#michED Chat 11/15/17 - JOY!

A chat about creating joyous learning spaces, and spreading joy in your school.

  1. Good evening, and welcome to the #michED chat! For the next hour I'll be your moderator for our chat about joy! https://t.co/lSjq7C1Syi
    Good evening, and welcome to the #michED chat! For the next hour I'll be your moderator for our chat about joy! pic.twitter.com/lSjq7C1Syi
  2. @techsavvyed #miched Really looking forward to this chat. A much needed topic right now.
  3. If you're here for the #michED chat, please introduce yourself and tell us where you're tweeting from #michED
  4. @techsavvyed #miched Dan Spencer - high school science teacher in Jackson County
  5. Good evening #miched! Rachelle from St. Clair. Hang out in the shores during the day as a proud member of the @myLSPS team.
  6. @techsavvyed I know! Needing to get back to my roots. Thanks for hosting this. #miched
  7. Hey #miched Karen Bosch, PreK-8 Tech Teacher, Southfield, MI
  8. BTW, special thanks to @RMWynkoop for using my joyous Facebook profile image in the smore for this evening's #michED chat ;)
  9. Here we go folks, time for #michED If you're lurking, please feel welcome to say "hi." And feel free to bring friends into the chat.
  10. A1: I asked my daughter how she defined "joy" and her reply was...."being happy, with your family" :) #michED
  11. @techsavvyed #miched - this may be overly simplistic but I see “joy” as doing something you love and finding meaning in it.
  12. A1: Joy is a conscious choice of attitude and state of being. I have been influenced by the Dali Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu this year  http://www.beliefnet.com/inspiration/the-eight-pillars-of-joy.aspx?p=2  #miched
  13. A1: I'm not defining it, but when you can't wipe the smile off of your face. Or when the world slows down and you shake your head "yes". I think that's part of it. #miched
  14. A1 - Joy is when you know that you are loved and understand the positive impact you have on those around you. #MichED
  15. @RMWynkoop #miched My grandma, as she got older, said she could wake up sad or wake up happy and she chose happy.
  16. @RMWynkoop #miched - What do you do to make that decision every day when it’s so easy to go the other way?
  17. A1: Joy is fun, happy, enjoyable. Something that doesn’t bring stress. Joy brings happiness, laughter & smiles. #miched. (Joy=my Rudy)
  18. Joy, those moments without stress, doing what you love. #miched
  19. @tmaynard5 @Creekside_MS It's a west side crowd tonight! Miss you my friend. We need a f2f #MichEd soon.
  20. A1 - Joy is mature happiness. It is controlled. Patient. Not easily swayed by outside interference. Joy is strengthed by the success of those you care about. #michED
  21. @runfardvs @RMWynkoop #miched I don't stay in a joyful mood all the time, but it starts from looking for the good.
  22. This is probably my closest definition of joy. A sense of contentment that comes with patience and time; an inward force #michED  https://twitter.com/hs_math_phys/status/930967172419084290 
  23. So, it sounds like we have some great concepts of joy; peace, contentment, excitement, tingly ;) #michED
  24. @karlyb #miched I think that you can still find joy when stressed. You much remain diligent to stay there. I agree it's easier to find joy w/o stress.
  25. A2: When the students don't quit and they find success AND are proud of their accomplishments. When I learn something new from the students. When Ss enjoy learning. #miched
  26. @conrad_chris @karlyb Perhaps without stress, there would be no joy? Nothing about which to feel serene? Duality. #miched
  27. A2 - Productive struggle. Kids working through meaningful tasks and growing. And being aware of it in the moment. #MichED
  28. #miched A2 not stressing about evaluations and when my students and I laugh together
  29. @517EdTech A2 seeing joy and excitement on students’ faces over something I thought was no big deal ❤️ #miched #517EdTech
  30. Classroom joy = trying something new, students all engaged, love standing in back of the room.watching it all happen! #miched
  31. FREE Day of Discovery on 12/1 REMC 13/Ingham ISD. wrkshp on instructional strategies for digital learners! Register:  http://bit.ly/2lXta7j  #miched #teamjxn
  32. FREE Day of Discovery on 12/1 REMC 13/Ingham ISD. wrkshp on instructional strategies for digital learners! Register:  http://bit.ly/2lXta7j  #miched #teamjxn
  33. A2: When I was in the classroom, or library, the greatest joy was seeing a student connect with a book. Especially if I helped them discover the book. Today, I find great joy in classrooms where Ts delight in Ss messy learning. Giving them opportunties #MichED
  34. A2: Biggest joy in classroom in when Ss help other Ss. When they figure it out together. When they realize the power they have! #miched
  35. I'm seeing a lot of joyous moments in the classroom as a result of students and teacher in a state of contentment or happiness, let's dive into that #michED
  36. Q3: How might teachers help create joyful experiences for students? #michED
  37. A3: By being joyous themselves... HAVE fun with students in the moments of learning! #miched
  38. @techsavvyed A2 For me, joy in my classroom comes when I see students embracing the struggle of learning something deeply and finding meaning in it #miched
  39. A3: Tchs need to create experiences that offer challenge yet are attainable. Ss need to be able to feel success. Tchs need to model productive struggle to help Ss see the value & then feel the joy w/ accomplishment. #miched
  40. A3: The classroom needs to be a place they want to come, where they will connect with the teacher and each other. In math, I find that creating experiences where they get to figure "it" out on their own creates the most pride and (i hope) joy. #miched
  41. A3: I used to give students permission to sit/lay/work wherever they wanted when I taught 6th grade. It was a little bit of joy for them. #michED
  42. Tweetdeck is having difficulty keeping up.. I think it doesn't like 280 characters #bringback140 #MichEd
  43. A3 - By our design, humans are creators. Creating things that are meaningful and effective help make classrooms joyful places. #MichED
  44. @techsavvyed I listen to music, have twitter chats with people whose dogs poop on the floor, STAY in the moment and let go of the CRAP teachers can get caught up in #miched
  45. A3: As an administrator, I believe I have the same responsibility to building admin and Ts. Can I bring a state of joy to my work, and in turn a presence that brings strength and calm. During a crazy week before a holiday :) #MichEd
  46. Next week I am bring joy to my students by having them make a square from two circles #miched
  47. A3 Letting kids have freedom to be creative often brings classroom joy. #miched
  48. Here is the activity  https://youtu.be/Em-V8wP2FYQ  or challenge ... I find joy in seeing the students figure stuff out! #miched
  49. I just saw @blocht574 talk about a lot of the crap, some likely toxic, that teachers deal with, and sometimes even bring upon themselves. Good opened for the next question #michED
  50. #miched A3 find out the students interests and let them enjoy their learning....
  51. That first part is a big deal. The best way to improve attendance is by creating an environment the students can't stand to miss. #MichED  https://twitter.com/conrad_chris/status/930971190717493248 
  52. Q4: What negative connotations exist about “joyful” classrooms? How do we overcome them? #michED
  53. A4 - "Dude, you just want all the kids to like you..." Yeah, that's not it at all. #MichED
  54. @RMWynkoop What brings me the most joy is when my admin trusts me to try new things, supports me in my decisions, and talks (and listens) to me about how things are going. #miched
  55. @hs_math_phys That's a true enough statement....plenty of people cast that about. #michED
  56. A4: Sometimes people see "joyful" happy classrooms as goofing off and not working. Noise = communication & figuring "it" out. #miched
  57. #miched A4 "are you really learning anything or just goofing around?"
  58. A4: That joy or fun means not appropriately challenging students. Or lack of serious attention to learning. Joy is different than "fun and games". #MichED
  59. @techsavvyed YEAH it can be ... on the Joyous days I just care about the students and let the other crap fall where it may! #Miched
  60. A4: Share joyful stories of tough Ss being successful in joyful classroom. Remind Tchs of diff. ways, diff. styles, etc. #miched
  61. @tmaynard5 Yup, I can see that. For people that want to make sure there's order in the classroom, seeing someone else run a "looser" room is difficult. #michED
  62. A4: "your classroom is noisy" True statement in my file from a formal observation of 8th graders...doing a stations stats activity. For the people in the back. Noisy and learning is not a bad thing. #miched
  63. A4: How are students growing? You are just having fun that isn't learning...BUT LEARNING is SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!! #miched
  64. @techsavvyed But when you share a success story about tough Ss A, maybe, just maybe, they will rethink "noise". #miched
  65. A4 That "loud" classrooms are out of control or disrespectful. Sometimes we're just loud, and if I'm ok with it like that in my space, you shouldn't try to correct it after I've said it's ok #miched
  66. @conrad_chris Unless testing or independent reading, a very quiet classroom always concerns me. Ss should be talking during learning. Part of the process. Collaboration, exchange of ideas #MichED
  67. I'm reading a lot of #MichED tweets about some teachers not understanding the "noisy" classrooms as a means of joyous learning. How do you address that?
  68. @RMWynkoop @techsavvyed Very true. Joy can happen is all situations. Some Ss would prefer quieter, more structured for their own "joy". Honestly - need to have a balance. #miched
  69. @techsavvyed Are Ss involved in a learning activity? Is there a process to the noise and chaos? Can Ss articulate what they are doing, how and why? And compare, data. What does the data show us. Attendance, assessments, etc. #miched
  70. A4 - In general, "joy" is under appreciated. And we speak of "happiness", and "energy", and "success" as though those words are synonyms. And they aren't. Joy is a real thing... different than those other things. And we'd best not to confuse them. #MichED
  71. @tmaynard5 @RMWynkoop @techsavvyed I make sure this a cap on volume, for sure, but students need to talk and move and be allowed to get excited. #miched
  72. As a peer, not my place to address always quiet. As a peer, I can only tell stories, give examples, share ideas & hope it makes others rethink how they structure their lessons. #miched
  73. @techsavvyed Is it noise or learning? Is it annoying sounds or sounds of engagement? #miched I mean the band or gym teacher don't get told classes are too loud! #michED
  74. @hs_math_phys Very true! I guess in a classroom, I just hope all of those things you mentioned come together to help a Ss feel joy in learning & being at school. #miched
  75. @RMWynkoop @conrad_chris Right the ones doing the talking are doing the learning! #michED if students are silent what are they learning? (Unless silent reading)
  76. Meet people in the middle. If your admin is uneasy with noise, then teach your students to be a bit quieter. Choose your battles wisely. #MichED  https://twitter.com/techsavvyed/status/930974613026287616 
  77. @tmaynard5 As an administrator, this is why I believe Ts should be in one another's classrooms, watching instructional practice and collaborating ideas. #MichED
  78. Almost time for question five, specially now that we're addressing reaching out to other teachers #michED
  79. Q5: How do we create joy for all in a school, not just one classroom? #michED
  80. A5: Do we focus on positive interactions? When I enter a building or class, I want everyone in that space to know that I'm happy to be there with them. Learning, observing. A smile says a lot. #MichED
  81. A5 - Same way you share any other best practice: Model it. (and yes... joy is a best practice...) #MichED
  82. @blocht574 @RMWynkoop @conrad_chris If teachers think classrooms should be quiet, let them try being quiet in teachers lounge. #miched
  83. A5: Joy should be everywhere in learning! WHO wants to go to a place without joy! Just be joyful and see the change! #miched
  84. A5: have a student leadership program. Thats what @mascmahs does for secondary Ss in MI. Students lead and encourage others. The whole school benefits! @massp @RHS_STUGO #miched
  85. A5: Our high school has a secret "fun squad" this year that's setting up all sorts of adventures and moments of joy for teachers. #michED
  86. A5: also...break down bartiers. Between Ss and Ts, between Ts and admin. The more bridges....the less floods!#miched
  87. A5 Smiles. High Fives. Hellos! Starting the day so students know we are happy to see them. #miched
  88. A5: I love sharing ideas I come across w/ other teachers Also stay in hallway between classes & talk w/ colleagues #miched
  89. A5 Like others have said positive interactions and bringing our best attitudes every day. #miched
  90. A5: As Ts, we can get trapped in the cycle of complaining. Again, issues DO need to be raised, but we need to focus on the positive and share with others. Be joyful. Bring convos back to good #miched #theresigoodinhim pic.twitter.com/CfcOqzw8pE
  91. Except i meant barriers! I hate tweeting off my phone! #miched
  92. Q6: What brought you joy during this Twitter conversation? #michED
  93. Catching up. Joy is one of my favorite topics! Share that you care. #miched
  94. The moderator's great questions! The answers the tweeters shared, the positive atmosphere and the fact the @dailystem is here! #miched
  95. A6: talking with other Ts about ed! The #miched chat is such a standard. Love being able to see familiar awesome faces! #miched pic.twitter.com/BspLrbrPSA
  96. A6: Joy comes from surrounding yourself with joyous others who can laugh at ones self and relish the moment? #miched
  97. A6 - I was feeling a quiet joy coming in, but on top of that @RMWynkoop and @conrad_chris made me laugh. So, that was good, too. #MichED
  98. A6: I jumped in late but was encouraged by friends like @blocht574 @techsavvyed @tmaynard5 That's what we all need (esp on Wednesday #miched
  99. A6 I've been a #michED 'stalker' for a while and decided to just jump in and answer tonight, so feeling welcomed and that my ideas are valued. Btw, I'm Angie from Mason- #Waverlyedu PreK-4th grade Librarian :)
  100. A6: Love that #miched chats are always looking for the positive. We share our strengths. We laugh. And tomorrow we roll up our sleeves and get back to the best job ever! #miched
  101. @almemoore Welcome!!!!!! I'm glad you're here. Thank you for sharing tonight. #miched
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  103. @dailystem @techsavvyed @tmaynard5 Teachers need JOY daily #michED We often take our jobs a bit to seriously due the how important our jobs are!
  104. Thank you everyone for helping make this #michED chat a joyous one! Check out the resources and video to keep spreading the joy!  https://www.smore.com/guerx 
  105. @dailystem Keep on finding STEM daily and being awesome! Hope there isn't too much snow up north #MichED pic.twitter.com/oyygO701yK
  106. A5: We have high-five Fridays, we have community service events, we hand out positive referrals at lunch, we celebrate good things. @Creekside_MS @craiggreshaw #miched