[Updated] Egypt Votes 2011

After years of dictatorship under Hosni Mubarak and a fresh wave of bloody protests, Egyptians flocked to their polling precincts on Monday for their nation's first parliamentary elections.


  1. Egypt's plethora of political parties
  2. It's a watershed moment for the Middle East's largest Arab state, which was under the grip of Mubarak for close to 30 years. 
  3. Despite the violent protests last week, which reportedly killed around 42 people, including 33 in the capital Cairo, early reports say the voter turnout is high. 
  4. On social media sites, there's a sense of guarded optimism among Egyptian voters and poll observers alike. 
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  8. Only last week and until Sunday, the success of the historic vote was in question after clashes between the ruling military and mostly young protesters. But it seems that Egyptians themselves have defied fear of violence so they could cast their votes.