Twitter is fired up about Friday's Chiefs news

The morning started with news that general manager Scott Pioli and the Chiefs had decided to part ways. Then news broke that Andy Reid was officially coming to Kansas City. These events clogged Twitter feeds throughout the area with joy that Pioli was leaving and reactions to the new coach.


  1. Since many in the Kansas City area have been demanding that Pioli get the boot since mid-season, this morning's news that he and the Chiefs had mutually decided it was time for Pioli to move on was met with glee by many Twitter users.
  2. But @Judo_Brad was wrong. At least one person will miss Scott Pioli.
  3. But there wasn't much time to well on the Pioli news because soon Twitter's attention turned to the fact that Andy Reid would become the next coach of the Chiefs. 
  4. And if you've been on Twitter in the last 24 hours, you've probably seen an Andy Reid-loves-barbecue-and-looks-like-a-walrus joke being thrown around. They're starting to get a little old.