#michED Chat 5/18/2016 - Summer Time!

A chat about summer plans for growth, rejuvenation, and learning.

  1. Beautiful evening has me thinking about summer! Great nigh to talk Summer Learning. https://www.smore.com/pqzks  Join me at 8 for #MichED chat
  2. Trying to decide which song of summer is my fav in preparation for Summer Learning chat in 15 min. Hint: this may be your intro! #Miched
  3. .@RMWynkoop This is going to be the song of summer 16. Been making everyone around me listen on repeat.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru0K8uYEZWw  #miched
  4. Clock says 8! Welcome to #miched Summer Learning chat. Introduce yourself (name, position, district, etc) & share your fav "summer" song
  5. Looking forward to #miched but need to get home after little league games. Best topic ever - PD & learning!
  6. Rachelle from St. Clair (not the Shores). Proud to be part of @PHSchools team (Sec. Inst Supervisor). #miched
  7. Ashlie O'Connor instructional tech and data specialist NE Michigan favorite summer jam  http://ln.is/www.youtube.com/vgVVu  #miched
  8. Nicole, Spanish teacher, Bloomfield hills schools - glad to be here! #miched
  9. Steve, Physics T from Lake Orion, MI. Summer Time Loving (Loving in the Summer Time) is my JAM! EC if you know the reference! #miched
  10. Hi #miched. Brandon is here. This isn't my favorite summer song, but it's the one I've heard the most.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFatVn1hP3o 
  11. Tricia--1st gr teacher in Hudsonville. Love me some Summer Lovin' from GREASE. #miched
  12. Catherine, Teacher/Tech Coordinator from SoCal; summer resident in TCMI. Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" is one of my faves. #miched
  13. Katie, 4th grade, South Redford. Counting down the days til summer! #MichED
  14. Ben checking in for #michED I'm Curriculum Director in Mattawan, and my favorite summer song is thanks to my kids!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFatVn1hP3o 
  15. Hey all hope you are enjoying the weather! Going to try and get in the lake this weekend to do some paddleboarding! #summeriscoming #miched
  16. Oh... Forgot a summer jam. Don't know if it's fav, but just thought of...  https://youtu.be/uPJzEq7UOHQ  #miched
  17. @RMWynkoop well when you have a threat of a snowman saying hi in May...#miched
  18. Taylor, World History teacher, Grand River Prep HS in Kentwood. Excited for my first #miched. A nice summer vibe:  https://youtu.be/jEy6MGu3bIA 
  19. Becca from Bay City-Integrated Instruction Coach. Still think Alice Cooper sang it best "Schools Out!" #michED
  20. Anne Thorp @OAISD Instructional tech REMC7 Director Fave summer song...any that makes me want to move it, move it, move it! #miched
  21. Q1: What is the most unique or memorable summer PD you have experienced? #MichED
  22. Q1: What is the most unique or memorable summer PD you have experienced? #MichED
  23. Todd checking in from Warren 6th grade science teacher #miched at BSA meeting will be in and out
  24. @RebSYoung Hi Becca. I grew up in BC and used to teach at Macgregor and Kolb! #miched
  25. Shawn Knaack here, Quincy MS. Cheese Burger in Paradise is my go to summer song. #miched
  26. A1: Best summertime PD was National Writing Project Summer Institute with Oakland Writing Project. #NWP #OWP #miched
  27. A1: When I got to attend PEBC Lit Coach training in Denver. Changed my career!  http://www.pebc.org/  #miched
  28. A1:unique PD! Loved #colchat to action 2 summers ago very cool, many from all over country present #miched
  29. Learning with Nancy Colflesh at the REMC Summer Inservice last year. Learned so much and was immediately applicable. #miched
  30. A1: @BoyneTechConf offers a cools summer learning experience in a relaxed atmosphere! #miched
  31. A1: I attended a #miched "unplugged" event in 2014. Loved the organic conversations, kayak trip and dreamin' up the #macul #makerspace
  32. A1: Online EdcampHome a couple of summers ago. We went in & out of Hangouts. #miched
  33. Q1: a conference about teaching world language proficiency through reading and storytelling. A top down, contextualized approach #miched
  34. A1:any of that is immediately applicable relative to my professional needs and fosters networking #miched
  35. A1) Did #CER4sci twitter pd last summer. Very helpful! Brought it to my department during the school year. #miched
  36. A1: Definitely @4tvirtualcon, which is coming up soon. So many great tech tools that you can apply to your classroom right away #miched
  37. @RMWynkoop Effective PD leadership strategies for engaging audience & getting them up, moving, integrating, all while having fun. #miched
  38. A1: MiExcel MDE Coaching Institute-changed my entire approach to coaching. #miched
  39. A1: best summer of is meeting up with #miched educators and talking 1 to 1 about instruction away from pressures of work!
  40. A1: One of the most memorable PD experiences I've had was the 2014 Saugatuck CUE Rockstar Camp, great times! #michED
  41. @RMWynkoop I am excited to meet @gregpizzoli this year! And I met the Steads last year. You'll love it! #miched
  42. @MrLisekRPSA Welcome back Ryan. We are on Q1 Q1: What is the most unique or memorable summer PD you have experienced? #MichED
  43. A1: so many, but @BoyneTechConf was/is the perfect blend of tech, pedagogy and fellowship for me! #Miched
  44. @RMWynkoop Why, thank you! Also learned more about my co-directors & ways we can communicate statewide. #miched
  45. I think it is the friendships and connections that make the PD not the location #miched
  46. @RMWynkoop @kithard @dreambition I want to do the one this summer. Need to talk to you about it...#miched Great way to learn, share
  47. A1: learning for all conference in traverse city last June. Set up was Ted talk style! It was great! #miched
  48. Hey #miched. I'm Craig, ed tech consultant at Kent ISD. Summer song: Summertime. I favor the Sam Cooke version:  http://m.jsonline.com/entertainment/blogs/208142421.html 
  49. #Miched A1: @nErDcampMI is by far the best! Only been able to go once due to timing of family vacations, but it's awesome FREE summer PD!
  50. @ksteves61811 Is it happening again in TC? I'll be arriving July 4 and saying for the summer. #miched
  51. Q2 on deck (well, it is baseball season - and @massp would be proud) #Miched
  52. I've gone every year and it keeps getting better! And bigger! Amazing. @lpweakland #miched @nErDcampMI
  53. @kithard @RMWynkoop @dreambition Aw, man, forget it then. I'm out. ;( JK Wish you could go! I love learning with/from you. #miched
  54. @AnnSmart17 @B2edu @JGer1 I knew I would distract a "certain" crowd if I threw in the music thing! #sidebars #miched
  55. Jeremy Lansing Waverly HS A1) The 2014 #waverlyedu EdTech Camp put on by @HeidiGascon. I was hooked forever after #miched
  56. A1: NEED TO GO TO FUN SUMMER PD! MVU does a great Collab of Minds in August, though! #miched
  57. Hello #miched Finally home from little league sball! What Q are we on? ... Tara from Zeeland - 8th math!
  58. @NicoleMackinder @4tvirtualcon I learn new stuff every year! @lkolb and the others always bring in great speakers! #miched
  59. Q2: What is your plan for learning and growing over the summer? (personal and professional) #MichED
  60. The A1: answers mentioned a lot of EdCamp and unconference models. Interesting. #miched
  61. A1: It's a tie - #miched unplugged was amazing but ibookhacks have been incredible too!
  62. Q2: #miched Lots of reading, talking to other educators, teaching, reflecting, unplugging to recharge my own 'internal' system. #miched
  63. @AnnSmart17 I can't! We also have some Ss going from our school for the 1st time to Nerd Camp JR! #miched @lpweakland @nErDcampMI
  64. @kithard That's only b/c those are meaningful & personalized. Wish more of that happened in my district. #miched
  65. A1: No summer PD planned. Just hanging out on Twitter. #miched
  66. A2: digging deeper into NGSS with team from work, want to lay out all TLWs in student terms #miched
  67. Q2: I am starting Adaptive Schools training and hoping to build my group facilitation skills. #miched
  68. A2: 3 weeks of Physics modeling instruction. Lesson plans for AP Physics for the year (goal). #miched #loftydreams
  69. A2: I plan to graph the exact time of sunset each night over the lake. #miched
  70. A2: Personal growth: literally growing a baby. Professional: some online courses through Kent ISD and MVU. #miched
  71. A2: Presenting at lots of conferences this summer, but most excited about #miched unplugged and my 1st trip to ISTE to just soak it all in!
  72. A2: personal - finally figure out personal/professional balance. I've got great reasons to finally do so. #Miched
  73. A2: personal taking time to enjoy special summer moments with my kids prof attending various conference to support my new position #miched
  74. @lpweakland I am not, but now that I know you want to go I feel like I'm missing something awesome! #miched
  75. @kithard It's the best way to learn. Choice, voice, sharing, practicing, reflecting, revising. #miched IMO
  76. A2: Summer will include @BoyneTechConf @ibookhack @LOTLMUSK & Sec. math instruction w/ ISD folks. Need to read too! #miched
  77. A2) Following my awesome PLN via Twitter & Attending as many Ed Camps as possible #miched
  78. A2: I'm looking forward to learning alongside two Ts who are in the same doctoral program at #jhu #jhusoe #miched
  79. A2: Looking forward to re-reading some Ron Clark books to make my classes even more engaging. #miched
  80. A2: Will be finishing #EDR628 on Curriculum Development at GVSU and then reading a lot! #miched
  81. A2: Adaptive Schools, Ruby Payne and Google cert for professional. Hiking Isle Royale, mapping skills, etc for personal #Miched
  82. A2: pinpoint one to three new educational tools from various chats and learn how to infuse them into my units! #miched
  83. @RMWynkoop Nice. I am going through the first days in late summer. Most of my Kent ISD peeps have done it and speak highly of it. #miched
  84. Q2: Summer is one of my busier times to lead; but I'm looking forward to learning more about alpaca farming and unicorn spotting. #miched
  85. A2: Hope to spend time out doors discovering science in nature and think about how to present it to students #miched
  86. A2: enjoying family time, traveling, not attending ISTE, but will be in Denver when it's happening. Get to preview OSMOs new app! #miched
  87. A2: a few AP conferences plus leaning heavily on my PLN to develop new curriculum for a new course #miched
  88. A2: prof.: Leading NGSX project, working on curriculum development, planning 21st century classrooms. Pers: literally growing 💙🍼🎀 #miched
  89. A2: I'm looking forward to jumping back into the #ds106 pool to learn with some folks at @CUDenver #michED
  90. @RMWynkoop I've been hearing a lot about Adaptive Schools. May need to do that some time! #miched
  91. @csteenst we have an Adaptive Leadership Network in Washtenaw County! #ALN #miched
  92. A2: Personally, I need to better by gardening skills & preserve more. Want to can & freeze a few more things. #miched
  93. @csteenst I loved my AS sessions! We have an AS trainer coming in June to work with us in TC. Looking forward to it. #miched
  94. A2: hope to run into awesome #miched educators and do some PUB PD! #miched
  95. Q2: My #shelfie for the summer....still "tweaking it"....too ambitious, I know, but the shelf keeps growing! #miched https://t.co/Lc0zvFcohi
    Q2: My #shelfie for the summer....still "tweaking it"....too ambitious, I know, but the shelf keeps growing! #miched pic.twitter.com/Lc0zvFcohi
  96. A2: I need to add more to my blog - this would fit both personal and prof. #miched Need to blog about activities.
  97. A2: Because I am retiring, I can't do anything officially due to 30-day ORS ban, but they can't stop me from reading on my own. #miched
  98. A2: Also forgot a personal goal to get to level 50 on SW Battlefront! #miched
  99. A2: Another, both prof. & personal, I am trying to create a "How I start my classroom" video & resources. #miched
  100. I must say you all impress me! I don't remember the last time I had time to read a book! That's what 2 little kids will@do to you! #miched
  101. .@csteenst Adaptive Schools training via @Think_Collab is awesome and should be a mandate for ALL educators #miched
  102. @RMWynkoop I've been in one book club as an adult. It's also the last time I finished a book. So yes! Anyone else? #miched
  103. .@csteenst Adaptive Schools PD is life changing professionally and personally #miched @Think_Collab
  104. I am teaching an AP Lit Prep course this summer in Armada open to any class of 2017 student.  http://armadaschools.org/excel  #miched
  105. @AnnSmart17 @tmaynard5 Yes Please! And I will market it. Can you have it done by mid August? Would make a great @EduPathsMDE course #miched
  106. @AnnSmart17 I'm getting some help from @jgauthier13 @Ann_Bingham & M Klavon as we'll be presenting it to sec. math Tchs mid-August. #miched
  107. Personal: reading a book for enjoyment. Haven't done that in a long time #miched
  108. @Denniston_Steve You got that right! You can also have lunch with 'friends' & talk about whatever you want to! #miched
  109. Professional: connecting with and building my Twitter PLN #miched
  110. Q3 Coming up! Enjoying reading summer plans. Personal and professional #miched
  111. Alicia, 4th Grade T, from Grand Rapids! Coming in a little late! #MichEd
  112. Q3: Is there a favorite summer conference or PD you want to plug? #miched
  113. @JGer1 @RMWynkoop we're doing Mindsets with the Virtual Alliance this summer Jeff, you should join! #miched https://t.co/hvpX8nfwfz
    @JGer1 @RMWynkoop we're doing Mindsets with the Virtual Alliance this summer Jeff, you should join! #miched pic.twitter.com/hvpX8nfwfz
  114. A3: NerdCampMI in Parma, MI is the absolute best! So many authors, publishers and outstanding teachers! #miched
  115. A2: presenting and attending PD like #nerdcampmi and spending time with family #miched
  116. A3: Disappointing I'm missing @LOTLMUSK & @BoyneTechConf this year. Plan to make both & @nErDcampMI next year. #Miched
  117. A3: New conference coming to Alpena  http://ln.is/amaesd.org/R6zJL . We are looking for presenters and attendees to enjoy NE MI and connect #miched
  118. A3: #miched Learning & applying to my new PD sessions starting in July. Not much external PD planned for this summer. A quiet one for me.
  119. A3: Want to learn how to make #ibooks? @anthonydilaura puts on a great 3 day work/PD session.  http://ibookhack.org  Aug 1-3 #miched
  120. A3: Even though I can no longer serve as its chair, Learning on the Lakeshore #LOTLMUSK is a great learning opportunity. August 16. #miched
  121. A3: Can't say enough great things about #nerdcampmi! Amazing people to learn from and with! #miched
  122. A3 I will plug away for @EduPathsMDE. We're holding PD on how to create online PD all across the state.  http://Smore.com/a0nq3  #miched
  123. A3: @MichiganVirtual has annual @mvscollab in August. Our 100+ Instructors are all brought together for a few days--always awesome! #miched
  124. A3: Excited to be part of @LOTLMUSK again. Great conference, Aug 15-16. Just the right time to get the energy back up! #miched
  125. @tmaynard5 @anthonydilaura Been there. No doubt a great learning opportunity. Great leadership makes great learning. #miched
  126. A3 Will be at MCTM condo in July up in Traverse - looking forward to that! #miched
  127. A3: @4tvirtualcon is consistently awesome! Teachers teaching each other about the coolest tech things. #miched  http://www.4tvirtualcon.com/ 
  128. I am excited about this weekend's 4t virtualcon because I can attend the conferences I choose while I sit on my patio in the sun #miched
  129. @taylorrcasarez @4tvirtualcon Yes! While most will still be in school, highly recommend this conference. @lkolb has put #miched on the map
  130. A3: Any math folks out there should check out MCTM the last week of July in TC! It's right down the road from @MoomersIceCream too! #miched
  131. Bummed I can't make @nErDcampMI this year! Already leading PD those days. #miched
  132. A4: #miched This is my summer to take a 'step back' to process this past year & then design PD to implement, inspire, & impact others.
  133. I should've planned my wedding around @nErDcampMI , but I'll be there the 2nd day! #miched
  134. A3: I recommend any PD that scratches you where you itch. It's always important to first clarify your "itch." #miched
  135. @AliciaEBos Hahaha! So glad you can be there for one of the days at least! #miched @nErDcampMI
  136. Q4: Besides conferences, what are other ways to engage in learning over the summer? #nowarning #MichED
  137. Q4: Reading, talking to others, Twitter, reflecting, applying, revising, playing, taking time away to rejuvenate, too. #miched
  138. A4: I try to do all my PD reading in the summer, by the lake in my chair with a fruity drink of course! #miched
  139. A4: Webinars, self created PLCs, retreats, book studies, and, of course, #MichED
  140. A4: Besides Twitter with its on-demand PD, Voxer is another way I plan to stay connected. #miched
  141. A4: Reaching out to those that you have made connections with throughout the year either virtually or while at PD #miched
  142. A4: twitter chats, @voxer groups, getting trained in mentor teaching by @OUSEHS #miched
  143. A4: Dissecting #NGSS and new science standards and performance expectations in MI. #miched
  144. A4: I like to pursue personal projects in summer, something new that I've never tackled; playing guitar, refinishing floors, etc. #michED
  145. A4: Twitter chats! Do you know any good ones? Hehe. Also, getting together with colleagues to discuss what worked and didn't work #miched
  146. The Q3: responses just go to show that #miched has a lot of dedicated professional learners. So many amazing PD opportunities this summer!
  147. A4: never thought I'd say this, but videotaping yourself teaching. Reflecting is great for learning! #miched
  148. A4: Twitter, #miched meeting w/ teaching counterparts,reading.
  149. A4: Watching videos that challenge you to grow intellectually like those from @pbsideachannel @johngreen and @artassignment #miched
  150. A4: We are going to do a book club with a few staff members. And, a daily Twitter Ed Chat. #miched
  151. A4: Create a Twitter PLN. Best PD available. There are always book studies available on twitter or FB. #miched  https://twitter.com/RMWynkoop/status/733094754221719552 
  152. A4: Looking forward to using Twitter this summer to keep up on my professional learning! #miched
  153. A4: I do a lot of reflecting during the summer...thinking about how to make things better the next year. #miched
  154. @lpweakland @Ms_Cabiness @heathergauck Have to admit I'm not a Voxer afficianado. Love what Heather does with the #miched group though
  155. A4: Book studies too! Excited to finally start one with MCTM. I've wanted to for while and finally am committing! #miched
  156. A4: I'll mostly be focusing on twitter chats, but like @AnnSmart17 I will be reading outside (ideally by some body of water). #miched
  157. Don't forget - access free PD any time & any place this summer at  http://Edupaths.org . We offer free SCECHs for over 50 courses #miched
  158. A4: Staying connected through Twitter. I have grown so much and learned so much from others through Twitter! #miched
  159. Ask the teachers what PD they want and need. Give teachers choice and voice. #buyin #miched
  160. @tkiepert really does read A LOT! I really enjoy your recommendations! #miched
  161. @taylorrcasarez a great and easy way to communicate with others. Reminds me of the old Nextel, but better:) #miched
  162. Yes... Yes... and Yes! Post a calendar of reading HW, use online forums to communicate, GHO/Skype for some face time. #miched
  163. @SteeleThoughts @ToddWhitaker I've found the connections I've made just this year on Twitter to be incredible for my teaching. #miched
  164. A4: reflecting on teaching and learning, virtual PD activities like Twitter chats ... Travel is awesome for Learning too #miched
  165. @kithard @ksteves61811 Summer is a fine time to record content videos. Perhaps one a week could be a goal. Then use them for years. #miched
  166. @taylorrcasarez It's like using a walkie-talkie to connect. I like the group chats. #miched
  167. A4: Don't ever underestimate the power of brainstorming. A big part of professional growth is application ... not just learning. #miched
  168. @tmaynard5 Ss survey is a great idea. I've started making lists of my thoughts now already. If I don't write it down, I'll forget! #miched
  169. The best PD is led by teachers in your building. Growing leaders! #miched
  170. @csteenst @kithard @ksteves61811 I I love this idea and definitely need to get going on some this summer. #miched
  171. @tkiepert I survey my Ss every 6-8 weeks to check in. My fav Q lately - "What is more important to you?" & give 2 options. #miched
  172. Q5: In addition to learning, how will you rejuvenate this summer? #miched
  173. A5: Lots of fishing, playing outside with my four year old, running, reading for pleasure #miched
  174. Q5: I'll try to turn the Tch brain off a bit. I will spend time in the garden, time w/ my kids, time w/ family & not feel guilty! #miched
  175. A5 Enjoy the warmth after a long winter - spend time outside w/ family & friends! #miched
  176. @AliciaEBos @tkiepert  Q4: Me too! I also read a LOT. This is my read this year pile. Some great reads! #miched https://t.co/TVE54TEXok
    @AliciaEBos @tkiepert Q4: Me too! I also read a LOT. This is my read this year pile. Some great reads! #miched pic.twitter.com/TVE54TEXok
  177. A5: Travel, spend time with kids and on the lakes #miched
  178. A5: drinking coffee while it's still warm and using the bathroom WHENEVER I WANT! :) #miched
  179. A5: Trailing/hiking, reading, connecting w/ friends, reading, backpacking, reading, Isle Royale trip, reading #adventureswithSimon #Miched
  180. A5: finding a body of water and some sand! Spending time with friends and family. #miched
  181. A5: I plan to do a LOT of leisure reading, fishing, & canoeing. Anything on or near water is my goal. #miched #tcmi
  182. A5: I will be spending my short summer just living life with my wife and 2 boys. Balanced calendar, year 2 means only 6 week off. #miched
  183. A5) Inventing new games with my children. Relaxing at my parents place in Pentwater. Going on a delayed Honeymoon to Punta Cana #miched
  184. A5: Epic trip planned to St. Louis first seeing @thelumineers then going to see Royals then the Cards 13 out of 30 down #miched #stadiums
  185. A5: Lots of fishing, playing outside with my four year old, running, reading for pleasure, breathing #miched
  186. A5: My daughter and I are biking across the state for the annual PALM ride this June  http://www.palmbiketour.org/  #michED
  187. @RMWynkoop Getting married & moving to the east side. Hoping that interviewing won't take up all the rejuvenation time! #miched
  188. A5: #runteacherrun! Currently training for a 10-K, working toward a half-marathon in the fall. #miched
  189. A5: We also spend a lot of time at my in-laws' cottage on Lake Huron. Reading on the beach is the best! #miched
  190. A5: Hoping to read some great comedy writing. I just finished the newest book from @mindykaling and loved it! #miched
  191. A5: My summer rejuvenation will hopefully look something like this. #miched https://t.co/7w9aAhyXo5
    A5: My summer rejuvenation will hopefully look something like this. #miched pic.twitter.com/7w9aAhyXo5
  192. @techsavvyed AWESOME!! I have always wanted to do it! sadly my body disagrees with me #miched
  193. A5 Stay Curious, Run, Yoga, Play, Hang around folks who help me see the world from a different perspective #miched https://t.co/uQIyYqlXcb
    A5 Stay Curious, Run, Yoga, Play, Hang around folks who help me see the world from a different perspective #miched pic.twitter.com/uQIyYqlXcb
  194. A5: I also hope to take a few camping trips, hike, and kayak. #miched
  195. A5: #miched No summer off for me. Will be teaching, designing, reading, learning...all so I can take my Honeymoon in September. :D
  196. A5: In June heading to my chalet in Leelanau to spend the summer near the Lakeshore of course! Can't wait to leave all this traffic! #miched
  197. A5: Not exactly sure but like all good Michiganders it will involve a lake. #miched
  198. A5: My daughters and I were just talking today about summer plans. Other than drivers training, I'm free to do whatever we want. :-) #miched
  199. A5: #miched Although any time wtih GrandSweeties recharges my batteries & reminds me to think like a child be like a child play like a child
  200. A5: Long weekends out in the sun, enjoying the beauty of Michigan! #miched
  201. @tkiepert @AliciaEBos Finally got an Amazon credit card this year to help pay for my love of books! lol #miched
  202. @tkiepert It's abt all the Great Lakes. Easy read. Very visual. I really enjoyed it. The author is from MI, I believe. #miched
  203. A5: Lots of time in TC w/ family. Eating @MoomersIceCream too! Vote for them please-top 10 from USA today.  http://goo.gl/hSUxhE  #miched
  204. Is it time for the last question of the night already? Yes, yes it is. #miched
  205. @RMWynkoop Awe! Thank you so much!! I'm very excited(and a little nervous) for a change of scenery and adventure! #exploreMI #miched
  206. @tmaynard5 Are you in TC? Maybe we will see each other at Bordens or Moomers. #yummers #miched
  207. Q6: If you could plan summer PD, what would it be? Topic, local, delivery, etc. #miched
  208. @AnnSmart17 It's gorgeous there! We try to make their annual car show each year. Tucker's is a great time too :) #miched
  209. A5: Ever since Kid Rock sung about summertime in Northern Michigan, it has seemed like a good place to recharge. 😎 #miched
  210. @tkiepert @taylorrcasarez Wait up, Tina Fey has a book? That's the best news I've heard all day. #miched
  211. @SteeleThoughts Ah, it is such a good place to RECHARGE and relax been going up my entire life #miched
  212. A6 #miched How to hold personalized PD, anywhere, in person, virtual, online, whatever works for each participant.
  213. A6: I'm blessed to be able to plan summer PD the way I want to; casual, hands-on, and playful. #michED
  214. A6: PD would be 6 week bootcamp for legislators of MI on education. They have to run/teach a school for 1 month. #miched
  215. A6 Would love to attend PD on empowering Ss, building globally connected classrooms, and designing authentic learning #miched
  216. A6: the collaborative, laid back, interactive atmosphere of @BoyneTechConf is exactly how I would design conf. Includes bbq! #Miched
  217. A6: Topic: Innovation and exploration, location: On a lake... methods Hands on, group and casual #miched
  218. A6: I'd love to do something about inspiring passion in ourselves & students and using music to engage and inspire as well #miched
  219. A6: Very fortunate to plan  http://ln.is/amaesd.org/jknPF . Aimed to support tech integration that focuses on the 4C's relevant practical #miched
  220. @techsavvyed Me too - makes the learning memorable. Do you pick 'themes' for your sessions? #miched
  221. @tmaynard5 No WAY!!! I swear, I called the Snickerdoodle flavor. I said they should make it & the next year they did. #miched #tcmi
  222. A6: @anthonydilaura already has done it w/  http://ibookhack.org  Learn a bit, work a bit w/ experts around to help. Good food too. #miched
  223. Something about Ss owning their learning. I want to do more w/Ss taking leadership within the classroom. #miched
  224. A6) How to make Waverly HS more collaborative for all #UDL Teachers Leading Teachers #miched
  225. A6: how to integrate CCSS, NGSS, and PBL at the elementary level. Blended learning environment :) #miched
  226. a6: Put me in a room with other MS science teachers who like write curriculum. Love planning with people.#miched  https://twitter.com/RMWynkoop/status/733099234866696193 
  227. Officially past chat time. Thank you ! So inspiring to hear everyone's plans #alwayslearning #MichED
  228. A6: I just read about the whole book approach to read alouds by @MDowdLambert and I want to tell everyone about it! #miched
  229. @techsavvyed I meant like Superheroes, beach theme, baseball, etc. to add the element of fun. :D #miched
  230. Thanks @RMWynkoop and all the other #miched peeps for sharing the great PD opportunities this summer. #excited Let's share!
  231. A6: Would love to find a way for teachers of similar subjects across the area just get together and brainstorm. We are too isolated. #miched
  232. Thanks to everyone for chatting with us this evening! Make sure to check out  http://www.miched.net  for the archive later! #michED
  233. As we finish up the conversations, don't forget to follow those you learned with tonight. And sign up for learning opportunities! #Miched
  234. @AliciaEBos If you wind up liking it, you should check out "Yes Please" from Amy Poehler @smrtgrls #miched
  235. Special thanks to @RMWynkoop for moderating the chat this evening. #michED