June - September Book Recommendations

Trying something new here - a round-up of some of the best books released in late June, July, August and September for teens and tweens. Tweets are taken from my personal Twitter.

  1. (As ever, MASSIVE thank you to my awesome friend Debbie for this incredible spreadsheet. Follow her on Twitter at @SnugglingonSofa and tell her if you're finding it useful! And check out her fabulous blog too.)
  2. Starting with MG books...
  3. Moving onto YA - these first couple are ones that I think would also be particularly popular with 9-12 year-olds starting to read YA, as well as the target audience.
  4. And now moving onto the slightly older end of YA. For those of you who aren't aware of Barrington Stoke, by the way, they are an OUTSTANDING publisher who specialise in 'cracking reading', publishing books which they described as 'super-readable'. (I definitely agree!) Due to shorter length than most YA, careful editing to suit reading ages below the interest ages, and printing in a special font and using tinted pages which are especially helpful for readers with dyslexia, their books are especially good for reluctant/struggling readers. (But not JUST reluctant/struggling readers, obviously - Unboxed is a gem that everyone should read!)
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