YouTube Interactive: Flipped Conference 2012

A list of resources compiled for the Flipped Conference in Chicago, held June 18-20, 2012. Presented by Jac de Haan (@techwithintent) to a room full of talented educator-participants.


  1. Pre-session chatter

  2. How to create YouTube annotations - step-by-step instructions and resources

  3. Interactive YouTube video overview - how-to
  4. Authentic learning in action

  5. Examples of annotations - interactive buttons within a YouTube video

  6. 2009 Oscars Interactive Photo Challenge!
  7. Ronald Has A Spider On His Head: An Interactive Mis-Adventure!
  8. Flipped instruction and Screencasting: beyond math
  9. Other options for creating student interaction with video

    While this session focused on inter- and intra-video interaction with YouTube, there are other ways of creating 2-way communication. Here are a few:

    1. Roll your own interaction: this technique is used by @ramusallam and others. If you have a blog or a website, you can embed both a YouTube video and a Google form on the same page/post (aligned vertically or horizontally). Students consume the media and then respond via short/long form. This could be combined with an embedded annotated video to give students quick self-assessment and then a final synthesis that is turned in digitally. Bare-bones example: 

    2. Annotations with Camtasia: The latest versions of Camtasia include the ability to create FLASH-based annotations that can be clicked once the video is exported and uploaded to Each clip can currently include a single annotation, so if you'd like to create more than one interactive opportunity, you will need to "split" your screen capture in Camtasia before uploading.

    3. Ted-Ed flipped lessons: Ted Talks have a new education offshoot that allows users to embed multiple choice questions next to ANY existing YouTube video. If students log in to complete the assignment, analytics are available for the teacher.

  10. Ideas that fell out of my mouth and made sense to other people