#michED Chat 1/4/17 - Honest Discussion About Teacher Evaluations

A chat in coordination with the Michigan Association for Secondary School Principals about honest feedback on the teacher evaluation process, and what matters most to helping teachers grow.

  1. Grab your hot cocoa and settle in. 5 minutes Until "Honest Talk About Evaluations chat with @sewardstephen  https://www.smore.com/utkq2  #MichED
  2. Welcome to #MichEd Let's start w/introductions. I'm Steve Seward, MASSP Associate Director passionate learner & educator.
  3. Good evening! Steve Carlson, Principal of Sandusky Jr/Sr High School and member of the @massp Board of Directors #miched
  4. Sammy - 4th grade science and ELA at East Jackson! #michED
  5. Good evening! Great to start the new year chatting together. Share who you are, where you're from and what you do. #MichED
  6. Ann Smart from @JacksonISD still enjoying my last week of vacation! #miched
  7. Matt McCullough - Director of Innovation at Schoolcraft Community Schools and Kzoo resident! #miched
  8. Rachelle from St. Clair. Enjoying my cup of almond milk hot chocolate on this cold, blustery evening! #MichED
  9. I'm Jeff, SS at Kent Innovation High, in Grand Rapids #miched
  10. Tyler from Clinton. APUSH, WHAP, Ed Tech and SST Methods at Siena Heights Univ. #miched
  11. Todd, 7th grade science teacher checking in from Warren MI #miched
  12. Good evening and happy thoughts to my long time friends- great topic #miched
  13. We will be using the Q1: and then you respond with A1: format to keep the chat organized and don't forget to include #MichEd
  14. Anne Thorp over here in Holland, MI waiting on the snow! #miched
  15. Happy New Year, #miched. Just finishing up at the pool. Will check in when I'm home.
  16. Q1: What are some ways to move evaluations away from compliance into meaningful feedback tools? #MichED
  17. A1: Have to make observations timely and relevant: More than twice a year dog and pony show #miched
  18. A1: A focus on constant improvement instead of meeting a checklist.Action research as a process for eval. NOT a neverending rubric #miched
  19. A1: Tch & admin have to first have trusting relationship & admin needs to really know that classroom. Then open minds = meaningful. #miched
  20. A1: Have relevant timely and specific feedback for teachers ... Like right after observation instead of up to 30 days later #miched
  21. A1) a lot will fall on the evaluator and their willingness to assist the teacher to grow. Examples, PD, literature all helps. #miched
  22. A1: Validated tools, trained observers, strength-based focus, TS involved in goal-setting, both parties presuming positive intent #miched  https://twitter.com/sewardstephen/status/816813700770394112 
  23. A1: evaluations should happen throughout the year ... progress can be observed with real time feedback each time... #miched
  24. A1: Evaluations should be focused more on coaching vs a 15 minute checklist of 'things I saw'. #MichED
  25. Stop attaching the outcome to so much. Make it more about coaching & improvement rather than judgement. #miched
  26. @ProfGeorgeEdu Relevant PD to teachers evaluations is a key to moving the process to next level. #miched
  27. A1: Mindset changes. Admin/lege see Ts are doing their best (no "bottom 5%"). Ts need to see we aren't perfect. Always look to grow. #miched
  28. A1: Goal setting & conversation important aspects of evals. Best professional convos ever had were w/ @BBrutyn discussing practice #MichED
  29. A1: recognize that good teaching and learning is not "sage on the stage". #miched
  30. A1: different admin stop in randomly more than 2x a year. Talk to my Ss. Talk to parents. #MichED
  31. A1: TIME: Admins need time with teachers to talk about REAL career goals and how PD and growth is achieving them #miched
  32. @blocht574 Agreed 💯 PD for the sake of offering PD (especially if your own staff can teach it to you) is redundant. #miched
  33. So true. We cannot get to true improvement without shared trust and knowing each other well. #miched  https://twitter.com/tmaynard5/status/816814135216340992 
  34. A1 get rid of "grading" teachers with numbers on a scale. How about continuous feedback, encouragement, support? Tough job! #miched
  35. Well said @athorp Tchs need to be open to improving. We all can be better! No judging, just making changes to help Ss! #miched  https://twitter.com/athorp/status/816814506538135552 
  36. A1: With every expectation there should be opportunity to help the teacher meet that expectation. #miched
  37. A1: I had bi-weekly meetings with teachers to reinforce and debrief on lessons, goals and walkthroughs, so evals were just a culmin. #miched
  38. A1: Admin need to be present more than just for FORMAL observations and the autopsy at the end of the year #miched
  39. @sewardstephen @blocht574 Our admin visits 7 scheduled times and one surprise visit, consistency yields growth. #MichED
  40. Yes - admin needs to hear from Ss about what really happens. Love that you added asking parents too! #miched  https://twitter.com/MrsRosellRHS/status/816814662813675522 
  41. A1 Peer observations as part of the process in which the only "data" shared with admin is when it occurred #miched
  42. Nailed it! Checklists do not work. Teaching is way to complex to be observed using a checklist. Authentic data is key. #miched  https://twitter.com/ronhoutman/status/816814475860918272 
  43. A1: Also, if Ts don't have a meaningful say in the direction of the bldg, evals will be abt compliance than team growth. #miched
  44. @ProfGeorgeEdu PD has to be personalized too much redundant or NOT NEEDED PD given and can't be sit and get anymore #michED
  45. A1: allow Ts to set personal goals, not just district/school goals based on standardized testing or their "method of the year" #MichED
  46. @sewardstephen Model the pursuit of feedback, response to feedback and honest self-reflection. #MichEd
  47. @blocht574 YES. You can always tell when you have lost the staff during professional development. #MichED
  48. @ProfGeorgeEdu @sewardstephen That is better than most: Many get one scheduled and one surprise with little feedback #michED
  49. @MrsRosellRHS worked with some Ts that were allowed to use losing weight as a goal. If they felt better they would teach better. #miched
  50. A1: an important part of moving away from compliance is shared vision @petersenge #miched
  51. @MrsRosellRHS I have so much fun setting my personal goals each year! #MichEd
  52. @ProfGeorgeEdu This one size fits all approach looses someone every time! #miched
  53. A1 appreciated hearing what I did outside of evaluation day that was noteworthy- not just on that visit #miched
  54. A1: Need to get rid of SUPER TEACHER level (Highly effective) TOO many teachers want the A need a growth model for evals #miched
  55. @MsNiehaus the nice thing is the admin will tweet out pictures and promote your class while you're teaching. #MichED
  56. Q2: What are some strategies to give teachers more agency in the observation and evaluation process? #MichED
  57. @ProfGeorgeEdu I love when I see Admin doing that! So much support! Support is so important! #MichEd
  58. A2: Evaluations need to include teachers PROFESSION GROWTH Goals: WHERE do they want to be in 5 years? #miched
  59. A2: Opportunity with coaches or mentor teachers. #miched
  60. A2: Ability to instantly see the walkthroughs and give their input in person or electronically. Also having a say in eval tool #miched
  61. @AnnSmart17 What are coaches? Mentors are for new teachers right .... NOT happening in many places #miched
  62. A2: Japanese lesson study -create lesson plan in collaborative setting - observe a colleague for effectiveness of plan, not teacher #miched
  63. A2 most Ts know their areas needing growth. Let them find the resources to foster that growth. So many options. Use them. #miched
  64. A2: Ts need ability to see the expectations in others: What about ADMINS modeling Lessons for teachers? #miched
  65. A2: Think it's important Ts feel safe 2 invite admin in 2 see observe something new. Taking risks is important, so is safe environ #miched
  66. @blocht574 instructional coaches. So for veteran teachers (if no coaches) allow them to have PLC time with other teachers. #miched
  67. A2: I have been lucky that behave had some pretty great mentors in my first 4 years... #MichED
  68. @MrsRosellRHS Many want A's by compliance others just want to PASS the system by jumping through hoops #michED need growth eval model
  69. A2: focus areas set by T, give Ts timely/relevant feedback to stimulate dialogue, some ownership of data piece (SLOs help w/this) #MichEd  https://twitter.com/sewardstephen/status/816816018181988356 
  70. A2: Make sure disc. happens around Tch goals & ways to achieve them. Allow Tchs time to observe others, discuss, process, instantly #miched
  71. A2: don't let the rubric define the feedback, start with growth-centered conversations on a human (not bureaucratic) level #miched
  72. A2) keep the feedback structured to allow for discussion. We meet with our admin the next day to talk about the class #MichED
  73. A2: Teachers need to know that there is a way to improve & a growth mindset culture for teachers - Eval as a tool for growth,not end #miched
  74. A:2 Clarify targets, be available for face to face conversation, and provide PD in areas of focus chosen be Ts. #MichEd
  75. @blocht574 Love that idea! Makes the process so much more meaningful when I have opp to share ideas of my future self #miched
  76. A2: Or allow teachers to visit each others classrooms (Ts they feel safe with) and use the evaluation tool with each other. #miched
  77. I think you nailed this, inviting Admin to see what fun is happening is such a rewarding process for all parties... #MichEd  https://twitter.com/brandimendham/status/816816672342478848 
  78. @blocht574 Been there, done that! I was the “admin pet” LOL! #miched
  79. @AnnSmart17 @blocht574 or classroom learning labs where opportunity to learn from others becomes part of culture for all new or not #miched
  80. Love the evaluate each other...safety if between peers and helps to learn the tool for oneself! #miched  https://twitter.com/AnnSmart17/status/816817178183929856 
  81. @AnnSmart17 Ha! Great minds! I was typing nearly the same thing about learning labs! #miched
  82. Q3 is on its way with a focus on using observations and evaluations for planning professional learning. #miched
  83. A2: Teachers need the opportunity to see others teach... Only profession where we don't see others in their practice #miched
  84. @mcculloughmg you learn a lot when you actually have to use it and look for what is on the eval. #miched
  85. I miss having designated PLC time with other teachers in my building! It was so beneficial for eval. Process and student growth! #MichEd  https://twitter.com/annsmart17/status/816816715220787204 
  86. @mcculloughmg Really what we want for Ss right? A growth model important for all of us! #miched
  87. @massp great question. I'd say start with allowing Ts to have input on the success criteria #miched
  88. A2: Ts need to feel that we are being measured on metrics that are in our control. #miched
  89. Q3: What are some ways we might use the evaluation process to plan individual & collective professional learning? #MichED
  90. @MrsRosellRHS we use to do this. And for the ones with open-minds they actually learned a ton! #miched
  91. A2: provide Ts opps to tape their classroom to self evaluate. Discuss results! #MichED
  92. @bushjms Important to demonstrate you know your staff as people & not just their practice. #miched
  93. A3: Evaluation shows strengths and weaknesses shows where PD is needed and What PD that staff member can help others with #miched
  94. Hey #miched! Kelley-HS ELA and Leadership T from Rochester MI joining in late. Bedtime was crazy! #miched
  95. A3: Look at the aggragte data for all staff in a building or dept and plan PD to improve building, group needs. Allow individ PD 2 #miched
  96. A3: allow more flexibility in choice. Not everyone needs to be in the same room, building, county to learn & grow. Network. #miched
  97. A3: Could be helpful to share common areas of growth so Ts can help ea other, learn together. Of course that safe environ critical #miched
  98. A3: Most electronic tools should aggregate the bldg data to show common areas for growth, thus shaping building initiatives #miched  https://twitter.com/sewardstephen/status/816817799842643969 
  99. A3) focus on areas of improvement. Engagement, assessment, standards, writing, reading. Join chats on here to help and build a PLN #MichED
  100. A2: Would help if evaluators also allow Ts to observe them teach to see that they are able practitioners! Drs learn side by side #miched
  101. @MrsRosellRHS Did this for @NBPTS and for the school I was at in Chicago. Humbling, but powerful! #miched
  102. A3: Allow departments/grade levels to build consensus around areas of focus, or areas Ts would like training. #miched
  103. A3: PD can't be one size fits all just like our classrooms. Need more choice & open to try new methods #MichED
  104. A3: Plan PD for learning/growth (not for what the district needs). ID Ts needs through eval (for needs AND presenters). #miched
  105. A3: use eval and obs. data to determine what Ts can help lead PD. If they already know the skill-no point for them to sit through PD #miched
  106. Joe from St. Joe, jumping in late, but better than never! #miched
  107. @blocht574 yes!! We now co-teach ALL our workshops at my school. They are all interdisciplinary so we rep more subjects #miched
  108. @tmaynard5 @zeelandschools Agree! Love 2 see it driven by staff @zeelandschools has it happening in pockets Happy to help spread it! #miched
  109. A3.2: At individual level evaluator should be able to identify areas for improvement & then recommend learning opps from this data #miched  https://twitter.com/sewardstephen/status/816817799842643969 
  110. A2: Ts want constructive feedback, not checklists, point systems or "gotcha". One of the most important things principals do. #miched
  111. A3: Look for natural opportunities to merge CSI process with results of eval data. #miched
  112. @AnnSmart17 @MsNiehaus When we plan as the SI Team for PD we always try to build this in between buildings, departments. #MichED
  113. A3: Action or Learning walks are helpful to collect data on what is and is not happening in rooms for PD development ideas. #miched
  114. A3: Be open to individual goals - not "cookie cutter". Pair up Tchs w/ same goals. Send research, ideas to Tchs about their goals. #miched
  115. @MrsRosellRHS YES!!!!! Choice. With Google Forms it's so easy to get input AND set up choice during PD. #miched
  116. Jon from Zeeland. Assistant Supt. Long time listener, first time caller. #miched
  117. A3: ID strengths of many Ts to lead PD at diff times. Don't just rely on same population every time. #MichED
  118. Danelle from Traverse City. Joining late due to getting kids in bed. #LifeOfAParent #miched
  119. @tmaynard5 So important. I told my P this year that admin needs to stop thinking like a class T & more like conference planner. #miched
  120. Q4: What are the types of feedback you get OR might hope to get from your evaluator? #MichED
  121. #miched - interested if any of you had thoughts from this article in Education Next related to this topic?  http://ln.is/educationnext.org/3SPSV 
  122. A#?: If we, people that actually teach, know the what & how of eval-why don't people that make these rules ever ask us what's best? #MichED
  123. Feedback for teachers can happen all year, not just during evaluation time. Constant open and honest dialogue with evaluator. #miched
  124. @conrad_chris @tmaynard5 starting to see this more. Principals trying to make PD more conference like. #miched
  125. A3: Identify glaring areas of need, early on, and address them with support and strategies. #miched
  126. Principals should drop into classrooms, without doing formal evaluations multiple times for every formal evaluation. #miched
  127. A4: MEANINGFUL feedback regularly: I liked... I noticed... You might want to try ... Then offers of help making a feedback loop! #miched
  128. A4: Strengths, areas of improvement, suggestions for improvement & resources for this improvement(human, electronic, networking etc #miched
  129. A4) short-term and long-term growth based. Suggestions for in the now, and where to go moving forward. #MichED
  130. @joannavrteaches We are! Ts see all our little mistakes and know that we can always do better ... Good to have a supportive ++ admin #miched
  131. @AnnSmart17 @tmaynard5 It takes more time to plan, but are some of the best loved PD days. #miched
  132. A4: feedback beyond the two time visits. Make Ts feel appreciated for what they do & supported in their goals. #MichED
  133. Not to be cheesy, but this is one thing I appreciated about @gregeding Always asking questions about why & making me think! #miched  https://twitter.com/JonMVoss/status/816819839629139968 
  134. A4: Hope 2 get honest constructive actionable feedback What do I keep doing, what should I consider doing different. #growthmindset #miched
  135. 1000 dollar question right there. Or if asked, why can't advice be put into action? Ts have spoken, time for legis. to act #miched  https://twitter.com/ronhoutman/status/816819832897277952 
  136. @conrad_chris check out the Playdate link I just shared. SO easy to do for a PD day. #miched
  137. A4: Best feedback is based on real data and is usable. Best feedback encourages and supports reflection. #miched
  138. A4: resources for goals & weaknesses, including other Ts in bldg #MichED
  139. A4: ways to achieve my personal & professional goals. Ways I can help the school mission & vision. Exciting opps #miched
  140. A4: positive first, then constructive along w/ some coaching such as,"have you thought of..or tried..." Ask me what works well #miched
  141. Feedback architecture that has helped may administrators (and teachers) organize their thinking surrounding feedback. #miched @massp https://t.co/IgXfmAcXnF
    Feedback architecture that has helped may administrators (and teachers) organize their thinking surrounding feedback. #miched @massp pic.twitter.com/IgXfmAcXnF
  142. @brandimendham yes. We held the one I linked in September. First in MI:) #miched
  143. A4: Help me to identify 1 or 2 ways I can improve that will make the biggest difference and tell me how you can help me to get there #miched
  144. A4 - Feedback that's insightful, meaningful, and actionable - tell me about the school vision and how I can move forward #miched  https://twitter.com/sewardstephen/status/816819798189416448 
  145. A4: I'd love to see feedback built around objective, observational data, not subjective judgments tied to ratings and rankings #miched
  146. A4: I strive to have feedback that is timely, strengths-based, focused, and considerate of zone of proximal development #miched  https://twitter.com/sewardstephen/status/816819798189416448 
  147. @ronhoutman To keep us running in circles and keep us from informing the public it's the politicians coming up w/ this stuff. #miched
  148. A4: feedback that makes a difference for learning as opposed to feedback off a form. #MichEd
  149. A4: I like to know what I'm doing well, I like to know what didn't go well and how to improve that. Provide resources and support. #miched
  150. A4: feedback needs to help us grow, can't be just to check off boxes on an evaluation #miched
  151. If I gave 10 thoughts after an observation, I hope one really stuck for T. Never claimed to have all the answers, but asked good Qs #miched
  152. A4: Best feedback was from @KristinFrang & @MISDMath Tchs when after observing my clsrm they all said what they noticed in my room. #miched
  153. Evaluations often forget history: focus on a few lessons not the overall impact of a teacher over years of service #miched
  154. A4: I love when I get validation, support or new resources. I'm a reader. Suggest books or people to follow on social media! #miched
  155. A4 If they said, "I have the coolest thing to show you!" We should be doing this together, that is what athletic coaches do. #miched
  156. A4: I'd hope that they would be interested in what real world stuff my students can do with what they learn in my class #miched
  157. A4: It helps when Admins ask for feedback about their processes and how they can improve! (Shows respect and growth mindset) #miched
  158. A4: Feedback should come with the support needed to complete what is needed. Best with "I will do this with you...!" #miched
  159. @JonMVoss @zeelandschools I'm trying! We have great people - we need to get them visible! :) #miched
  160. @JonMVoss asking good Qs helps me process & plan my own growth. #miched
  161. A4: Imp 2 ask Ts for reflection 1st before giving feedback We often know our areas to grow & appreciate opp to reflect be heard #miched
  162. Q5: How might evaluation feedback be improved to better help change your teaching practice? #MichED
  163. A4.2: That said, this is hard work! I'm in yr 3 of using 5D & I have miles to go in my development. Evaluators MUST commit 2 process #miched  https://twitter.com/mrcarlsonshs/status/816820966273810432 
  164. A5: Less sort and rank tool and MORE a Growth of a teacher tool... You improved in these areas from last year ... etc #miched
  165. A4: I appreciate admin telling what they saw, maybe 1-2 suggest., but really ask questions. Make me think & justify! #miched @gregeding :)
  166. @athorp @JonMVoss I am my own worst critic. If I know what didn't work & you know I'm going to fix it. Laugh w/me & let me be =) #miched
  167. A5: Teachers and admins collaborate on lesson planning... they both own the success or failure of plan, reflect and try again. #miched
  168. A5: that P understands that I know my students & their needs better than anyone else at that point. Trust in me. #miched
  169. A5 - Much as great Ts focus on the whole child, focus on whole T - don't let an evaluation tool dictate responses like a bad mad-lib #miched  https://twitter.com/sewardstephen/status/816821692593041409 
  170. A5: Constructive feedback recognizes that this work involves partnership, guidance, empathy, and honesty. We all want to grow #miched
  171. A5: Focus on how to best use my strengths & give me a challenge. #miched
  172. A5: We are great at CHS, but districts need to make sure that feedback is personalized to the T and based on their performance #MichED
  173. @brandimendham @KristinFrang 1 round of "I noticed" while I just listened. Then 1 round of "I wonder" while I answered. #powerful #miched
  174. A5: process needs to be less pressure & focused on growth. Allow us to take risks w/out fear of losing jobs, $, etc #MichED
  175. A5: I thought eval was more powerful when I had to show evidence of meeting my goal (ex. Ss work/projects) #miched
  176. A5: make feedback specific to me, to my population & to fit the needs at that moment. #miched
  177. A5: Evaluation feedback without a relationship is basically useless. Dev the relationship and change can be powerful. #MichEd
  178. A5: Tell me how I can grow and be there to support me. Help me find the books, conferences, PD I need to grow. #miched
  179. A4 any districts use student thoughts in teacher evaluation? I see teachers that admin love but students can't take and vice versa #miched
  180. A2: allow teachers to give a 30-40min presentation to evaluator explaining their methods so innovation can be given a fair chance #miched
  181. Questioning in authentic ways based on noticings is a powerful strategy and keeps the feedback away from assumptions and judgement. #miched  https://twitter.com/tmaynard5/status/816822041303252992 
  182. @AnnSmart17 I like that, talk is often cheap - show me works well in many levels #miched
  183. A5: have it b timely, authentic and fully admit if unsure w/ content. Feedback should b honest & helpful. Should push your practice #miched
  184. Appreciate the chance to learn from the great Ts in #miched on what improvements they would find valuable.  https://twitter.com/sewardstephen/status/816821692593041409 
  185. @jrommel it was easier for me to show how I met the goal rather than admin telling me. #miched
  186. A5: In every way?!? More timely, specific, aligned w/ data, suggest innovative practices, & most importantly-->more strengths-based #miched  https://twitter.com/sewardstephen/status/816821692593041409 
  187. A5: Focus on what went right in the lesson. Give ten positives or non-threatening questions for every challenge. #miched
  188. @blocht574 agree w/ your earlier comment that the Highly Effective label causes way more harm than good #MichED
  189. @tmaynard5 @KristinFrang Boom! Classroom learning lab right there! Let's do more!! Value for all involved! #miched
  190. A5: Set small, realistic deadlines so that Tch is accountable & has support. @StephenBraunius would always hold me accountable! #miched
  191. A5 admin shouldn't try to force 1 teaching style/idea on all teachers, sometimes the glove doesn't fit #miched
  192. @diemerpatrick I self evaluated with Ss and parent surveys, then used this for portfolio but wasn't required, useful for my growth #miched
  193. Find it more helpful to focus on what you did right and what positive effect it has on learning. #miched  https://twitter.com/conrad_chris/status/816822131048714240 
  194. Finial Question as our time wraps up. Get your fingers ready to type. #miched
  195. Best case we discuss the lesson and the context rather than just the snapshot you saw #miched
  196. Q6: If you could make a statement (about evaluation) to those creating statute, what might you say? #MichED
  197. From the eval please just give me feed back so I can improve as a techer #miched
  198. A5: Maybe make evals more abt self-reflection? My goal as a T is to not have the Ss need me. Help Ts do this? #miched
  199. A5: After ID weakness, support w/resources & random check ins w/ T to see how it's going/what they still need. #MichED
  200. A5: I love the comment about this is all about relationships. Without a solid relationship, the feedback isn't going to be useful. #miched
  201. @diemerpatrick I would agree at HS level. I wonder if anonymous teacher evals like colleges do would be effective #miched
  202. A5: and please don't demean me, I am valuable. Evaluator is not in my classroom to tear it down. Some do anyway. #createsbitterness #miched
  203. A6: Please revisit the Ball report and get rid of the highest level of teacher effectiveness to divisive #miched
  204. #miched #fledchat #suptchat #xplap Join us as we discuss when tech may NOT be the best tool in a 1:1 classroom. Tonight #1to1techat at 8 CT
  205. @KellCusmano @diemerpatrick Those have been statistically proven invalid at college level...lots of research about this (had to help wife see poor use) #miched
  206. A6: You get what you measure. If you want growth, you better measure professional growth, not snapshots in time. #miched
  207. @jrommel @diemerpatrick great point. Student feedback is the most powerful form of feedback #miched
  208. Checking out- enjoy the last days of your well deserved break. I am proud to have #miched as my longtime PLN 🏆
  209. A6: Allow local control! Principals need time to be educational leaders, not more on their plate. #miched
  210. @diemerpatrick @jrommel Mid & end of the yr Ss evals are the most helpful. (other times throughout school year too!) #miched
  211. A6: Teachers can do so much with TRUST. Trust us. #MichED
  212. @MsNiehaus This is a great idea. Never thought to bring in my Ss survey results to discuss with admin. #miched
  213. A6: Please allow for your effective Ts to be formally evaluated on a 2-3 yr cycle (or as needed). Let natural growth convos return. #miched
  214. A5: peer evaluations from a respected colleagues rather than the present set up #miched
  215. Stop giving out numbers without showing how to improve your teaching #miched
  216. A6: Allow districts to create evaluation tools that work for them, not for-profit evaluation tools lucky enough to get on the list #miched
  217. A6) Teachers and students are not DATA, we grow people, not test scores. #MichED
  218. A6: not sure it matters. Great Ts are like the ice cube that floats to the top. They get through whatever you put in their way. #MichEd
  219. A6: Replace I/ME/E/HE system with I/Probationary/Professional #miched
  220. A6: Too many differences from district to district about evaluations! Need to respect teachers as TEACHERS not super robots #miched
  221. A6: do not make an eval punitive and numeric. Let Ts shape system. Realize principal burnout. Watch student growth emphasis. Scary #miched
  222. A6: make it possible to achieve highest level of effectiveness while still having areas to improve. Best Ts aren't perfect. #MichED
  223. Pay close attention to what Ss are doing, thinking, feeling tells so much abt learning environ. What T is doing matters much less #MichED  https://twitter.com/diemerpatrick/status/816822467780087808 
  224. @ProfGeorgeEdu Yes! Realized today that I LOVE information and I HATE data. #miched
  225. A6 Focus on goals and ind.improvement plan rather than a rating. We're all striving to be better and to refine our skills. #miched
  226. A6: Drop highly effective label, as MCEE recommended. Stay away from increasing % based on state test scores. Fund PD for Ts & Admin #miched  https://twitter.com/sewardstephen/status/816823576267517952 
  227. A6: What's the 'why' behind the process? Really about growth? Then a strengths-based approach w emphasis on relationship & best prac #miched
  228. @conrad_chris One of my 2017 goals is to deviate from content-driven to creation-driven activities and lessons #miched
  229. @gregeding It's be nice if that ice cube were in clean clear water. =) #miched
  230. @KellCusmano This would only work anonymously so folks could be honest right? #miched
  231. Teaching is so much more than test scores and spewing the newest eval lingo.We inspire.We research. We DO THIS.Ask us what works. #MichED
  232. @diemerpatrick @mcculloughmg which is why I said I wonder. So if under those certain conditions. I do think stu voice is impt #miched
  233. @tmaynard5 it was really great to dissect with Admin! #MichEd I hope to do it again this year!
  234. So true! I don't know where admins find the time to help teachers grow under current system #michED need to focus on those in need  https://twitter.com/JonMVoss/status/816824030590304256 
  235. Proud I completed my first #MichEd chat while watching Goldbergs and Speechless with family. #GreatNight
  236. Such great answers to Q6. Hope someone is recording these for later use! :) #miched
  237. Great chat tonight everyone! Anyone going to MACUL this year? #MichED
  238. Thanks for a great chat tonight! Happy New Year Everyone! #miched
  239. It has been a pleasure moderating #Miched chat this evening- THANK YOU! The topic of feedback & supporting T, S, & A is my passion! @massp
  240. A6: Spend time in classrooms to feel, see, hear all that happens. It's not just numbers on papers or checklists. It's about Ss! #miched
  241. Happy New Year all! Thanks for letting me jump in late! #miched
  242. Thank you @sewardstephen and @massp for running the show tonight! Great conversation. #miched
  243. A6 to accept student made videos as evidence of student learning. #miched
  244. A6: Establish a summative assessment/testing system that makes sense. #miched
  245. Follow those you learned with this evening to grow your #PLN and the community #MichED
  246. A6: You get what you measure. If you want growth, you better measure professional growth, not snapshots in time. #miched
  247. Night all! Thanks for the Wednesday night inspiration! I need this group when the going gets hard. :) #MichED
  248. @ProfGeorgeEdu I'll be at #macul17 I'm presenting Th abt Geogebra in the math classroom. You? #miched
  249. @JonMVoss Very proud of you! ... Watch out - it is addicting! Great people + great ideas = #miched
  250. @sewardstephen Thanks for your time tonight. Great Qs and a lively discussion. #miched
  251. Special thanks to @sewardstephen and @massp members for facilitating a great chat about teacher evaluations! #miched
  252. Awesome connecting #michED remember to follow those you learn from!
  253. Great chat all, follow your new friends and have a great week! #miched
  254. Make sure to visit the website and sign up for archives of the chat at  http://www.miched.net  #miched