#michED Chat 12/13/17 - Keeping our Sanity

A chat about burnout, staying focused on our "why", being centered, and caring four ourselves.

  1. Good evening #MichED! Let's kick off tonight's chat with introductions. Where you're from, position and whether your school has already been called off for tomorrow. #MichED
  2. Rachelle from St. Clair. Grateful to be part of the work @myLSPS, hanging in the Shores during the day. So far, we're in session tomorrow! #MichED
  3. Hello #miched Tara, from @Creekside_MS in @zeelandschools 8th math Tch. It hasn't been called off for tomorrow yet but we did enjoy our 1st snow day yesterday! #miched
  4. Let us know if you're here for #MichED chat. @jgross811 will be starting a live video introduction around 8:05. Follow him to make sure you don't miss anything!
  5. Hi #miched, Joshua Rosenberg here, I’m a Ph.D. student @michiganstateu. Glad to be joining for first time in awhile. School, unfortunately, is on tomorrow :)
  6. Chris from Allegan. I teach math and help with tech. We had our chance to be called off Wed and Thurs. We're going tomorrow. Just outside of every storm sys #miched
  7. Hey awesome educators at @myLSPS. Join the #MichED chat tonight as you're snowed in. We're talking about keeping our sanity in this challenging profession. #mylsps
  8. #miched Rebekah Schipper from Holland...ED for a Opp Thrive. Interested in the conversation tonight bc I'm an educator and a nonprofit whose goal is to help educators build resiliency to avoid burnout.
  9. #miched on the plus side my district promoted the Remind to get Snow Day updates. The negative is they JINXED THE SNOW DAY BY TALKING ABOUT IT. #fightclub #firstrule
  10. @RMWynkoop I'm from Shepherd, Michigan, and work for the non profit org called @EduGuide where I serve as the manager of web services. Schools in my hometown have already cancelled for tomorrow. #miched
  11. @RebekahSchipper Tell me more. I have a course I facilitate for new teachers. Burnout is #1 for them. #miched
  12. Hello #miched! Becca from Bay City. SISD Literacy Coach supporting Priority schools.
  13. Love hearing from new and returning #michED friends this evening!
  14. Joe from St. Joe got a little leopard seal research on one side and #miched on the other!
  15. Anne from Grandville ~ doing my best to stay warm. OAISD Instructional Technology, REMC 7 Director and Instructor for Path to Leadership @massp #miched
  16. @AnnSmart17 #miched May be starting a new trend... I may want to do that next week for Leadership
  17. #michED Andrew from California, lurking. Carry on. Nothing to see here...
  18. #miched how will we know when Jay is live? Will there be a link?
  19. Corbin from @SalineHS teaching Math and Physics. No snow day call and no call tonight. #miched
  20. Very true @jgross811 A positive network around us is key to keeping Tchs afloat. #miched
  21. If you're just joining us tonight, follow the link to hear @jgross811 introduction for this evening  https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ynJOooLVrnJR  #MichED
  22. Following the #miched talk tonight. 2nd grade teacher, ELMAC alum. #GoBlue
  23. #miched in Michigan alone, we lose over 7,000 teachers every year (6%) to burnout..impact on economy is sought $47,000,000. @jgross811 is so right. We need to be reminded why do this!
  24. Q1: What is the biggest fear you have in teaching? Why? #MichED
  25. Q1 - not engaging the students with materials and with each other. #miched
  26. If you’re just tuning in for the #michED chat, we’re kicking off the chat with a live stream from @jgross811  https://twitter.com/jgross811/status/941113570963722242 
  27. A1: That Ss slip through the crack and we don't do enough to help them. #miched
  28. #miched A1- not meeting the needs of each of my students and figuring out the best way they learn
  29. A1: My biggest fear is not being able to ¨save¨ all my kiddos ... my heart breaks for them! #MichEd
  30. A1: As an admin, I fear that often I am part of the stress on teachers as I move us forward addressing curriculum gaps, data and instructional shifts. Relationships are ALWAYS most important, but believe we can find the balance. #MichED
  31. A1 - My biggest fear is that the 'system' isn't always set up for all to succeed #miched
  32. A1: That students leave K12 and they don't have an image of what they want to happen next. It scares me when after 13 yrs, all they know is the next test. #miched
  33. A1 - The juggling of meetings, parents, PD, students, all while trying to make sure I'm reaching all students. #miched
  34. @jgross811 suggests making a "me box" of good messages to pull from when having a rough day. Great idea. #MichED
  35. A1: As a coach supporting Priority buildings, I fear teacher burnout and turnover. 50% every year in this district. These kids deserve more. #MichEd
  36. Wow, great question for #miched. What's your biggest fear about teaching? When I taught HS science, I think it was losing the interest of students - esp. those who demonstrated a lot of potential but I had trouble connecting with.
  37. #michED A1: forgetting to have patience and give grace for my students who each need both in different measures.
  38. @jgross811 you should talk to @TrevorMuir he has a lot to say about teaching and story telling:) #miched
  39. A1: Honestly, putting myself out there, but admin scares me too. I always have crazy ideas and try new things and sometimes that is not accepted. #MichEd
  40. Very good point! Admins have a fine line to walk both academically and professionally! Relationships are everything, too. #miched  https://twitter.com/RMWynkoop/status/941115571961294848 
  41. @RMWynkoop @jgross811 I keep all the old letters (e-mails, tweets, FB posts) get printed. Pull out the folder when I'm having a bad day. Also Wendy's fries. #miched
  42. This is so true. Remembering that Ss come in with all diff. situations they have faced that morning. #patience is key! #miched  https://twitter.com/AndrewHyland/status/941116009427038208 
  43. Same here! I have a bulletin board in my office full of happy tokens of appreciation. We write a lot of them, too! #miched  https://twitter.com/conrad_chris/status/941116217879822336 
  44. We're trying some new things on this snowy evening! @jgross811 is faciltating chat via @Periscope Follow the link!  https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ynJOooLVrnJR  #MichED
  45. @RMWynkoop same words have different meaning coming from you now I would suspect. tough realization #miched
  46. @athorp From the T POV: When talking Big Standardized (BS) tests, let us see holes add address by dept. Do you like what you see in the class day to day? Let us tweak it then. Trust us that we are doing right by kids. #miched
  47. @AnnSmart17 LOL! That just made my whole day! Sammyify is the new word! #MichEd
  48. PD often feels like we are doing something wrong, it should feel like empowerment. #miched
  49. #miched I have always kept my encouragement folder...so important to remember that there are lives who depended on me.
  50. A1: I fear many students aren't given opportunities to try passions in the real world. It's the concept of student teaching last.#miched
  51. Q2: How do you deal with the pressure of test scores and evals? #MichED
  52. A2: I just do my job, I am a professional and if I need to change I would hope my supervisor would tell me so. #miched
  53. @jgross811 I am in year 5 ... Thank you for such awesome advice! #MichEd
  54. A2: I don't deal with evaluations directly but teachers ask for help with preparation with implementing technology into their eval lesson. #miched
  55. A2: My belief is that evals and test scores are measures to use for continual improvement. For district, school, classroom, teacher and student. #MichED
  56. A2: I just remember that I can only control what I can control. #miched
  57. A2: I don´t worry about those test scores ... I found that if I don´t stress, my students don´t stress... LIFE IS TOO SHORT! #MichEd
  58. #miched A2- Very difficult thing to do. Even after 23 yrs of teaching-evals still bother me even when in my mind I know I put my all into my lessons. Wish it was used for true improvement and not boxes to check
  59. @AnnSmart17 A2: Exactly, @AnnSmart17 ! I look to my evals as a learning tool. I would how that my admin talked to be prior to it. I don't stress abt tests. My focus is on learning not on the bubble sheets. #miched
  60. A2: I'm with @AnnSmart17 ... I do my job, work hard every day & keep up on the current practices. If #'s aren't where I want them to be, I change, adjust, try something diff. #miched
  61. Agreed. I don't worry about it. I do my best everyday and have this thing called integrity. The rest falls into place. #miched  https://twitter.com/annsmart17/status/941117561437065216 
  62. A2: most eval systems place what the STUDENT is doing at the highly effective level. But, teachers often focus on what THEY:RE doing. Shift that needs to continue. #MichED
  63. A2: Focus on specific SAT questions/strategies and embed them in instruction #MichED
  64. A2 - I do what I do, hope that the kids believe in me and that I care about them. Hopefully, they buy in and we have some fun learning along the way. #miched
  65. @tmaynard5 @AnnSmart17 But I also don't really focus on the numbers. I focus on student growth and improvement and honestly some of my students are not ready for the SAT. We knew this already. Tell them to do their best and I'll be proud of that. #miched
  66. This is a challenging Q for me. A2: Build trust with admin & students so we can take tests seriously but recognize they’re not most important thing we’re doing - focus on learning. #miched  https://twitter.com/RMWynkoop/status/941117368465612800 
  67. A2: Allowing T to interpret, reflect and own their data is the first step. Allow them to create a a plan, don’t tell them what it is. #MichEd
  68. A2: I've been told that I cannot be a great teacher because, as an elective teacher, I get kids that choose to be in my class... #miched
  69. @jrosenberg6432 It is challenging Joshua. We're are evaluated based on test scores. Yet are students and teachers are so much more. #MichED
  70. @conrad_chris @AnnSmart17 Yes - growth is a better thing to look at. I'm thinking #'s for overall topics and/or #'s that are/aren't proficient. Always something to work on! #miched
  71. @RMWynkoop Wish the state saw the MSTEP and MME as formative tests.... #miched
  72. A2: ..and the more reason why I want to push my students further and keep their interest in the subject. I'm lucky. #miched
  73. Tavis Smiley PBS suspends host Tavis Smiley for sexual misconduct #Empire #shelfietalk #novaedchat #HomeAgainMovieNight #miched Record African American 30 SECOND DEVOTIONAL JUDGMENT ALWAYS BEGINS WITH GOD  https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-e29zt-7efb18#.WjHURajo10o.twitter  pic.twitter.com/0lU7bXx8jIhttps://t.co/0lU7bXx8jIpic.twitter.com/0lU7bXx8jI
  74. @tmaynard5 @AnnSmart17 Agreed. I don't quit on the kids even when they want to quit on themselves. I know sometimes I don't show that well enough, but it's true. I want success for each kid. #miched
  75. @bethetigger Not true at all. Elect. Tchs are amazing teachers! They take Ss's passions and send them soaring! #miched Very few have the math passion. ;)
  76. Q3: Are you taking care of your health? And not just physically but mentally and financially? #MichED
  77. A2b: Allow S to interpret, reflect and chart their own data. Set purpose and goals for improvement and makes measures meaningful. #MichEd
  78. @tmaynard5 @bethetigger Well, you can still be a great teacher. Students could choose an elective with a teacher that wasn't as invested and the experience would be great. #Miched
  79. @RMWynkoop Mary Whiteford (my Rep) doesn't call me anymore after I got upset with how she loosened requirements for Detroit teachers because of the lack of teachers. I suggested paying more, but what do I know?! lol #miched
  80. A3: This year is the FIRST year I have been teaching that I have put my health first. I spend every day after school at the gym helps physically and mentally- down 54 pounds and I deadlifted 145 today! #MichEd
  81. A3: Trails, trails, trails. #naturetherapy. Living the practice of gratitude and simple abundance. And, have my community on those days I need human connection. #MichED
  82. A3: Yes, now I am. I had to hit the bottom and find the truth that I can't care for others unless I care for myself first. #miched
  83. @RebekahSchipper 100% same for me too. I feel like I had to hit way bottom to finally start thinking about myself! #MichEd
  84. A1: My dear friend @Coach4254 reminds me to breathe. If you burn out at work, you'll have nothing left for your family. He's right #miched
  85. Love @jgross811 recommendation that we look at our financial health as educators. Even if it's $25 a check. Do it! #MichED
  86. A3: 5:00 am every morning I get up and work out. Great way to prepare for the day #miched pic.twitter.com/YNPEOCQNYG
  87. A3: I could do better. Watching what I eat. Need to workout more. But I take breaks and get away from the grind. #miched
  88. @jgross811 Mindfulness is simple but the brain science is significant in show us how to turn off that voice in us that is stress. #miched
  89. A2: We all do the best we can with what we have, most go above and beyond. It’s the small moments that matter to me, the relationships are important and the scores will follow #miched
  90. A3: As a Ph.D. student, these can be hard for me! Cycling to and from @michiganstateu has been a boon for my health (physical fitness & reducing stress). Can’t say it does much for financial health, though! :) #miched  https://twitter.com/RMWynkoop/status/941119447691079681 
  91. A3: Mentally, yes. Keep my close circle of friends & spend time w/ them. Can always hit the gym more, but do fit it in. Bought my 5 yrs, husband did too. On track for retirement in less than 10 :) #miched
  92. A3 I try to staying moving, with two boys under 4 that's fairly easy to do. Now getting sleep that's not so easy. We just moved to our dream house which has a great view and places to roam #miched
  93. A3: Always learning to set and stick to boundaries. Must care for self before I can care for others. #FamilyFirst #MichEd
  94. A3: How I keep mentally healthy at work. I come in and I get to play with my students with math. It is so cool. I love helping them find their own path. I love helping connect the dots. #miched
  95. A2: I had a mentor teacher tell me to go home with a “full cupcake”. This is, don’t let the negatives of school lick all the icing off your cupcake so that you go home with a sad, frosting-less cupcake for your family. #miched
  96. Your walks are meditation. You don't have to say "Ommmmmm" to meditate. Fine the way that works best for you. #miched
  97. A3: start my day with yoga and often meditation. Healthy food and drink choices. Veggies, tea, no pop @jgross811 ! #MichED
  98. A3: I definitely put myself on the back burner at times. What are some of your tricks? #miched
  99. A3: The thing about meditation is that people think you aren't "doing" it if your mind isn't clear. Just like anything, it's a process! Acknowledge what comes in, pass it along. It won't stay :) #MichED
  100. @MaraKWi You have to make the time! Early morning is best. No excuse in the morning. #miched
  101. #miched A3- The only time I get to do this is when I do mindfulness with my lunch group of "naughty" kiddos. I want to start to do this with all the groups I pull and then it will benefit me too! Deep breathing/exercise can be found at  http://gonoodle.com  too
  102. Was really liking @jgross811 until his comment about poking fun at Ss wearing @michiganstateu sweatshirts #gogreen #miched
  103. @RebekahSchipper Yes! When I attended a guided meditation and this was emphasized, it changed my whole practice. No judgement, acknowledgement and move on. #MichED
  104. @MaraKWi Schedule "you" time until it becomes habit. . On a calendar. Workout. TV/movie/book. Put it on the calendar. Make it yours. #miched
  105. People ask why I teach MS. Where else can I go act like I'm 13 years old and get paid for it?! ... Have to LOVE what you do and have fun doing it! #Miched
  106. Q4: Do you have a circle of strength? People you trust and can vent to who will not judge you or break your trust? #MichED
  107. A4: My circle of strength consists of @AnnSmart17 @sharpsgalore and @mrsdls who encourage me to take risks and just try the crazy things! #MichEd
  108. A4: Oh, my #MichED planning team crew! Especially when we get f2f time. Tougher as admin, can't be venting with teachers.
  109. A4: My circle of strength keeps me afloat daily! Couldn't do it w/o @corytimmer @benhondorp @2dey4 & @karenkcooke even though she's retired. #miched
  110. Hey #miched - joining in super late and after a long Twiter chat hiatus. Meredith Nickerson, Media Specialist at Dexter Community Schools
  111. @tmaynard5 I started my first 2 yrs in MS. My 2nd year was a blast. It wasn't the kids that was my stress. My eval had things like "parent contact adequate" evne thought that had my call log of 30 calls/month! Time to move on. #miched
  112. A4: my inner circle of @AnnSmart17 and @mrsdls let me vent and also help keep it real. I love these two with my whole heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#miched
  113. Great idea @jgross811 ! Have a drone pic of staff on first day and make into a puzzle. We are all a piece! Everyone has a place or the puzzle isn't complete. Love, love, love. #MichED
  114. A4: Yes! I currently work with great people (@KST_PHD) and last year I had @WymaErin who was my person. #miched
  115. #miched A4- I use Voxer to connect with my circle. The staff at my school are incredible and also a group of teachers who I do State Teacher Leadership activities with who are INCREDIBLE. Keeps me sane! You have to have people to share the craziness with
  116. A4: My former teaching/coaching partners are my confidants in all things venting. They're now distanced enough from my day to day that I can be totally honest with them and they provide outside perspective #miched
  117. A4: YES! I don't like the adage about the staff lounge being a negative space. in ours we vent. We laugh. We ask how do we reach ______. We keep each other moving. #miched
  118. @AnnSmart17 @TimmisChris Hah hah hah.....I actually had every intention of getting on earlier. Was spreading the word of #miched to my staff and even wore my shirt today! The snow day tweet reminded me ;) #flakytoddlermom
  119. @conrad_chris Need all these pieces in the lounge to keep each other sane! #miched
  120. A4: @GillRabb is it for me. I can tell her anything and she remains loyal. She loves this profession just as much as I do. ❤️ #Miched
  121. A4: Also gotta give a shout out to me Tech Buddy for Life - @fazekas_15 #miched
  122. Another great suggestion from @jgross811 . Frequent potluck lunches. Own the lunch room as a place of support where everyone is welcome. #MichED
  123. Q5: Why don’t teachers take better care of themselves during the holidays? #MichED
  124. A5: I take very good care of myself during the holidays. My favorite time of the year. I am the Christmas Queen :) #MichED
  125. A5: Tchs have these ridiculous things called hearts that take over and want to give, give, give. #miched
  126. A5: Maybe bc we can't enact what we don't practice. If we aren't doing it all the time, we're not going to just turn it on right away. #miched
  127. A5: Because we're trying desperately to catch up with all the family/home obligations that get shoved to the side during the rush of the school year! #qualitytime #miched
  128. #miched A3. I cycle through phases. Coaching football helps socially, physically, and mentally. Having a young family adds some challenges to 4 am workouts.
  129. A5: I think I struggle the most because I just feel so so so sad for some of my SS and I worry about them being home for 2 weeks and they worry about it too! #MichEd
  130. Also, as a mom, the #momguilt that has built up finally gets thrown up all over my kids during the holidays #miched
  131. A5: Know that there are seasons that are more difficult. Now that my son is an adult, I have more "me" time. But...miss those early morning practice drives and mom duties! #MichEd
  132. A5: Don't we? #miched Maybe to an outsider it doesn't look like we do. Teacher do everything 50% more. #miched pic.twitter.com/JgBZvdkHbB
  133. @AnnSmart17 sorry Ann - I'm focused on leopard seals right now. Didn't know that the girls were bigger and can reach 1300 pounds! #miched
  134. #miched A5 We never have enough time to get everything done that we need! 2 weeks used to seem like such a long time~
  135. Q6: Simon Sinek tells us to start with the "why". So, "why" did you get into teaching? #MichED
  136. A5: Because of sleep deprivation, mounds of laundry, scary things in corners since August and mom guilt. Pass the cookies! #miched
  137. Shoveling snow 3x since returning from work can make anyone a little crazy. #Miched
  138. A6: Because owning my own horse breeding farm was probably not a good ides for the long run. LOL! #miched
  139. I knew when I was 5 that I wanted to teach. It's engraved on my heart. Can't say any other reason than that! #miched
  140. @tmaynard5 I think I also hit a low on breaks b/c I really do enjoy my job. I enjoy seeing the kids. I love watching them grow up. I love getting random messages from the adults they've become. Sometimes I'm like "now what?" Not always, but sometimes. #miched
  141. A6: Teaching is so much FUN. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being with a group of kids and learning with them. I LOVE playing, laughing, and creating! #MichEd
  142. A6: I had teachers who spoke into my life, and I wanted to do that for others. Plus, I truly believe education is the key to changing lives. #miched
  143. #miched A6- My adoptive brothers with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome showed me what it was like to live with struggles~ I wanted to give a chance to others like them!
  144. Hi Odie! Sunnie says "woof ruff roof" Merry Christmas! #miched
  145. A6: Being w/ kids makes me happy & seeing them turn the corner and start to like math is my daily dream. It's what I love! #miched
  146. #miched A2: Common sense and a positive attitude. I know that my actions are seen as caring and professional. Admin work with those are trying to make a positive impact in lives of students.
  147. Can't buy time! Remember what happened to Hermione with the time changer? Doesn't help with sleep :) #MichED
  148. A6: Because I want to help make the the world a better place, and supporting/teaching those who will dictate its future is a good place to start! Plus, kids are awesome and energizing! #miched
  149. A6: I was also girls don't play drums by my 5th grade band teacher so...rock star was out. #miched
  150. Mom tip: don't let guilt stop you from teaching your kiddos how to help with household chores. Good for them, and you. #MichED
  151. A6: I tutored a student when I was on tour with UM Men's Glee Club. I still remember showing this kid a different way to factor and why it work. It was such a lightbulb moment. Wanted to do that for a living. #miched
  152. #miched A4: My favorite colleague, my wife. She always listens and is sure to let me know when I am right or wrong. @Teach_MrsB
  153. A6: I avoided teaching as a profession, but found subbing to be a great fit when my son was young. Realized three years in I was doing long term maternity leaves for peanuts. Maybe I should just get that degree and have my own class.... #MichED
  154. A7: Being out in nature! I was a full-tme camp director before returning to the classroom, and a walk in the woods or a paddle on the river always brings me back to a calmer state. Good research to back this up too! #miched
  155. A6; I loved being with high schoolers and feeling like maybe I could give each one a part of their day that was positive every day. #miched
  156. @conrad_chris Men's Glee Club? Never would have guessed. Learn something new each #Miched
  157. I go home pretty much every day with a smile and I think [to myself] "they pay me for this!"#lovemyjob #miched
  158. #miched Gotta run and monitor my newly diagnosed 13 year old with Diabetes Type 1 (just this past weekend) get his insulin... hope to see some of you next Week when we chat about Leadership and a great opportunity for Teacher leadership in march!
  159. @jgross811 - thanks for an awesome chat tonight! So glad I skipped grad school work to participate! #MichEd Have a great week!
  160. A7: Anything with my son and wife. Legos. Sledding. Bike rides. Reading. Movies. Trips. #miched
  161. Thank you, thank you @jgross811 and community. What great conversatisons and connections. Keep connected by following one another and making brave introductions at conferences #MichED
  162. A6: I selected this profession because it is inspiring. Students like @jada_baldwin, @Deb_Christine, @EvaSmith_Design are the best. #Miched
  163. Thanks @jgross811 for a great chat and topic on #miched tonight! I am so excited that we are finally having these kinds of conversations!
  164. Q6: Why did you get into teaching? A6: I like science and I like learning and school - so it was (and working in education) still is the best job for me #miched
  165. Thanks @jgross811 Appreciate the honesty, heart-felt advice & ideas. This #miched community is something special. Tonight reminds me I need to be here weekly!
  166. A6: Also, I still can’t think of another profession that is as challenging to do well. #miched
  167. Great teachers are also learners themselves. A good way to keep up the learning? A book study:  https://tinyurl.com/ybv9j3n7  #miched #highschool
  168. @tmaynard5 Also in an A Cappella group waaaaaaay before being in an A Cappella group was cool(?). Every once in a while, our theater director finds a part for me in the school musical (I was Teen Angel one year). #miched Love singing and sports and theater. Easy to relate to students.
  169. Have a great night, #miched ! So great seeing both new and familiar faces and connecting with yet another great chat.
  170. #MichED A6: I come from a long line of educators. Despite many challenges, my parents never spoke negatively about their profession. We get to shape the future.
  171. @RMWynkoop A5: this is my first year as a teacher and I’m a little concerned to how winter break will go. I’m mostly going to miss them. #MichEd
  172. A7: Once teaching crossed my mind and knowing the impact, there was no other option and I still feel that way even on my toughest, most trying days. They’re worth it. #BeTheLight #MichEd