s the easiest way to learn Mandarin: Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world,and immersion is the best way to learn!
  9. Fascinating history and culture: China is one of the world’s oldest civilised nations, which dates back over 10,000 years...
  10. Social Lifestyle: a 20 to 30 hour working week will provide a lot of free time for exploring your new surroundings, and socialising. It’s likely that eating out, K-TV, joining a sports club, learning Mandarin and day trips to local sights will take up much of your free time!
  11. Travel Asia: Fancy a weekend in Vietnam? Or popping to Thailand for a quick holiday? Exploring Asia is cheap and easy from China.
  12. Save Money! Many teachers who are paid RMB8000+ a month with accommodation provided are able to save at least half of their salary each month.
  13. The Perfect Career Break: A one year teaching contract can be an ideal career break, providing a rewarding and challenging experience for a defined period of time.You’ll travel, learn new skills, save some money, and have the satisfaction of helping others.
  14. Food: Last but not least, the food in China is incredible!
  15. Why Teach in China with Opportunity China?

  16. · No application fees
    · The China Experts – we have a wide range of resources available to candidates to help you prepare for your time in China
    · Supportive Team – we’re here to guide you through the application and visa process
    · In-Country Support Network
    · OC Ambassador Network – chat with a teacher currently in China before you leave home
    · Dedicated online TEFL Jobs Board
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