#michED Chat 11/29/17 - Hour of Code

A chat about coding, computer science, and helping students find success with new skills.

  1. Welcome to our #Miched #hourofcode chat! Please introduce yourself and use a GIF to represent your coding knowledge.
  2. Hi #miched. I am Craig, Tweeting from Holland. A little so so on the coding front. Looking to grow. pic.twitter.com/Wt6aiFpDFM
  3. Rachelle from St. Clair. Spend my days hanging in the shores with the great peeps @myLSPS This is what I know about coding! #miched pic.twitter.com/Pmu1ojlurh
  4. Daniel from Saint Joseph. Instructional tech specialist. #michED pretty comfortable with #hourofcode and blocks, but beyond makes me want to smash things! pic.twitter.com/sWLPEuWRA2
  5. Good evening #MichEd! My name is Jennifer Bond, and I teach 3rd grade. No Gif, but I have medium coding experience.
  6. #miched Hi! I teach 4C technology at Country El in Pinckney. My K thru 3rd grade students just LOVE to code! I'd love to know what you do at your schools as well! #coderocks #HourofCode
  7. Hello #miched! I'm Chris and my coding knowledge is: And a little html and a little javascript. pic.twitter.com/FYjzdsSzF7
  8. Q1: According to the statistic below parents want coding in schools. Does your school promote computer science courses or build in time for your students? If yes, tell us about it! 
If not, what do you think is holding you or your school up? #miched https://t.co/Zn8ZMS9YZQ
    Q1: According to the statistic below parents want coding in schools. Does your school promote computer science courses or build in time for your students? If yes, tell us about it! If not, what do you think is holding you or your school up? #miched pic.twitter.com/Zn8ZMS9YZQ
  9. Hey #MichEd Kellie here. I’m one of those cross-over people. Art teacher by day, Ed Tech person any other time.
  10. oops forgot my gif #miched This is me when the  http://code.org  releases their new tutorials. I get so excited to share them (especially starwars and minecraft!) with my students! pic.twitter.com/66Osb0VO6B
  11. Watching rehearsal for Elf and joining the #MichEd chat! Excited to talk about #CSWeek and #HourofCode! https://t.co/8WodFDmq8U
    Watching rehearsal for Elf and joining the #MichEd chat! Excited to talk about #CSWeek and #HourofCode! pic.twitter.com/8WodFDmq8U
  12. A1: My school doesn't necessarily promote coding.. most T's say "they don't have time". :( My Admins are very supportive of my efforts to bring coding into the day though! #MichEd
  13. A1: We are hosting our first school wide Hour of Code event next Friday. Hoping that will increase interest across the building and eliminate some of their fears! #MichEd
  14. A1: we try to add to classes throughout the year, but not much built in time. One or two courses. Focus is more on business applications like Word & Excel #hourofcode #michED
  15. A1: Until I brought coding to the elementary schools in my district, it wasn’t on their radar. No promotion of coding or any CS. Why not, time and resources seem to be the factors. #miched
  16. A1: At El lvl coding in computers class (son in 2nd grade!) HS not so much (but we do have Robotics Club). I'm looking into getting a course going, checking with what is taught in current offerings. Used to do a ton of TIBASIC coding on TI84. Staffing is the big hold up. #miched
  17. A1: @GlengaryMedia introduces coding to our students at @GlengaryElem. However we don't really have a school or district initiative. #MichEd
  18. A1: held back by experience, certifications, and budgets. #michED
  19. A1: We have pockets where #HourofCode is celebrated. One of elementary , tech classes at the middle school and limited participation at high school. Time is always a factor! And access to technology. #MichED
  20. @danieltmares To beat the budget problem look into Google CS First FREE FREE FREE #miched
  21. A1: Most of the schools I work in incorporate some elements of coding & computer science electives. Those that don't lack awareness, interest, devices, or some combination of all three. #miched
  22. @conrad_chris Staffing is a huge problem. Not enough time to fit it in (so I hear) and many won’t jump in and test the waters. #miched
  23. I decorate my room and the kids celebrate starting the end of November. We decorate my hallway and the kids keep track of how much coding we do. My principal is very supportive, but I wish I could integrate the other teachers more. #miched
  24. Hello #miched! A1: We promote with clubs. 1 holdup is not already having a CS certified teacher in district
  25. So I am hearing time is a bug factor. Hopefully Q2 will help! #Miched
  26. @jdahlcroslex We used it for our hosted summer coding camp for grades 4-8. Hard to add support during school hours. #michED
  27. @wrightc2 #miched I read a recent MDE guideline is that CS courses don't need CS degrees anymore! LOL That's one way to get more people teaching it....
  28. @jdahlcroslex @danieltmares Yes, I was very impressed with the materials and speed at which they arrived! #MichEd #CSFirst
  29. Q2: “Coding is a new type of literacy” What are some unique ways you have seen coding embedded into the average curriculum? #miched
  30. @teambond @jdahlcroslex There materials are great and fun! We loved our camp over the summer #michED
  31. Hi there! A1: I teach a computer science-ish class called App Development. We've made apps using MIT App Inventor and  http://Code.org 's App Lab. We also do other crazy stuff. #miched
  32. @wrightc2 With the shortage of teachers certified and those CS majors who take on the 78K avg. starting salary in the corporate world, who is left to teach? #miched
  33. @betharsenault14 I am hoping to create a Computational Thinking bulletin board to share excitement, info, and projects.#MichEd
  34. A2: In my class, in TI84 calculators we look at algorithms (calculate quad formula, slopes, etc) In Geo we do shoelace area calculations (look it up!). In calc we do matrix animation projects as well as approximation programs. #miched
  35. Q2: Storytelling. @mrscantu5 @ERStiefel and I are presenting on this at MACUL! We coded adaptations of stories and identified and applied the elements of a story using Spheros and Dash. #miched
  36. @conrad_chris @wrightc2 Interesting isn’t it. The demand is so high elsewhere, why teach? #miched
  37. A2: 2nd graders use Ozobots to teach their Kinderbuddies what they learn from the teacher. #miched
  38. Hi #miched I’m Mary from #waverlyedu (Lansing) STEAM teacher who cheers on my brilliant computational thinkers! pic.twitter.com/g1A3ALBQXB
  39. A2: Co-worker did slope with spheros. Used @birdbraintech Finch rebots for story telling in lower grades. Hosted lunch time coders and enrichment coders. #michED
  40. A2: Ss coding a path using Dash on a rug with US on it to show how to get from one state capital to another. #Miched
  41. A2: @BitsboxKids BitsBox has lessons for math, visual arts, lang.arts, music,etc, which are great! #MichEd
  42. We will be getting deep with Q3. Get your thinking caps on. #Miched
  43. A2: OK, fun math people. I need these lesson plans to share. Because they sound cool but way over my head. y=mx+b??? #miched
  44. A2: We coded letter/word sound apps for our kindergarten buddies. #MichEd
  45. A3: Whoa...Deep! Based on so many other factors, many programmers need industry certs not degrees. Can allow for lower SES to achieve better outcomes without having to go through traditional channels that are historically difficult for lower SES to complete #Thanks280 #michED
  46. Hey #MichEd: Michael here. Michigander living in #SanDiego, working with @RWScholars to connect students and teachers to people and causes they care about. Minimal coding exp, but thinking about getting better has me like: pic.twitter.com/ko4PUQrZA4
  47. A3: YES! And by giving those kids the opportunity to explore coding we can spark that interest early! #Miched  https://twitter.com/danieltmares/status/936043088891523074 
  48. A3: I don't think any one thing improves *educational* equity (financial equity out of school, maybe). Coding is a big piece of our modern world as is art, music, math, and literature. We do a disservice to our students if we aren't giving the option to code. #miched
  49. A3: Many young kids are still on a level playing field--as in little to no experience. It's easily differentiated, too. I usually have about 3 different "lessons" going on. #miched
  50. A3: If all kids are exposed to coding, seeds will be planted and hopefully future computer scientists can grow! #MichEd
  51. @AnnSmart17 A3: so true and necessary for us to try and continue even if not core classes, grad requirement, or during school hours. Check out a program like @sbcodeschool that is doing amazing things for South Bend and it's students! #michED
  52. I heard lack of technology come up as something that holds schools back. Let's talk about that! #Miched
  53. #miched A2 I think that dash and dot are really great for reinforcing math concepts in the classroom. The coding opportunities and robots help make the experiences memorable for kids!
  54. A3: and while I like a discreet coding class, I'd really want to have ALL teachers bringing coding into their own curricula--what needs to be removed to make that happen? #miched
  55. Q4: So you don’t have a lot of technology? That's OK! There are many unplugged activities for students to try. What are some of your favorite unplugged coding activities and resources? #miched
  56. @AnnSmart17 I like that  http://code.org  also provides "unplugged" activities so students can experience computational thinking even without computers. #MichED
  57. A4: I like the binary code bracelets and ornaments.  http://Code.org  has a lot of nontech computational thinking activities too. #MichEd
  58. A3: logical thinking, problem-solving, & other brain activity that might lead to a world that believes in the value of learning, proof, collaboration, etc. #miched
  59. A4: developed an awesome 15 minute block code offline maze with large print out sheets. Students had to program human "robot" that was blindfolded to get through maze. Maze can easily change! Was blast! #michED
  60. There are other ways to practice coding. I did that lego one at METS and there is a card one to teach ifttt, let me see if I can find the link. Plus, I've seen cute bead ones for Christmas! #miched
  61. @conrad_chris @AnnSmart17 Well, your TI84 isn't technically "plugged" in, but I look at "unplugged" as using no tech. #MichED
  62. A4: I have also connected punctuation to coding. It lets us know how to read a sentence. #MichEd
  63. Q4 The kids really like the binary bracelets and the looping dancing activities. #miched
  64. A4: My fav “unplugged” activity is Class 1 draws monster on 3 pc grid. They then describe how to draw each of the 3 parts in writing. Class 2 uses only directions to recreate Class 1’s monsters. They compare & are amazed they have to be more specific! #miched
  65. A4: I also got a deck of coding cards at #ISTE17 that I am excited to use next week.#MichEd
  66. A4: In Geo, I do proofs. We need to figure out how to get from the beginning to end. We do MIRA constructions. They need to find the steps to get from the input to output. I also look to have kids find their own process and teach to others. #miched
  67. Q5: what are some@of your favorite coding websites or apps? Tell us why and what grade levels you use it with. #michED
  68. Check out and Follow: @Teacheram Instructional Tech, #MAET #edtech #MichEd #makerEd #myLSPS. Mom, traveler, yogini, AFVet, bookworm, cook, outdoor adventurer & nurturer of passions.
  69. A5: Anybody using Swift Playground, yet? Thinking of that next. CS First and @codeorg are our favorites. ISO anything that is gamified but appropriate for high school #miched
  70. A5: My favorite is @BitsboxKids . I have used it 2-5 with success. I love the freedom kids have to modify and create code...and they have to type the code, which makes it feel more real! #MichEd
  71. A5: Favorite secondary resource is  https://codehs.com/ . Good introduction for me to KAREL. And, they have great courses to support HS Computer Science, including AP courses. #MichED
  72. @teambond @BitsboxKids DO you have a class subscription? I looked at that once but never looked into if you could get it for a classroom. #Miched
  73. @lbatsie8 @codeorg Its on my list of things to look at. When I have some free time...so probably this summer. LOL! #Miched
  74. A5: I've only used TIBASIC with my students (and some minor relational constructions in Geogebra). Want to use more with students. Hoping to get some training this summer. #miched
  75. Q5 #miched Our first site is  http://code.org ! My lower el kiddos also love Kodable, botlogic, Google's elf themed code boogie & code lab, The Foo's, Tynker's puppy adventure.
  76. Q6: What are some of your favorite codable products? (Such as Sphero) What is your favorite hour of code activity with this product? #Miched
  77. A5:  http://cs-first.org  for curriculum & options in 3-8. @FamilyCodeNight for parent & community outreach in k - 5. @khanacademy for more advanced programming & coding for 6-12. Using @SpheroEdu is awesome & fun for all levels. @birdbraintech is awesome too #michED
  78. A6: I will tell you what is not my favorite right now. iPad 2. No longer connects with my @Sphero or Dash and Dot. @WonderWorkshop #Miched
  79. A6: oops. Covered some in A5! @SpheroEdu & @birdbraintech are two that I have used a lot. Learning more with @FIRSTweets this year as a FTC mentor. @microbit_edu is looking cool. Want to learn more about Arduino and RaspberryPi as well. #michED
  80. @betharsenault14 @Sphero @WonderWorkshop There is now an app for the Chromebook to run the Sphero, we got it to work today, but I would rather run off iPad. Looking at options. #Miched
  81. #miched Dash and Dot! The kids are obsessed with the catapult, so I try to find activities that use that attachment.
  82. A6: missing out on the microbit love. Tell me more. #miched
  83. Q7: What are ways you move beyond the hour of code? #Miched
  84. @RMWynkoop @betharsenault14 @Sphero @WonderWorkshop We are finding they don't stay connected as well on Chromebook, but we have only tried one brand so far. And Chromebooks are not as fun to carry around:) #Miched
  85. Q7: In a previous district, #HourofCode was the beginning of introducing Computer Science. Pathways were developed including PLTW and AP at secondary. Clubs at elementary and coding as part of technology at the middle school. #MichED
  86. A7: I love the idea started here tonight--"Coding in Core Curriculum" (I like alliteration) or something. I wonder if we can compile some list of lessons and resources for coding in each core subject? #miched
  87. A7: I try to follow up in schools with a beyond Hour of Code activity in Jan or Feb #miched
  88. A7: I am going to bring back my Coding Cafe after the holidays. Coding once a week during lunch and recess for interested kiddos.#MichEd
  89. A7: Coding Camp in summer. @FIRSTweets in 4-12. Coding clubs at lunch. Push for more use in core classes as part of learning, not add on. #michED
  90. Thanks @AnnSmart17 for leading an awesome #MichEd chat! Excited for #HourofCode and #CSweek...but first Elf Jr. with the Pinckney Players!
  91. Thank you @AnnSmart17 for leading our conversation this evening! Share out your #Hourofcode photos with the group. And follow those you learned with this evening. #miched
  92. Thanks @AnnSmart17 for hosting this great #michED chat tonight! Thanks to everyone that was willing to share! So many resources to check out and share with staff and ideas!
  93. I offer up my classroom during recesses for my kids who want to code. I love the idea of calling it "code cafe" @teambond ! So cool! #miched
  94. Be sure to share your coding activities next week for #hourofcode #CSweek with #miched community!
  95. Thank you Ann for facilitating the conversation tonight! #miched  May the CODE be with you all... https://t.co/qGu3zlV9pj
    Thank you Ann for facilitating the conversation tonight! #miched May the CODE be with you all... pic.twitter.com/qGu3zlV9pj