#michED Chat 8-27-14: Comments on the MDE Supt. Search

A conversation based around the questions and comments being sought out by the Michigan Department of Education as they collect public thoughts about the search for the next Michigan State Superintendent of Schools.

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  10. I am Todd a 7th grade science teacher from Warren, MI honored to be moderating with @dreambition #miched
  11. Ben from St. Joseph, MI (The Sunset Coast) checking in for this evening&apomichEDichED chat!
  12. Hello, #michED Jeff from Kent Innovation High in Grand Rapids. Looking forward to tonight's chat.
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  14. Ann Smart, Adrian Public School s 5-12 Instructional Coach #MichEd
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  16. Hello #MichEd - I'm from Lansing. I teach pre-service teachers at CMU and direct our writing project. More importantly, I am a parent.
  17. John from Battle Creek (the cereal bowl) Ed tech consultant at Berrien RESA. #miched
  18. I'm Brad, an educator fJacksonISDonISD living now in the always beautiful and active Plymouth, michEDichED
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  22. Rachelle from St. Clair. LMS and IB DP Coordinator at Algonac High School #MichEd
  23. Lindsey. East Kentwood HS. History Teacher. Hello : ) #MichEd
  24. Liz, teaching 5th in SCS. Had fun representing my district on WDIV this morning, won a free field trip, woo hoo! #MichEd
  25. @LizWillobee Welcome Liz.. sorry I missed that! Is it posted online? Congrats! #miched
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  34. Alright, great to see so many here this evening, let's get the questions rollimichEDichED
  35. Here we go! #michED Q1: Ideally, what experiences would you like the next State Supt to have had before heading into the position?
  36. I am Dave Goodrich from MSU and I am excited about the #michED Twitter chat tonight!
  37. @sschuhtech Absolutely! Can't wait. It's going to be another michEDus #michED year!!
  38. Just returned from Open House and ready to spend time with you all #MichEd
  39. A1: My hope is that the next supt. would have a diverse background in schools served. #miched
  40. #MichEd A1: experience in the Arts and an understanding of creativity in the field of innovation and evolving markets.
  41. A1: State Supt needs to have been a teacher and an Admin in public schools to understand and direct public schools! #miched
  42. A1: I would hope the new #michED State Supt. has had classroom AND administrative experience.
  43. Q1: Be a former educator with experience as an admin #miched
  44. A1: My hope is that the new supt would be an instructional leader, not just a "seasoned" admin. There are plenty of adminsmichedE. #miched
  45. A1: it would be wonderful to have a state superintendent who has classroom experience (especially within the last decade or so) #miched
  46. A1: LOTS of classroom experience and was a successful leader. #MichEd
  47. A1 - as diverse as possible, different size schools and districts. #MichEd
  48. &#lindseycboyleycboyle: Lindsey. East Kentwood HS. History Teacher. HelloMichEd#MichEd”. student teaching at EK! Is mike Bacon still there?
  49. A1: Ideally, the next super should have a deep understanding of the Ss served in Michigan. All of them. #MichEd
  50. A1: Need a State Supt who knows how to stand up to the politics of Lansing and DC but has to come from teaching ranks #miched
  51. A1 a mixed bag of every position geared around educating. Not just a single focus on admin but a leader from the classroom as well. #MichEd
  52. A1: What @blocht574 said plus some exp outside of this field would be a plus. #MichEd
  53. A1: Some admin experience is probably a necessity, but more teaching experience is preferred. Also involvement in teacher ed and PD. #miched
  54. Mary Phillips, K-5 Tech/media teacher in Battle Creek. #MichEd
  55. A1: Leadership and vision for what can be #MichEd forward looking, with an understanding of past context.
  56. A1. Classroom experience AND kids in public school #miched
  57. I believe our next SSPI should have experience as a classroom teacher and as a District and/or ISD Superintendent #miched
  58. A1: I would love to see a #michED State Supt. with experience in building community & relationships. This trumps innovation for me.
  59. #MichEd A1: I want someone that is will to challenge traditional education and give real support for the change. $ and politically.
  60. Experience in classroom and admin in variety of situations #MichEd
  61. @LizWillobee Yes, diverse background is a must, must know the landscape of MI and have taught in a classroom for sure #miched
  62. A1: exp as an instructional leader, admin, decision marker in tough situation & supporter of public schools. who is open 2 change #miched
  63. A1: We need someone who can lead with a broader vision for teaching, learning, curriculum, and assessment. #miched
  64. A1: classroom teacher for more than 5 years, admin at multiple levels with a diverse background, and courageous. #michED
  65. @blocht574 I agree. Having a working knowledge of what we are preparing kids FOR, would be beneficial. #MichEd
  66. @techsavvyed Relationship building is key, needs to be able to work both sides of the aisle but must respect TEACHING PROFESSION #miched
  67. A1: experience as a practitioner in a variety of roles. Someone who excels in building community, not dictating policy. #michED
  68. A1: Someone who has worked their way up to administration and been in trenches. #michED
  69. A1: Successful leadership experience, not necessarily in Ed; Has children currently attending primary or secondary school. #MichEd
  70. great point @billvanlooteach experience in the last decade!! times are a changing.. have changed. #MichEd
  71. A1: The other key attribute is vision! Michigan needs a leader who can stick to a plan regardless of outside forces. #miched
  72. A1 An advocate and ally for the importance of education in a thriving democracy. Understanding of importance of adequate funding. #MichEd
  73. A1: #michED Educator experience; understanding of varied cultures in MI; communicative; technology user!
  74. A1: Ideally, the next state super should have a robust background in pedagogy and understand different perspectives in tching. #MichEd
  75. A1: exp in policy making and succesfull in dealing with politicians. We need a powerful voice #Miched
  76. A1: Knows how to listen to the teachers of MICHIGAN and hear their needs and work hard to fill them!! ACTIONS SPEAK #miched
  77. @blocht574 Actually in the car stuck at the Charlevoix bridge plugged into the portable charger.:) #michED http://t.co/yg6cDSQS7Q
    @blocht574 Actually in the car stuck at the Charlevoix bridge plugged into the portable charger.:) #michED pic.twitter.com/yg6cDSQS7Q
  78. And if all of this wasn't realistic wrapped up in one body, I'd like them to know how to fix a transmisMichEd:) #MichEd
  79. A1: an understanding and care for kids is key. They do not all fit in the same mold, so why are we trying to cram them in there? #MichEd
  80. A1: I would like to see a leader that also values the importance of the student voice. #miched
  81. A1: The next state super needs to lead through service. Great leaders serve their constituents through words & actions. #MichEd
  82. A1: Well traveled. Well read. Experience in dealing with diverse populations. #MichEd
  83. A1: Leaders who encompass the ability to establish and sustain positive, meaningful relationships is key. #miched
  84. A1: It'd be kind of awesome if we had a super with a progressive view of edu...someone not afraid to break from old modMichEdichEd
  85. @blocht574 @techsavvyed Building relationships -- from top of MDE into every school building -- would be essential. #miched
  86. A1: next state Supt. should have sound experience in curriculum, tech, admin and understand assessments. Great communicator. #MichEd
  87. A1: It is essential that the next state superintendent trust educators as true professionals #michED
  88. Q2: How should the new Supt communicate with the education community in Michigan in order to be effective? #miched
  89. A1: How about someone who champions learning beyond what can be measured on a MC exam? #MichEd
  90. #miched we want our voices to be heard as showed by the traffic on this chat tonight.
  91. And that actions speak louder than words. MT @bushjms: A1: It is essential that the next state supt trust educators as true profsnls #michED
  92. A2: The next supt. should take advantage of social media to be plugged in with the pulse of the classrooms and districts. #miched
  93. A2: use social media, attend state wide education conferences, visit districts #miched
  94. Timely for this discussion: Michigan school chief jabs DPS over pay cuts on Twitter | The Detroit News  http://ow.ly/AL4Ru  #michED
  95. Q2 a supe needs to take part in things just like this #MichEd communicate w tools of today not of yesterday. Social medie is a must!
  96. A2: Social media; traditional means; include students! word of mouth; blogs; listservs; MailChimp #MichEd
  97. A2: Weekly pod/video cast for state of the state schools #miched
  98. Hi all:) Kaitlin from Metro-Detroit. Secondary SS and FIRST #miched chat! I'm not just a viewer anymore!
  99. A2: Regular webinars would be great- allows for virtual 2 way communication. #miched
  100. A2 Attending local BOE meetings to put a human face on the work of MDE...many are televised in local communities #MichEd
  101. A2: multifaceted approach, old school(newsletter, e-mail) and new school. (Tech) #miched
  102. A2: Should communicate in several ways to reach all educators. Social media, f2f, news releases, editorials. Coordinated effort. #MichEd
  103. @richbacolor yes! And works to ensure that standards & assessments reflect humanity, not just numbers. #miched
  104. A2: It would be kind of fun if the new #michED State Supt. communicated via meme every now and then :) http://t.co/CC7zPRPoLn
    A2: It would be kind of fun if the new #michED State Supt. communicated via meme every now and then :) pic.twitter.com/CC7zPRPoLn
  105. A2: They need to be visible and accessible. Soc media and collaboration with teach orgs would be useful. How about a Remind 101? #MichEd
  106. A2: Social media savvy, of course, would be nice. That said, I am more interested in having someone who will comm with gov and leg #miched
  107. A2: Reaching out for input,seeing what the state is doing by being in classrooms weekly! #miched
  108. A2: Wouldn't it be great to see the State Supt attend events where regular educators meet? Imagine him attending MACmichEDichED
  109. A2: Social media is key. Blog posts, chats, podcasts. Be visible, be accessible. #MichEd
  110. A2: access is important to hear all the voices. access in twitter chats would be great. or hangouts. #MichEd
  111. A2: More school visits. We had a visit from current Sup. Nice to share your success and let them hear your story and nees. #MichEd
  112. A2 - state supt must communicate regularly and consistently in a variety of formats shout out to @suptflanagan and his podcasts! #MichEd
  113. A2: I would love to see the new #michED State Supt. reach out via podcasts and videos featuring student voices!
  114. A2: We have to get a supt who can argue on behalf of teachers, students, families. Put a real face on what policy affects. #miched
  115. A1: Experience in teaching and administration. An aerial view of all students involved in Michigan's education system. Heart. Jmichediched
  116. We'll be going live around 8:30; our goal is to supplement and highlight what's good amichedhe #miched chats as it happens.
  117. Q2 is kind of weird question, no? A2 - Um.. effectively. Respectfully. Professionally. Open. Honest. Etc. #MichEd
  118. A leader with a fierce commitment to EQUITY in Michigan schools ... In funding, opportunities, resources, education quality. #miched
  119. A2: We want him/her to communicate with educators, too, but I think that he/she should amplify educator's voices in Lansimichediched
  120. @blocht574 would be great, but probably not realistic. At least be available via Google Hangout. #miched
  121. @blocht574 To be fair, Flannagan did attend at least part of a MACUL conference... #miched
  122. A2: Someone who highlights the POSITIVE In our schools and shows the state values EDUCATORS #miched
  123. great topics and conversations popping in #miched right now!! its impressive all of the ideas and thoughts. KEEP IT FLOWING VOICE IS POWER
  124. @KleinErin the #michED group was able to bring students to the State Board meeting last Spring. One group of only a few to visit last year.
  125. Becca from Bay City-joining late, love the #miched focus for tonight!
  126. A2. Some sort of social media. Meet teachers where they are online . #MichEd
  127. @techsavvyed agreed, students are the reason we are all here, so many talented ones that need their voices amplified #MichEd
  128. @bcgeek Oh Yeah I know: I am Looking forward not at past practice #michED
  129. A2: Someone who takes advantage of social media. Being present where teachers are active professional learners #nerdcampMI #miched
  130. Exactly. Someone who is fearless and relentless about protecting the learning. #miched @hickstro
  131. @northmen3 Thanks. I think that the state supt must tell the story of education in MI to those who affect policy decisions. #miched
  132. A2: Social networking is great, but come shake my hand! Meet my amazing students. See what I see. What my Ss overcome every day. #miched
  133. @KleinErin Hi Erin! Great to be here, although I confess I am multitasking! #MichEd
  134. A2: visible! visit classrooms; visit teachers; hold town hall meetings with parents, students #MichEd
  135. A2: it would be interesting to see the next state sup't attend some average building-level weekly staff mtgs as an observer onmichediched
  136. Loving all of the references to #studentvoice when discussing new state Supt. #MichEd
  137. @MPNEngaged Thanks, right. This should be in the job description/law, if it isn't alreamichediched
  138. #michED Chat Q3-----> If the new Supt had a magic wand, what should they do to help education in Michigan? http://t.co/5Oa2QyTYig
    #michED Chat Q3-----> If the new Supt had a magic wand, what should they do to help education in Michigan? pic.twitter.com/5Oa2QyTYig
  139. I think the key is communicating in multiple ways. ALL ways. Presence is key. #miched @bcteacher
  140. A3: Make technology available to all teachers and students! #miched
  141. I think it's important that leaders are accessiblMichEdichEd A2.
  142. A3: The new supt, with the magic wand, must review/revise/revoke Proposal A, and how per pupil allowances are calculated. #miched
  143. A3: If the new #michED State Supt. had a magic wand, I would LOVE to see community out reach days in all schools!
  144. A3: have educators make research based decision for our schools not legislators with no degrees or practice in education! #Miched
  145. A3: Get citizens to understand the importance of funding education properly at all levels. #miched
  146. A3 - provide stable families for all Michigan families #MichEd
  147. A3: moratorium on state testing. Let us teach for a while. #miched
  148. A3 Get all parents, teachers and communities to invest in our students to create a cultural change in which education is a priority #MichEd
  149. @techsavvyed that would be wonderful esp for those studying communities and/or govt. #miched
  150. A3: Listen well, listen deeply to all stakeholders. Collaborative decision making. #MichEd
  151. A3: #MichEd Personalized PD for teachers; let them choose what they need in order to grow; support for existing tools & structures
  152. A3: While all schools are getting "poorer" under this funding scheme, the truly poor are being forced to dissolve or consmichede. #miched
  153. A3: Truly address poverty as the biggest obstacle to equitable education. #MichEd
  154. @bcteacher A3: And close the wallets of those that seek to destroy quality ed. #miched
  155. There is so much weight to Q3. I don't even know where to begin with my answer. There is so much I want for my Detroit kimichediched
  156. @lindseycboyle just would like them to take it all in & hear regular, real, everyday convos between Ts to see policy in action #miched
  157. A3: educate public on research to back up what good teaching looks like. Allow more teacher collaboration. #michED
  158. A3: Let education be guided by the research not the policymakers! #miched
  159. @KleinErin would be nice for many urban areas to start healing process too after so much ugliness with the EAA. #michED
  160. Q3 Give a good wand smackin to assessments and evaluations! #MichEd Time to SHIFT that thinking/theory
  161. #michED Live! is starting now... join us as we highlight some of the engagements from tonight's c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E77I9XTvcZU eFN91
  162. A3: #MichEd Model the use of tech effectively; support diverse learning options for students eg: blended, online, f2f, PBL, & choice!
  163. A 3. Magic wand? Fix poverty and delete the current political climate. Remove obstacles for schools and teachers. #miched
  164. A3: Thus, the magic wand would need to be waved on laws governing school funding and how much, if any, can be spent on testing. #miched
  165. A3: PAY teachers like the PROFESSIONALS they are! (We should not have to work other jobs!!) #miched
  166. A3: I agree that if they had a magi wand and paid for all schools to have a community outreach day there would be a massive impact! #miched
  167. A3: To truly and honestly make it about the students. To be there for just them and no more. #miched
  168. A3: professionalize the craft by putting the evaluation focus on growth (not ranking teachers) and collaborative communities #michED
  169. A3: Completely modernize this 1950's model of education from top to bottdooverooMichEdichEd
  170. A3: #MichEd Not be swayed by orgs who just want more $$ - monopolizing change.
  171. New leader of @mieducation should create a culture of 100% STUDENT ENGAGEMENT. All problems would in turn be solved. Bam. #michED #magicwand
  172. A3: Magic wand wish: educators respected as professionals in our field. We are the experts! #MichEd
  173. @MPNEngaged So true on the political front. Whatever happened to Common Good? Or the value of a properly educated citizenry? #MichEd
  174. Totally rewrite the State School Aid Act to allow more flexibility to local school districts #miched
  175. Make all students equal: backgrounds, socioeconomics, family values, etc. That would be ideal #michED
  176. A3: I agree with everyone, poverty is at the core of the "magic wand" quemiched.. #miched
  177. @blocht574 i was thinking we all are getting over paid and to much time off. I need a wand smackin. Great point SIR! #MichEd
  178. A3: #MichEd Get rid of high stakes testing altogether!
  179. A3: Modernize all schools - Too many kids going to schools from 60's that are falling apamichediched
  180. A3: ... In the Supt role, however, the magic is for schools. S/he needs to make consequences of inadequate funding plainly evident. #miched
  181. A3: To recognize the inequality in funding for our schools. It truly is demoralizing and segregates our students from one another. #miched
  182. A3: the magic in the schools is the teachers, let us teach and watch the magic #miched
  183. A3: Share the wand and allow others to join in creating the magic. #MichEd
  184. If you are ready for more get ready for question #4 #miched
  185. A3: Funding for summer services, our kids fall thru the cracks. Change In school year calendar? #michED
  186. A3: Magic? Every kids has a safe home and enough food to eat. Also transportation to/from extra curricular to really belong. #miched
  187. A3: Provide schools that serve disenfranchised Ss the very best resources and access to opportunities. So our children can rise up. #miched
  188. Q4 How should the State Supt receive feedback from teachers in the field? #miched
  189. So loving my nerdy self following the #MichEd on air while Twitter chatting.
  190. A4: District teacher representatives, personal contact #miched
  191. A4: Through making themselves accessible online and in-person. They shouldn't let the chain of command filter what they heamichediched
  192. Q4: We expect feedback as teachers to make our teaching better, so...#MichEd
  193. A3 Magic Wand = Ability to mitigate the damage done to communities by years of funding cuts #MichEd
  194. A4: Read educators blogs to see what they are thinking! #miched
  195. A4: Superintendent, welcome to my classroom. I am so very honored to introduce you to my Ss. Thank you for meeting with me. #miched
  196. A4: #MichEd All the same ways it is disseminated. Social media; news; blog comments; visits; hangouts; traditional; student representation
  197. A 4. What I know about feedback is that you first have to SEEK it; then you have to USE it. #miched
  198. A4: would love to be surveyed on big decisions. If communication is varied, feedback should follow. #MichEd
  199. A4: Knocks on teachers doors and asks what can I do to help? #miched
  200. A4: I want the new #michED State Supt. to receive feedback through student & teacher roundtable discussions.
  201. Admin, teach, stud, and parent reps from each county/district #michED
  202. A4: Has to be in the schools. Nothing quite like seeing things first hand. #MichEd
  203. A4: Subs in classrooms, to see what teaching is like today! #miched
  204. A4: Following a beloved Twitter chat full of dedicated educators isn't a bad way to starmichediched
  205. A4: #MichEd be present & visible ~ visit classrooms, schools, communities.
  206. A4: face-to-face conversations would be amazing, and would set a great precedent for valuing teacher voice. Lots of possible venues. #miched
  207. A4 How about a yearly meeting where every district in MI is represented by a teacher? (Social Studies Geek coming out) #MichEd
  208. A4 no better way than face to face. when you have boots on the ground and in schools that makes a statement! #MichEd
  209. @richbacolor In a diverse set of schools in order to experience it all. #MichEd
  210. A4: I want to see the new #michED State Supt. receive feedback through "intern days", where he or she assists a teacher for the day.
  211. A4: The new Supt should provide regular opportunities for "coffee" type conversations, as well as public forums, survemichedc. #miched
  212. @bcteacher I fully agree. I’ve learned so much for ppl I follow. Have gotten so many iMichEd#MichEd
  213. Not sure we limit discussion of convo w/Ts only? Open forum up to community -- "The Investors & Stakeholders. "Coffee HourMichEd." #MichEd
  214. @blocht574 Wow! How crazy would that be? Subbing could be a great photo-op too. #michED
  215. Good point @blocht574, I've been out of automotive 4 5 yrs, I couldn't go back w/o a complete knowledge overhaul. Same w/tMichEdg. #MichEd
  216. A4: I want to see the new #michED State Supt. receive feedback through evening parent discussion panels.
  217. @hickstro Yes! But travel. Get out of Lansing so other school have a chance to have that f2f time. #miched
  218. Side note: it's nice to have the positive energymichediched right now; the Tigers sure are bumming me otigersigers
  219. Q4: of course! Feedback is useful in informing how you are doing. #MichEd gives stakeholders a voice.
  220. @bushjms Undercover Boss for state Supt! Wouldn't that be coomichediched
  221. @AnnSmart17 @techsavvyed That could apply to admins. Sometimes ppl in the D.O. “forget” what it’s likeMichEde classrooms. #MichEd
  222. A4:Come into our classrooms, eat lunch with us, heck come over for dinner! Skype, G+, anything! #michED
  223. @lindseycboyle #miched I was thinking that, too. Meet with students, parents, coaches, etc. I would definitely get coffee with the Sup!
  224. @bushjms I'd love to see fewer planned photo-ops and more "in the moment" pics of the day-in work that imichedg done #miched
  225. @Jyoung1219 Good point. Our state super serves our children, and therefore the community, first. All voices at the table!! #miched
  226. @KaitPopielarz Perfect is a dream. Possible is not. Trial & Error. I believe it begins with optionality. #MichEd
  227. #miched Based on MI law, can we discuss exactly what it is that a Supt can (and cannot) do?
  228. Cool to listen to google hangout while moderating chat! #miched
  229. . @hickstro I like the idea of "coffee" conversations. Would he/she travel for these? That would be best but costly imiched/$ #miched
  230. Also, @blocht574 is killing it with his insight tonight during #miched chat. Great stuff.
  231. @LizWillobee @dreambition @bushjms see that now in districts sometimes as supt. or board of edu, comes to classes - I want normal #MichEd
  232. Would subbing show what 'really' goes on in the CR? How about some shoulder to shoulder support with teachers in MichEds? #MichEd
  233. @LizWillobee @dreambition @bushjms Only allow student pics from phones to appear in any publication. Only w/ student caption. #miched
  234. #michED Chat Q5--------> How can the State Supt work to create a positive teaching and learning environment for all schools?
  235. @csteenst @hickstro Costly perhaps, but it could be sponsored in part by #michED non-profits focused on education.
  236. A5: Because I have no idea what he/she does, I am afraid I can't answer that Q.MichEdichEd
  237. @jrommel @LizWillobee @dreambition @bushjms hence my suggestion: attend an average staff meetings. Just listen quietly, no photo ops #miched
  238. Q5: #MichEd Be positive from the start ~ show positivity, support positive actions, not just words. Forgo the politics. Think learners!
  239. Someone with Elizabeth Warren's personality and intelligence would be great. Straight shootemichediched
  240. A5: Get legislatures to stop writing laws that are negative/punitive towards education. #miched
  241. A5: Bring Media into POSITIVE school events ... GET focus on all the great stuff going on NOT TEST scores #miched
  242. A5: Establish a vision for equitable education in Michigan for ALL children ... And gather the support needed to enact!! #miched
  243. @AnnSmart17 Doesn’t it always though. Our collective dream=EDU gets all it needs so our Ss have access to all they miched#miched
  244. A5: The #michED State Supt. can create a positive learning environment by tackling tough problems like the EAA through community dialogue.
  245. A5: Bridge the gap between perception and reality. Promote the best and stop letting the media destroy the perceived worst. #miched
  246. A5: Listen to teachers and students. Be honest and open. Turn to MI's communities to make schools better. Be a 21st Cent educatmichediched
  247. A5 A relentless will to advocate for the critical import of education as the cornerstone of our communities. #MichEd
  248. A5: A commitment to telling the story of the amazing work educators do every day. Actively push back against naysayers. #miched
  249. Q5: visit classrooms of excellent teachers. Start a podcast that inspires. #MichEd
  250. A5: Highlight the positive things that are happening in all schools, build a culture of support for each other #miched
  251. @jrommel @LizWillobee @dreambition @bushjms Get the real, unfiltered Weds afternoon blast of what policy looks like on the ground. #miched
  252. Hey #miched. Joining late but want to ask how the state supt. can influence the legislature & avoid this:  http://on.freep.com/1vo6gCZ 
  253. @athorp I would pass out if the State Super wore a #michED t-shirt!!!
  254. @RMWynkoop By forgo, I mean not to let 'politics' guide MichEdor #MichEd
  255. A5: Probably not his/her job to "create;" rather to support & protect T & S initiMichEd. #MichEd
  256. @sschuhtech Completely agree. We are always our own worst critic & a supportive culture is vital. Growth mindsets, mutual aid, &#xmiched#miched
  257. @Jyoung1219 we received a 3 mil SIG grant and it made a HUGE difference in our HS for both Ts and Ss. #MichEd
  258. @bushjms #MichEd Let's send one as soon as the new leader is announced. A welcome with dates/timesMichEdichEd chats. I'll pay postage!
  259. A5: FIGHT for teachers, TELL EVERYONE how great they are in the STATE #miched
  260. @dreambition A5: FIGHT for teachers, TELL EVERYONE how great they are in the STATE #miched
  261. How much of the change that we want to see in our schools needs to come from legislature vs. the Superintendent? #michED
  262. A5. I agree with those who have said to highlight some of the great things happening in MI classrooms. #miched
  263. Sorry #miched I was multitasking. Here is a link to the relevant section of the MI Constitution:  http://ow.ly/ANGdi 
  264. Put student achievements, from a variety of MI school districts, in the spotlight. Showcase students changing their communities. #miched
  265. . @techsavvyed I wonder if addressing their misconceptions/ calling them out directly would help or harm. #MichEd
  266. @athorp Ha! Love this idea. You hearing this @blocht574 ? Let's senmichEDichED t-shirt to the State Super!!!
  267. @hickstro I have now officially learned from a primary document in a twitter chat! #firstchatdoc #miched
  268. @bushjms Yes I have the shirts we can make it happen!! Maybe he could meet us at a conference!! #miched
  269. @mikekaechele Good question. The sup needs to work on relationships and educating the legislature, not an easy task. #MichEd
  270. @csteenst Logistics, as always, are a challenge but demonstrating real interest, being "present" in the conversation. Must. michedw. #miched
  271. @hickstro "Leadership and general supervision over all public education.."...aaaah! Still vaMichEdh? #MichEd
  272. @blocht574 Where do we get shirts? Are these for real because I want one! #miched
  273. Does anyone have a link to where we can make public comments @hickstro #michEd Think edcamp session
  274. Q6 If the State Supt was a food, what type of food should they be for Michigan Education? Why? #michED http://t.co/gcOohLnE7N
    Q6 If the State Supt was a food, what type of food should they be for Michigan Education? Why? #michED pic.twitter.com/gcOohLnE7N
  275. @KaitPopielarz @blocht574 I did mention that to increase participation (and morale) that #MichEd should do a T-shirt giveaway each week.
  276. Alright, so the #michED chat question #6 is a little strange :)
  277. @csteenst @techsavvyed Just what I was thinking Craig! Asking, understanding, applying effectively. #MichEd
  278. A6: a burrito. I have no reason why. Except that a burrito is cool. #michED
  279. A6: Don't be Pizza. Pizza is like trying to be "everything to evemichedquot;. #miched
  280. @lindseycboyle @blocht574 I'm in for the shirts! Great idea and great publicity. I'd love to see our representamichedin #miched shirts.
  281. @hickstro "advises the Legislature on education policy and funding needs." other than that, sounds like a figurehead positMichEdo? #MichEd
  282. A6: Water: Vital for the life of our schools and refreshing #miched
  283. A6: A fine MI wine #MichEd just becuase that sounds good right now...heading to the fridge.
  284. @julieallthat Here is a start, with links to a FB group and email address to share thoughts:  http://ow.ly/ANGxe  #miched
  285. A6: #MichEd needs to have variety, a bit of spice, a bit of bland; something for everyone!
  286. Those who are feeling weird about Q6 need to break out of their comfort zone!!! #miched
  287. A6: Vernors, Better Made chips, Morley's chocolate, Stroh's ice cream ... Anything with its roots in Micmiched!! #miched
  288. A6 Lasagna multilayered lots of options a little cheesy and full of #awesomesauce #MichEd
  289. A6: Taco Bell breakfast. Ya love the run for the border, but you're just not sure about this ideamichediched
  290. A6 - a great soup - lots of different ingredients to make a great dish! #MichEd
  291. @LizWillobee Perhaps. This is sad, but perhaps true. How can we hire someone who will be more than a figurehead? #miched
  292. @JermCo820 well duh. What other kind of sauce would they possibly use?!? #miched
  293. A6: The best food candidate for the #michED State Supt. would be a pint of Michigan craft brew! Homegrown, and connects to our heritage!
  294. @hickstro No, how can we elect a legislature who listens to the super? #MichEd
  295. A6. OK I'll play. Watermellon. Nourishing and gets along with other foMichEdichEd
  296. Vegetable; nourishing and we can even help them grow in our own gardens #MichEd
  297. #miched another amazing chat. off to pick up the kid from marching band! Thank you for giving me the connection to make my voice heard!!
  298. #miched Public comment time at state board of ed meetings is over. Use the FB group:  http://ow.ly/ANGDS  or statesuptsearch@michigan.gov
  299. A6: I'll bite (sormichediched Sup should be locally grown/raised. This supports the quality we have and wants to see it grthatsdeepsdeep
  300. Q6: a coconut-hard exterior, substance on the inside to conquer the task at hand; coconut milk as a lubricant to unhinge those ed $! #MichEd
  301. How old am I that I am appalled they are asking if Stroh's is from DetroMichEdichEd
  302. Thanks for sharing voices! Great to hear from all corners of the Mitten and beyond. Our stories matter! #MichEd
  303. A6: Breakfast from Golden Harvest in East Lansing, Lunch from Yesterdog in GR, and groceries for dinner from Eastern Market. #miched #pureMI
  304. A jalapeño pepper because they need to bring powerful flavor to the public ed. and maybe leave a burn in some people'smicheds. #miched
  305. @RMWynkoop Ah yes, but not everyone can have tomatoes ~ too acidic.#MichEd :D
  306. WOW! What a great chat, I home that MDE reads the archives and reflects on our chat when making their decision!! #miched
  307. #miched Here is MDE's timel http://ow.ly/ANGH9 P5xLX Sept 9: "Full SBE adopts criteria, job description and search and outreach process"
  308. This was such a great #miched chat, the hour goes too fast.
  309. @RebSYoung #MichEd ...and it's got lots of fiber, nutrition, and is quite versatile. Can be made in many different things.
  310. Good luck to the state board in electing an awesome super! #MichEd
  311. Make sure you are subscribed to the #michED Podcast b/c a fresh episode will be released soon  http://miched.net/miched-podcast/ 
  312. Loved the chat tonight, #michED ! Thank you everyone.
  313. I am so happy to not be a bystander in the crowd anymore. What a quick, fun, and insightful hour! Thank you! #miched