Kenyan Election Mapping

#NECR2013 Class by @tedperl. Resources for discussing effectiveness of Kenya election monitoring. Focus on networks, platforms and coordination issues.


  1. External Reports
  2. ELOG
  3. European Unions
  4. I mean, seriously, what the hell should a Kenyan do today when something happens? Send 7 SMSs and compile a bunch of web-forms for each event they see? They should all go around with a list of the specific topics that they should report on and which platform they go to? This would look like something like this: “If you are in Mathare send a report to 0726300400 and to 3002 and to 108, but only after you have alerted the police at 999 or 112. But if it is something related to human rights violations, and more in particular IDPs, then remember to also text 0800721410. If the issue is related to violations competency of the  Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission then you should text 0711035606 / 0711035616, but if you get a rumor via mobile phone you probably should send a text to 8762 just in case SiSi Ni Amani is also working in your area. Oh, and by the way, keep safe and keep reporting to us. If you still have any credit in your mobile phone or if by the time you send us a message you did not ended up being killed!”
  5. Big Data
  6. Kenya

  7. Article discussing all the platforms.
  8. Peacenet activity
  9. Uchaguzi/Ushahidi
  10. The platform itself
  11. Reporting from the Platform
  12. Al Jazeera Representation  

  13. Uwiano - 108 (Partners: Peacenet, NSC, NCIC, UNDP)
  14. Elegant Maps