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Read Around the Planet Makes Me Happy!

Celebrating reading, writing, and literature by connecting classrooms through video.


  1. Read Around the Planet is a huge collaborative event between many North American and European countries in which classrooms connect via video conferencing to share their love of reading, writing, and literature!

    With almost 400 classrooms participating, it's an awesome event each year to celebrate reading! I decided to tweet it all out using the hashtag #rap13 this year, both on my personal Twitter account and my school account for EdTech, and already I think I'm going a bit overboard. It's hard though when there's so many great moments to share :) Check out the link below to learn more about Read Around the Planet (RAP), and how you can get involved next year!

    The following tweets are a selected few of the dozens I'm tossing out into the Twitter stream to share. If you're participating in RAP as well, please consider sharing your pictures and experiences using #rap13 on Twitter!